Chipotle Mexican Grill

18880 E Valley View Pkwy, Independence
(816) 795-0590

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Hunter Ulberg

I work nearby and I come on my lunch break to this location occasionally. Everyone is very nice and professional EXCEPT the fat girl working on the line everyday wish I had her name but for now it’s far girl. On multiple didn’t instances she has instructed myself and my family to go elsewhere. She is a horrible representation of chipotle and her superiors need to address her attitude.

Ginger Cat

DO NOT go to the chipotle in Blue Springs. I go out of my way to visit this location. Thank you for making good food & on time!! Pickup hack: if you are ordering online just make the pickup time 10 minutes earlier than arrival so you are not waiting.

Dave Reyburn

Very efficient and fast. The folks working there hear you the first time and craft your items quick. Food always seems a great deal more fresh than the other area Chipotles.


Stranger than usual because of a couple of Independence police officers that were making there attention known to everyone. Otherwise the service was fine, but those guys just seems Restless. I couldn't use the restroom because of one of them. But it all worked out and we got out of there. No one was doing anything wrong other than getting food so it wasn't a problem it was just strange. Like if these guys had wanted to cooperate then they could have but they made a point not to

Dave Monaghan

Both the staff and the other customers were nice to us, despite my wife wearing a Cincinnati Bengals jersey AFTER the AFC Championship game where the Chiefs lost. Food and service were great. I was wearing Red, #15

Winford Bussell Jr

Half of the time the door Dasher has to stand in line for 20 minutes or longer because half of the time the customer's orders are not ready time we get there at least two of the employee should be focused on to-go orders and the others focused on dine in This way everything is on task 1/21/22

Sarah Metz

Terrible customer service. Guy made an online order in-between my husband and my order. Very frustrating having to wait for 5 orders kid you not just to get my food made. Then they act like they can't hear you if your wearing a mask. There is no social distancing and I will not be going back. The napkins and utensils are completely out and the dining room hasn't been cleaned in a very long time. Now my husband's food is going to be cold because we had to wait for the to make 5 orders .... Terrible customer service. I will not going back there ever it's not safe.

Anthony Crapisi

Extremely slow and too small, but the main reason for this review is because they charged me $2.20 for an extra scoop of rice and an extra side of sour cream. They also didn’t tell me until I got to the register. I respectfully told them I’ve never experienced this at any other Chipotle in my life and they acted like I was the crazy one. Go to a different location unless you’re trying to get ripped off. $14 for a small drink and chicken burrito is a slap in the face. They’re lucky I sat in line for 25 minutes and it was already 1:00.


First time I've ate here. Great experience, choosing what you want and don't want to add or create. Very good. Chicken was delicious! Guacamole was great too.


Terrible experience. Ordered my bowl, about to request topppings and the employee states the guacamole is only for online orders because they’re running low. I waited 40 minutes in person. If they’re running low, at least let the in person folks who already ordered their food the option of guacamole. If the online orders are more important than in person, shut down the restaurant, and just do online orders.

Jorge Rosa

Love chipotle but I came to this location today, staff was not nice nor welcoming, probably having a bad day I get that. The problem was when I got my food, my bowl was cold, got just a brush of cheese and the stake was old and flavorless. Cilantro lime rice had no cilantros nor lime, my food was tasteless all I was able to taste was the green salsa, corn and sour cream.Hopefully they fix this, makes no justice to the brand.

John Yanez

I love Chipotle as a company and their food is always fantastic. The staff at this location is very friendly.However, the restaurant is very small for the number of people it serves and online orders are not on pickup shelves most of the time. This causes frustration for both staff and customers.

Bass n' Bonsai

Chipotle is still excellent.. as good as the day they opened but...I do not recommend getting it delivered.. it goes downhill fast from leaving out ingredients to chinsing on something when you clearly clicked extra on it...The prices have slowly crept up without adding anything...I refuse to order from chipotle unless I'm going in person or a friend or family member is driving to watch them prepare the food...So to sum up...In person... Top notch...Call in or delivery order.. over priced fast food.. like Taco Bell

Matt Theriac

Very busy great food helpful staff. Tables were a bit dirty ice needed refilled but it was busy so forgiven.

P. Wertheimer

Great BIG Burritos. Fresh ingredients served however you want quickly.

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