Imo's Pizza

15281 New Halls Ferry Road, Florissant
(314) 831-0000

Recent Reviews

Brother Allan

Good place prices are still a little high


The pizza at this location alway soggy and rubbery. Big disappointment

Marlyn Hunter

Despite some of their rude and lazy drivers, the food is always good.

Riley Paris

I love this Imos ..can’t find a better Imos that can top them always have good food anytime of the day ..I Actually called the store last month to tell them about how I was never disappointed in anything I order..

Muriel Akins

This is the new location friendly very professional pickup service they have a pickup side window that makes it convenient for customers ordered deluxe pizza garlic cheese bread and hot wings everything was ready when I arrived I'll be back

Alysia Wolf

Have ordered online via the Imos website many times but now this particular location is no longer taking orders through the website? The only other locations near me are too far for delivery so we’d have to pick up.Obviously it’s a first world issue and not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but quite disappointing because I’ve been craving Imos for the longest time! ?

Gary V

Check out the well done wings. Fat and slimy

Madison C

Never again!! To many other pizza places to put up with this joke of an Imos.

Dana Wakefield

The pizza was good and delicious like always.

Rosetta Truss

New to town Pizza was Horrible..!! Cheese was disgusting.. will not order ever again.

Top Turf

If they'd answer the phone, maybe it be a better review.

Deionita Gibbs

Ordered 2 pizzas, one pepperoni & sausage the other double chicken pizza for family night. Individuals who ate double chicken don’t eat pork. Double chicken Pizza had pork on it. Manager TIM asked, well who ate the other pizza! WTH?! What kind of service is that when YOU made a mistake! Asked for owners info, said he doesn’t have it. Terrible! Terrible!

sharon deals

The manager Tony is rude the food is always cold will never order from this IMOs lmos again unless it gets new management from someone who actually cares about there job.

Lynda R.

I am so entirely disappointed in the product I received and the customer service received. I ordered an X Large veggie pizza from the new IMOs at Vaile, the drive through location. I have been ordering from them since they've opened, no issues. Spending 30-35 bucks each time. Because of how great they are(typically) I grab my pizza go home shower excited to eat my pizza! Well, I open my pizza box and there are pieces of pizza missing as if someone took a few pieces for the road. ARE YOU KIDDING! Immediately asking my husband if he took any? No he hadn't eaten anything as we always eat together (wait on one another.) And he would not go this far as a joke. I call the store in disbelief. Was basically told I'm a liar or either my husband because they gave me a full pizza . I explained I've never had an issue with them, I definitely don't have an issue with money to waste time out my life to call them about 3 pieces of pizza. They had NO apology, basically called me a LIAR, and didn't even provide a discount on the next service. I will NOT a come back to this location. EVER! It's upsetting because I loved the place up until this very instant. Disgusted to say the least and very disappointed. Oh I also requested no black olives (on the receipt) and look what's on the pizza. Black olives

Kimberly Neal

I am very disappointed with the service and quality of food I received last week at IMO’s. I ordered before I left town and was super excited, and I was super sad about the the almost 2 hours I waited and the cold tasteless quality of the food. I will buy frozen Lena’s from now on.

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