Old Chicago Pizza + Taproom

3320 S Rangeline Rd, Joplin
(417) 781-3000

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Chet Harris

One of my favorite places to eat locally! Always a great experience. Excellent service and the food is wonderful!Food: 4/5


We ate here since it was connected to our hotel. We wanted to do no more driving after 13 hours on the road. Service was quick. We got a 1/2 meat, 1/2 veggie pizza. Nice and hot when we got it. As with all pizza places anymore, and most restaurants in general, the price is getting much higher than it should be. Getting to the point that we eat out very rarely when home due to the cost. Getting off my soapbox now.

Lillian Taylor

The service was over the top, we had a party of 14 and they went above and beyond! Food was hot, delivered in a timely fashion. We will come back!Food: 5/5

Marilyn C.

I'm sorry , but your pizza is NOT Old Chicago Pizza. I know this, because I'm from Chicago and I RETIRED down here in Joplin in 2014. If you want a good rating from me, you need to learn to make a good Pizza sauce and not be stingy with the sauce and cheese and other toppings, especially seasoning ...I've eaten 3 times at your location, hoping that your pizza would improve enough to be labeled Old Chicago Pizza or at least deserve the name "Old Chicago", but 3 visits was enough to answer my need for Old Chicago pizza that I associate /rate as Chicago pizza and it yours just DOESN'T rate that name. SORRY! I guess I'm just spoiled ! I think that Sam's club makes a great frozen pizza as well as "The Screamjng Sicilian" frozen pizza taste just like fresh pizza similar to Old Chicago pizza style and flavor. If you want to improve yours, buy a frozen "Screamjng Sicilian" pizza . I find mine at Hy-Vee in Springfield. You should try several of them and try to replicate them.

Jessica Pineda

Cauliflower Chicago no.7 pizza was amazing. And the blood orange ? beer is a MUST! (seasonal but so good) Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.Food: 5/5

Kerry Mann

This location was not a good representation of the brand. My pizza was undercooked and doughy in the middle. The prices were typical, but too much for this experience. And while there was service, it wasn't really present.Food: 1/5

Clinton Worley

We only occasionally make it to Old Chicago but were never disappointed. The wife chose a calzone and I had the fish and chips with coleslaw. The fish was fried crisp without being greasy and had a light smooth flavor paired with the tartar sauce it was quite satisfying. As for the coleslaw it was also pleasant and smooth without being overly sweet or too bold with vinegar like some.Our server was attentive in a good way, not overbearing. I do wish servers were taught better serving etiquette. Its a small irritation when they reach over the plates to refill drinks and such.

Mike Sanchez

The place is very nice...a typical great ambience sports bar with great pizza and wings and cooold beer...service was good but a bit slow....i didn't mind as i am visiting from out of town and time was not an issue!Here are some of the great foods we had!!I had a great tasting IPA! HIGHLY recommend for sports and suds. Many large tvs with the sports u want to see!!MIKE

Giselle Cary

The food is great. From pizza to pasta. I love the old Chicago chopped salad. I wasn't to fond of the chicken wings they were a little tough. It can get very expensive if you add toppings to your pizza. But again the food is tastyFood: 5/5

Diann D.

I came into Joplin after a 10 hour drive was told by the hotel front desk that if I called them before 11pm they would deliver to my room. Called at 730pm was put on hold no one ever came back to tge phone called 6 more times and finally someone answered again put on hold despite my asking not to be waited again no one came back to the phone. Called again this time took me calling and letting it ring 2 more times someone finally answered this time a woman. This time she yells at me says that they aren't delivering to rooms right now and I would have to do a pickup order then tells me to stop calling and hangs up on me the worst service I have ever had I would have did a pickup order if she had explained that politely and not hung up on me so I took my service somewhere else I suggest everyone else does the same.

Joel Wiland

We were driving through Joplin onI-44 and found this incredible place on trip advisor and then saw their reviews on Google. Got on their website order our pizza 20 minutes before we would get there. When we got there it was waiting on us and was hot! We sat down ate and was in and out in 15 minutes! Hospitality was great. I would highly recommend!

Nic Z.

great beer selectiongood bloodies too, vibe chillclean spoti need more characters, don't know what else to say

Michael Cassel

Quite possibly the best boneless wings I’ve ever had. Pizza was fantastic, hand-tossed crust was delicious. Great service, great place to spend an NFL Sunday.

Katherine N.

The Chicago style pizza was very good. Others tried the fish and chips, Philly cheese steak and the Caesar salad and they were all delicious. They had a large variety of beer on tap. The service was friendly snd we enjoyed the atmosphere.

Deb Dougherty

Our food was good… the table they sat us at was very dirty. The bad thing is the couple behind us had to tell them the same thing. Please wipe down tables before you seat your customers.

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