Taco Bell

2009 Bernadette Dr, Columbia
(573) 446-4266

Recent Reviews

Maria Pluschke-Gerard

Had a great experience tonight at this location by the mall. Came in around 7:30 the Cashier Jasmine was extremely friendly, polite, professional, helpful, and fast. She was caring and attentive and made me forget I was eating at a fast food restaurant. Give this women a raise and promotion! Food was fast and fresh the stake was cooked to perfection and the nachos were perfectly proportioned also as I was leaving there was a man cleaning the lobby who offered to take my tray for me and asked how my day was and made friendly conversation with me. I?ve worked fast food before and know how stressful it can be but your employees don?t take it out on the customers on bit they made me feel very appreciated and comfortable and honestly make my day better. Never had an experience like this at a fast food restaurant so just wanted to share.

Judy Bowers

Mexican pizza had an odd taste like it was old. Threw it out. Bean burrito was dried out tortilla. Definitely didn't taste like made fresh.

Jonah Unterreiner

I work at Best Buy, no more than a minute away from this Taco Bell. I love Taco Bell, I eat there way too often, and I?d normally never review a Taco Bell restaurant so poorly. I mean, it?s a fast food restaurant, you can?t hold super high expectations. However, this is by far the absolute slowest restaurant ever. I took a 30 minute lunch break, went to Taco Bell, and ordered two burritos. It was moderately busy, but for a fast food restaurant, it reasonably should have took them ten minutes at most to get me my food. I kid you not, 45 minutes later they call my name and give me my food. Everyone in the restaurant was furious with the time wait, and this is a recurring theme with this specific restaurant. The employees are nice, I have no issue with how they treat me. It?s just how ungodly long they take that reasonably bothers me.

kevin day

I've never seen such a slow taco bell. No joke. 18 minutes for my food with 3 people before me. That's insane for taco bell. Not to mention, zero people in their drive thru. This was in the lobby. How... I would save time driving to another taco bell farther from my home....

Jasmine C.

This Taco Bell used to be my favorite, but lately the drive-thru service has been subpar at best. They do not acknowledge your presence at the window regardless of how considerate you are. The food has been sloppily prepared, and they gave me one hot sauce packet for 4 burritos. Completely disappointed in the recent service provided by this Taco Bell, and I believe it has a lot to do with them losing their best employee. Since he's been gone, the staff pays no attention to detail.

Branden Brown

Always pretty good service, but the parking lot and drive thru are pretty janky.

Yvette Bagley

I had ordered my tacos with no cheese. That did not delay my order one bit. Now-a-days, fast food restaurants do not have staff keeping tables clean. But I would go there again because of the service.

Nathan Rardon

Always quick and good service, even though it's right in a high traffic area.

Scott Hentges

Worst ever after 8pm. Waiting in drive-thru for 20 minutes now. Another 20 minutes and I hope to have food. Stop anywhere but here. Out of soft tortillas. Really? Average wait is 12 minutes per car. Wow!

Tamra Robbins

Very poor. I ordered 2 tacos to go. After waiting 12 minutes I asked for my money back and left.

Chrystal Gibson

Employees were wonderful my first time there I will visit again the food was so fresh so much

Nukka Fool

Absolutely terrible!!! If no stars was possible that would be what I would give. Took my son here because he loves the nacho fries and Doritos tacos. Well after almost 20 min wait we got his two items and they were completely wrong, even though there was no variation from what was on the menu. The lady acted like we kicked her puppy, cause her attitude was a bit much for something that's clearly not our fault. After a little back and forth they went to go make the right items. Ten mins later we finally got it and the fries were cold. Staff acted like they could care less and I wasn't willing to make my son wait another 10-20 mins

OPeCKiE Productions

They FiNALLY got everything together at this location (for now). The guy at the drive-thru was fast, thorough, and SUPER polite and friendly! He made sure our order was correct before handing it to us, and was actually a fun dude. He should be a trainer or manager... This town needs more guys like him on their staff! His name was Corey, and big kudos to him! Talk about turning a place around with 1 individual! A+

Stephen Simpson

Staff was courteous and service was prompt and accurate

Amy Boyd

25 minute wait for "fast" food! Terrible

Josh Burleson

I come here most Friday's for lunch as I like to eat out to end my week. Service is fast and friendly even during lunch rush. Food has always been correct and haven't had any issues except for late at night. On occasion they will take a long time and mess things up when I have been there around 11pm.

Emily Friedrich

Just sat in the drive through for five minutes and not one word said. They are the slowest Taco Bell in town and almost always mess up my order.

linda morton

Awesome beef ..but Why get rid of the..Beef Meximelt..my fav

Dean Wells

There was at least 4 different drink selections I tryed and all were out. There was two other people that came back in from the drive through that there orders were screwed up. Don't like the ordering machine on the wall

Renee Smith

Incredibly long wait I'm the drive

Sidney M.

Ordered our 4 items of food on a kiosk, waited 35 minutes, had to ask for our drink cups, could not get a refund because we ordered on a kiosk, watched orders get screwed up, and then walked out. Don't do drugs!

Daniel Scurlock

So I love Taco Bell like most but this is a reoccurring instance at this one. Iâ??ve gone there multiple times to get a steak quesadilla and itâ??s always wrong. There no meat, or thereâ??s no cheese, or no sauce. Half the time itâ??s not even cut. I donâ??t recommend this location if youâ??re wanting reasonable effort put into your food. This is what I got tonight and it wasnâ??t even cut.

Don Plata

Has all the standard items and has been renovated, but we waited almost 30 mins for our food.

Steven Smith

Fast, accurate order, and they even knew what a Beefy Burrito was!

John Maier

Right off the highway and my son loves it

Michelle Skidmore

My husband and I came here we was informed there was 9 mins to close.. so we sat in the parking lot and watched three employees play around throwing sauces around at each other.. I'm sorry the has been the worst experience I have encounter since we started to come here to eat and that's been a year!!! The store manager needs to watch the cameras!!!

Courtney C.

This taco bell has had issues on the last but its obcious theyre working on it and theyre getting better.

Azure Hawk

Good, inexpensive Mexican like food. Not as good as Value as it was 10 years ago, but not bad.

bro Person

I don't know why 5 stars isn't the only option, it's amazing! Come on, it's taco Bell! The service could be better, but the delish food makes up for it.

Connie Herbel

What's not to love about taco bell? I remember when I had my first taco bell burrito and I've been a regular customer ever since. 40 some years ago. They make it the way you like it and I like that.

Kyle McCalmont

Bernadette Taco Bell in Columbia is one of the worst, definitely bottom 3, Taco Bells I've ever visited...and I've visited a LOT in my days.

David Patterson

Very slow. Barely any sauce for customers and food tasted horrible 10/10 will not return.

Ryan S.

It's my closest Taco Bell, so I've given it several chances. No more...I'll go out of my way from now on. I've never waited less than 10 minutes...with at most 2-3 cars in front of me.

Jack Michaelson

Taco Bell is always great! Definitely reasonable on price and the food is consistently great! The soft taco is always my go to, but everything else is good too. I don't think there is a menu item that I haven't tried! Taco Bell supplies me with at least one meal a week and I don't see that changing anytime soon!

Kristen M.

I should have left as soon as I stepped in and saw the back area. It looked so messy with food and canisters everywhere. I was driving back to Chicago and really hungry so I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe they went through a rush period. I stood there waiting for a couple of minutes which is an eternity in fast food. A girl didn't even aknowledge me and yelled to someone in the back. Still, nothing. The drive thru person yelled out to the back about a couple of minutes later. Finally someone came out and took my order. When I received bag I noticed they didn't put the chips in for my nachos. While I was already on the road I took a bite of my potato soft taco to find some sort of BEEF taco. I don't eat beef and was fuming. So freaking disgusted. What a horrible place. Do not go here!! Calling corporate.

Melodie Scott

This is my favorite taco bell in the whole KC metro area. The staff shows excellent customer service and the quality of food has always been very good. Even with the lunchtime crowd my order was processed quickly. They helped accommodate my special needs child. Great service.

Dawn T

It never matters how often I come here, what time I come, what day I come.... the order is always wrong. Today, I ordered 3 soft tacos for my son in drive thru and waited in the takeout line for 28 minutes. Not worth it.

Gina Belt

I enjoy Taco Bell because they are one of the few restaurants that have quick and easy gluten free options, and don't cost an arm and a leg. You can substitute the beef with refried beans on the crunchy taco, and it's all gluten free! The taco seasoning has gluten.

Anup Kumar Mishra

I love this particular Taco Bell! It some how seems cleaner than all the other ones I have tried in Columbia and St. Louis.

Terry Cody

Wish I could give negative stars. They absolutely put no meat on the tacos, I also ordered them all supreme, none came now I ordered. They only attempted to fix one taco, and still managed to screw it up.