605 E Nifong Blvd, Columbia
(573) 355-2765

Recent Reviews

Ashley Edelen

I order from this location at least twice a week. Always the correct order, always friendly staff and professional despite people who are incredibly impatient (and rude about it).

Katie Beasley

Want to give a shout out to the Bartista, Alex. She did such an amazing job keeping her composure and with professionalism this morning when I was getting my coffee. Things were very backed up and she was able to remain very calm/collected while making an insane amount of coffee orders and communicating with impatient customers.

Moses Farr

The baristas here are always super friendly :)

Casey Arens

Terrible service, very slow and unapologetic about it. Don’t go anywhere near this Starbucks- not based on a one time experience- every visit is slow or incorrect order, hit up the one on Broadway instead

Tracey Haverich

My daughter ordered a drink and a sandwich and the sandwich didn't make it to our place. She totally got ripped off.

Rylee Ingram

Terrible experience. Waited 30 min and didn’t get the correct drink. Rude customer service.

alisha Sweezer

Service was great and drinks looked awesome

K Bagley

Yum!!! So many choices!! This is the first time I've been to this one and I used the drive thru. The drive thru was kind of hidden and on first glance it looked like it was a part of another business (to me) plus it seemed to block part of the parking lot of that business. I was sure that I was in the wrong line so I drove around to make sure. Of course there was a long line because it's Starbucks... In the morning but my order was hot+the coffee was amazing!! I'll definitely return!!


I waited in line for 15 minutes only to find out they were out of all sugar-free syrups. Then I had to wait another 5 minutes to get out of the line. I would think if you’re out of ALL sugar-free syrups, a sign or some sort of notice would be warranted so people don’t waste their time waiting in your ridiculously slow line for nothing!

Brandon ledhead

Worst Starbucks ever I ordered a simple white chocolate frappe and it taste like black coffee thanks, StarbucksYet again another messed up drink! Also a heads up, would have been nice considering you were out of everything.

Brent Haynam

I don't like to give negative reviews often but this Starbucks is rated fairly low for a reason. Just super slow. Wanted to grab a quick drink and the wait was awful.

Dustin Johnson

It’s Starbucks so the coffee is great. However the line and the time to wait for that coffee is atrocious. Do not go to this location if you are in a hurry of any fashion.

Jana Bowman

Rome made my drink and they were amazing! The drink was unique and they were able to get it all correct! Great customer service! Thank you Rome for making my day ?

Wayne B

Slowest Starbucks of all time I’ve waited 20 minutes in the drive thru and still not to the window

Amy Crousore

Love my caramel macchiato

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