Downtown Burgers

212 S Main St, Joplin
(417) 726-5260

Recent Reviews

Pete Welch

Very good burger and fries, nice amusing people working. Good burger for the money.

John Simmoms

Great burgers and a great price. Fast, friendly service

John Harrington

Good burger! Will definitely come back. Friendly service.

Alex TheGreat

Great bite to eat! Delivery was prompt and the person who delivered it was vivacious and charming! 10/10 would recommend!

Chris Piquard

Great hamburgers and fries

Kassandra Dischner

If you want an absolute melt in your mouth burger, this is the place to get one! What an absolute gem of a whole in the wall! Burger was so cheesy, so greasy, and I just wanted another one when I was done. I ate mine so fast I didn't get a picture of it, but rest assured all those delicious looking pictures you see already on Google are exactly what you get! Fries were great as well and nicely seasoned! I can't wait to go back again next time we are in town!

Jamee Burge

This Place is Awesome! Best Burgers I've ever had. My friend talked this place up and it definitely delivered! Wonderful Service as well.

Don Ellis

Always delicious even if you have to wait sometimes.

Floyd Morris

NO MAYO...LOL best burger place in town

Lesley C.

Great burgers with pepper jack cheese and seasoned fries for a great price in a convenient location.

Josh Shackles

Downtown burgers is a Downtown Joplin staple that always delivers a delicious burger! I almost always get the double sound cow with their awesome fries and a glass bottle Coke. If you haven't had a burger from downtown burgers you need to try it today!

Burt Bucher

Best burger place in Joplin hands down. Greasy, cheesy, soft and squishy! Definitely a greasy spoon if ever there was one. What's surprising is their fresh cut fries, perfectly seasoned and great consistency. It's hard to crisp up some fries, but keep then tender on the inside....Downtown burgers pulls that off wonderfully! You just can't go wrong with this tiny little burger joint.

Lacie Nourani-Nolen

It was my family's first time eating there & they was absolutely amazing! The fries even seemed homemade! They was thicker then normal places & cheeseburgers was to die for!

Jerryann Goding

Yummy a really great burger & fries! Glad we found out about this !

Jr. L.

no delivery 3 rd. Time calling & they still don't have food delivery. Food has gotten better but not walking 2 miles. On a hot day.

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