Hayes Hamburger and Chili

2502 NE Vivion Rd, Kansas City
(816) 453-5575

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Darian Dare Ya Wasmer

Never had Hay's, so our family ordered to go. We ordered three single hamburgers. As it turns out, they were sliders. As first-time customers, when you order a single (not a double) hamburger, you expect the same as every other restaurant worldwide. The wife picked up the bag, paid, and left.We called, and the lady said, with an attitude, "Well, we've been here 67 years." I said, "This is the first time we've ordered from you." She said, "What do you want, more stuff?"So, to not say something out of anger, I hung up.My 12yo boy is still hungry...

Peter Mitchell

Top tier, hole in the wall place for a good old fashioned burger. Staff is super nice, food is great and reasonable priced, and it’s all made right in front of you, to order. Cash only, but well worth the ATM stop


It's nice to have a place to go to just get s simple burger some fries a drink and maybe a slice of pie. We've tried to eat here for the last 6 months but it was always closed. We finally got to eat here and it was well worth the wait. Only seats about 10 people which is fine. Has a throwback feel but in a comforting way. I got a double cheeseburger tater tots and a half order of biscuits and gravy ( they serve breakfast all day!!) He had the hot dog burger onion rings and Chilli cheese fries. Our arteries cringed but we didn't care. The food was hot, greasy and tasted better than quite a lot of restaurants in KC. Had pie and chocolate milk for dessert. They were out of ice cream so couldn't have a malt but that's OK. We'll be going back again.

Bob Pasbach

The burgers and fries were great! Small place and nice to talk to waitress and the cook. Ordered items made fresh while you wait.


Stopped here as we like to visit small local diners. Gaye’s Chili has been in business over 65 years. Location is like stepping back in time. Very small diner with counter seats. Cash only. We stuck with their specialty which is hamburgers with grilled onions and also tried the chili. Will definitely be back if in the area again.

Jill Thompson

WOW! You guys have to try this place!!!! The food is great & prices are FANTASTIC!! They only accept cash, so make sure you come with cash to pay!!Food: 5/5

Eric Flack

Unique and a Long Standing Local Burger,Chili,spaghetti and breakfast joint.Recently they are NOT open 24hrs but you can still check out one of the very few Spots like this left during normal hours, double cheese burger, fries and a plate of spaghetti with chili on top now that's a late night craving !

Michael Osborne

Northland staple as far as "Greasy Spoon". Bring cash they don't take cards. When ever in Kansas City North it's a great go to eatery.Food: 5/5

Joshua Stoll

Nice Diner vibes. I had a cheeseburger and chili and onion rings. All very good particularly the burger. We then ordered butterscotch pie and a root beer float. Good stuff. Also if you hadn't heard, Cash only.Food: 4/5


If you're looking for an old-fashioned "smashed" cooktop grilled burger with onions, you are at the right spot!! Reminds me of an old route 66 burger joint.

Travis Jackson

Stopped in for a quick dinner and they didn’t disappoint. Just needed something other than what I could gotten back home. They’ve been open for 67 years (tomorrow). If you want a cheap and delicious bite while you’re on the road definitely give em a try.

Jim Franks

Was good had good fried in picky about no cold and wilting here and burger fresh and they wanted go micky d's not me and glad we didnt

Tori Snowden

Love love love Hayes! Great sliders, wonderful diner breakfasts, open 24 hours, it just doesn't get any better than this! And post pandemic it's just as good, if not better. Be sure to try the pie!


My husband and I were in Kansas City to visit our sons. We wanted a GOOD cheeseburger. Hayes DID NOT fail! They do things a little different regarding their double and triple burgers. It's not 2/3 patties but rather just a thicker burger. Still delicious! The only downside is that it's cash only. It's how they keep prices down so it's understandable. We will gladly come again!

Ally R.

the BEST sliders in the Northland, great service as well. Ordered 20 sliders and was treated so nice like the old days when you called and paid when you picked up.. Most places make you pay over the phone and its a pain.. Thanks Hayes!!!

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