White Castle

11120 New Halls Ferry Road, Florissant
(314) 831-1666

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Service was hella slow. Staff gets high by their trash dumpster and the essences of the product flows in the air at the drive thru.Food: 4/5

Vanessa Whitley

Just love them little burgers, every time I visit St. Louis Mo, I make it my business to eat at one of the many establishments.

Kim Crowder

The weekend shift sucks...sad to say. I usually check my meal but this time I gave them the benefit of the doubt and u didnt. So as soon as I got in the car I noticed they gave me 2 chickens sandwiches with bacon, instead of giving me the 2 FISH SANDWICHES I ordered. They were so unorganized, the floor by the place you order food at had soda all on the floor. No one bothered to come and get it up. It was in the floor wayyyy before I got there.

JC Lawery

Truth be told it's a simple operation to do, take the order get payment for said order give the order to the guest, but no regardless of what I've ordered I get whatever the feel like giving me.

Algerethea Brown

Good Hot Food was great but the Customer Service was a little shaky what I ordered became the topic with the staff and I feel like that would have been ugly if I would have been a mean person or disrespectful to the staff. They have to be careful what is spoken in front of the customer about there order. I was a little upset considering I heard what they was saying about my order. Please talk to the staff at the White Castle on Hall Ferry and 270.

Rod Parker

Even though we waited almost an hour and that food was the bomb especially with the new sandwiches great job White Castle keep it going

Shaunda White

The SLOWEST FAST FOOD ESTABLISHMENT EVER AT THIS LOCATION! No matter what you ordered, be prepared to wait at 30 minutes in your car!!!

Kathy Blakney

1 thing I don't like is when I buy white Castle s the meat is not directly on the bun and You have to pull it apart and straighten the. meat on the bun .

Leslie Stanley

Very long wait but what do you expect on Saturday night, but worth the wait, was so good, for them to be very busy, they got our order right, nice and fresh and hot can't complain.

Sana M.

The line was long when I went (dinner rush) so I went in and placed my order. I was very impressed with the employees! Everyone was working their station efficiently while wearing gloves, which I appreciated. I didn't have to wait long, and my order was fresh and made to order.

Ellen Wells

That particular day sunday SERVICE WAS VERY VERY SLOW NO urgency to inside or drive thru, I will not return to that white castle.(poor service)!!!!!

Maria Frost

Haven't had White castles in a long time it's still as good as it was years ago to me

Cynthia Parra

I loved it!! My first actual White Castle experience, soooo Good! Only ever had the freezer type because they were not a thing in AZ. But believe me, we had to hook it and it was so good! Got the sliders with Onions and a chicken ? one, had to try it. So glad we did, real good, Hot and Juicy!The place was slammed, employee interaction was limited due to that fact. Which was nice, they were busy taken care of business and getting food out, Hot!You should give it a try! Just to say, you've tried it. It's simple, but addicting! I want More!!!* Sorry, no pictures, we were Hungry.

Eric McPherson (Success)

The main thing wrong with seemingly all White Castles, but especially this one, is the slow drive-through and service overall. By the time you get your food you've forgotten what you ordered! And if you haven't had a White Castle in years, let's just say it's not you if they don't seem to taste the way they used to. It's like they don't cook the buns on the grill anymore; they just stick them on the burger and send them out the door!

Baka'z Mann

I haven’t been here in years many years, still slow as can be, still long line at the drive through, had to wait even longer because I ordered an impossible slider! But at least they had impossible sliders unlike several other White Castles I have been to.

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