Taco Bell

508 E Nifong Blvd, Columbia
(573) 875-0359

Recent Reviews

Nate Freeman

I've never experienced a "fast food" place that is slower than this particular Taco Bell.

Russell Lynn

Shirt drive thru time, nice customer service attitude, order was correct. Nothing to complain about, nothing especially outstanding... Other than staffing issues for evening shifts at every other fast food place in the South side. Good economy means less fast food workers I guess. Haven't had that problem at this location

Heather Briggs

Great service! Fast and very friendly.

Mary Kate M.

I appreciate the staff that was there at the moment, but due to either management or structural errors there was only one person working when we pulled up to the drive through window. I will give five stars to the man that said he was the "only person working" at 12 PM. A Taco Bell in this area should be staffed until the closing hours of 2 AM. No one should be expected to work this long by themselves. I am a ~almost~ daily supporter of Taco Bell and I expect better from corporate.

Marcus Schumer

Great when your craving a late night work break.

Jasmine C.

My friend picked up some Taco Bell, and I ordered a Cheesy Gordita Crunch meal with beans instead of beef and Cheesy Bean and Rice Burritos instead of tacos. ALL THREE items had beef on them. It was correct on the screen, and I didn't realize until just now when I went to eat it. I'm a vegetarian, and I've never had issues with this Taco Bell before. Tonight's cooking staff was not paying attention to the orders.

Chris Eidson

Food was good. Quick service. Wasn't overly busy. Staff was very friendly. Much better experience versus many fast food chains.

Brendan Ford

This is by far the slowest Taco Bell I have ever been to. It takes at the very least 15-20 minutes to get even the simplest of orders when the restaurant is empty. There is never an apology for the long wait and the employees are always rude.

Patrick Pullins

Slow service. No one manning the register, (during the lunch rush) so customers were forced to use the electronic station. At least 3 people turned around and walked out while I was waiting for my food after waiting for counter service. Electronic system does not offer any way to get a paper receipt (necessary if I were turning in an expense account), nor does it let you customize all parts of an order at once (i.e. no lettuce on all three tacos, instead have to customize each individually).

Seth N.

Worst Taco Bell in Columbia mo. Waited 15 minutes to order while the employees kept telling me they were going to help me. Food was so poorly put together

Sean Wyatt

Waited 20 mins for food. Wanted even greeted or order takin for 3-5. Whack if I could give zero stars I would

Hannah Johnson

Takes FOREVER to get your food and they are not friendly. Worth driving across town to get your food. (Faster and better service)

John Torres

Located next to gas stations so travelers can either sit and enjoy a bite to eat or take it on the road

Delaney Lange

Be prepared for a long wait, but it's nice and hot!

Stev !

I've had to send back less than 5% of my orders here, and thats pretty good for fast food! At the time of this review, they don't have ordering kiosks, but I hope they get them in the future.

Ben Jerman

Couldn't even get food! That's twice in one week that the drive-thru guy said "we're currently not taking orders." I asked why, and he said they were "out of food" and the truck would be there in another 2 hours. Wow management, good job.

Cameron Todd

This taco bell is horrible! This is the second time in a row I've come here and they missed several things from my order and the things they didnt miss they made HORRIBLY!! Made with no care at all the distribution of meat and sauce was bad, they took way too long, they overall are just horrible. I was watching the people make the food and they were just throwing things together and calling it good!! So sloppy I'm upset!

Corey Cook

Unfortunately, you will not be able to eat here with less than a 20-30 minute wait (maybe early evenings, but not past 5:00). We have tried to give it multiple chances at different times, but the shortest time has been 15 minutes (2 other cars in drive through). It is worth going to other locations further away just to avoid the wait.

Jeremy J

This Taco Bell is not well run. The service is slow compared with some. It has good potential and a few good workers. But it needs help.

Jared J.

This is the most nasty Taco Bell I have ever been to. I tipped 10 dollars and they still got my order wrong. On top of that we're disrespectful! Nobody tips at Taco Bell's. So what's the problem? If I get sick over this bullshit food. You will be getting a call from my lawyer. Point blank period. Worst place I have ever got food from. Everything is cold and nasty. I would never eat here again.

Shaunte' Branham

They were busier than usual and seemed to be short-staffed. After double checking the people's order before me the helper at the front counter started experiencing credit card reader issues. She kept having to call over the manager who was trying to help get orders made. I waited in line for over 10 minutes, then I had to leave.

Carlos Ortiz

Enjoy going to this location and talking to cashier Tracy who remembers customers and making sure all orders are correct

Anna Slade

Good food but my order was filled incorrectly, and I got less food than I paid for.

Ben Dawson

Food was fine, went inside just to wait 20 minutes as every drive thru order was prioritized over ours.


This selection consists of fries, steak, jalapeno peppers and cheese.I counted only four pieces of steak and less than 16 fries. In fact, there were more pepper slices than fries. Tastes okay but not worth the price.

Clifford Keller

Our orders were all mixed up and had to be sorted out before consumption. It took 10 min to get it straight. Food was good but cold.

Brian Drewery

Decent priced, service was a bit slow

Jim Arth

A standard TB experience. The checkout lady was nice. Sometimes it seems like they need 3+ more people working.

Brandon Dawson

All I can say is the evening manager needs to not be a leader. He verbally abuses his workers. He is sarcastic and rude. To customers also. This taco bell is the best in Columbia for food but when he is there, there is always something wrong with the order I am picking up [I'm a grubhub driver].

Lauren Freiburg

Best food late at night. Great customer service!

Alice Star

Polite staff and my orders have been done with in a timely manner and so far they have also been correct.

Brad J.

I seriously need to stop coming to this location... waited about 8 minutes for two tacos two tostados and a burrito. The two people prepping the drive through line were standing around doing nothing while the poor guy (obviously new) was left to try to figure out our order Seriously thought of a zero star rating

Cheryl Benthall

I had the Nachos Bell Grande funny how everything you eat at Taco Bell taste the same it's just a different shape and price

Julia Stites

Good place not full with people and has good food

Joe Henderson

My favorite fast food!!! Can't go wrong with a couple chalupas and a nacho bell grande!!! ð?¤?ð??

cierra botts

They had fast service but food was not hot and fresh

Krystal Torres

Takes too long to get food there.. nice employees. Just takes FOREVER No organization.

Summer B.

I embarrassed myself in front of the very kind and handsome man at the window. Give me another chance and we can trade pizza for burritos sometime- PJ

Jennilyn R.

There's hair in my food disgusting my gosh straighten up your employees !!!! This is so disgusting how can 1 of your employees do this wtf so nasty I will never come back

LiivingD3adGirl 🖤☠🖤

Tacos today forever