Taco Bell

2009 Bernadette Dr, Columbia
(573) 446-4266

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Dirty tables and the staff don't know how to don PPE. Food was fine. When is the lay public going to get it if your nose is outside of the mask u might as well leave it off.

Nancy C

I like Taco Bell. For now it's take out only and that's ok. Food is always hot and fresh. Love the new frozen drinks. Pineapple is my favorite.

Mark Sanson

I ordered through the drive-thru and my experience was an okay experience they took care of me and deline move not too slow and not too fast but given the circumstances that the lobby is not open it was an okay experience.

Robert Crowley

Spacey for family gatherings. Easy to access Location. Priced fairly. All in all worth a visit if your in the area!

Lisa Payne

The food was excellent, customer service ?

Melvin Pinkett

Stop here a couple of Mondays ago in my dump truck with my other driver they let us walk through the drive-thru and order our food it was great service and they really do take care of truck drivers thank you Taco Bell

Kim Wilson

This taco bell had really fresh food. The shells on the taco were crisp an crunchy and the meat, cheese and lettuce was all fresh. They made us meximelts even though they weren't on the menu and they were made perfect. This is the best taco bell.

Abigail Lenger

I am generally an understanding person when it comes to waiting my turn and giving restaurants the benefit of the doubt. But this was crazy. First, I waited in a fast-food drive through for almost 20 minutes when there were only 5 cars in front of me and only about 3 cars in the parking lot. So, they weren't slammed with customers or anything. When I got to the window for my items, there was no apology, no thanks for coming, nothing. It took over 20 minutes to get a burrito....off the $1 menu. I would have left, but the way the drive through is built, you can't get out of it. I'll avoid this Taco Bell in the future.

Patty Crane

Used the new ordering station. Quick and safe. Liked it.

Tyler Harms

The food here is fine. It tastes like Taco Bell. The dining room was impressively messy and the food seemed hastily prepared. It's a pretty convenient location so I'm sure I'll stop there again, but my experiences here are usually pretty marginal.


Night crew made my difficult order just right no mistakes !!! Great job !!

Mark Hollandsworth

Went thru the drive thru this time, and my order was taken promptly and correctly, and once at the window, the nice employee told me they had made one too many quesaritos for another order, and I could have it if I wanted it! Well, never having tried the quesarito, I accepted, and now I have a snack for later, so yeah, 5 stars for this restaurant. Thanks Taco Bell!

Kyle K.

Manager was unprofessional and unattentive. When I stood for 10 minutes without a greeting and mentioned the fact to him - he continued to insult me under his breath to his coworkers. Checkered shirt, heavy guy with black curly hair. Absolute bad experience. The other customers were not pleased either.

Janet Davis

Drive thru has taken more time to get through than going to a sit down restaurant and sitting inside the drive thru person dropped the Fbomb loudly enough for the entire dining room to hear twice, while complaining to a coworker. Food tastes like any other taco bell.. Just got completely crushed hard shell tacos.

Maria Pluschke-Gerard

Had a great experience tonight at this location by the mall. Came in around 7:30 the Cashier Jasmine was extremely friendly, polite, professional, helpful, and fast. She was caring and attentive and made me forget I was eating at a fast food restaurant. Give this women a raise and promotion! Food was fast and fresh the stake was cooked to perfection and the nachos were perfectly proportioned also as I was leaving there was a man cleaning the lobby who offered to take my tray for me and asked how my day was and made friendly conversation with me. I’ve worked fast food before and know how stressful it can be but your employees don’t take it out on the customers on bit they made me feel very appreciated and comfortable and honestly make my day better. Never had an experience like this at a fast food restaurant so just wanted to share.

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