Tropical Sno Kansas City (Martin City)

200 E 135th St, Kansas City
(816) 759-2726

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Teresa Maulding

Delicious but a bit expensive. I personally would rather save a little cash and not have all the frilly little extras like the color change spoon and the wierd cup that is supposed to minimize the mess I suppose cool for kids I guess

Emily Libeer

Addicting! So delicious. Gets a bit busy in the summer evenings, but it's worth the wait. They recently moved to a better location.

Kitty Kat

Such a fun thing to do on a hot summer day! The staff is always so nice :)

natasha goldman

The most refreshing place ever 😍😍

Josh Phipps

Very friendly people and great snow cones.

Matt B.

Great spot

Freddy Varez

Great flavors, nice atmosphere, good price. Sit and chill a while or pick it up if your nearby.

Eric Ford

The best snow cones, EVER. Awesome staff, too.

Mike Johnson

Great place to cool down.

Tiffany Verstraete

Friendly, funny, and yummy!

C Jay


Pamela Sherrell

Delicious!!! So many flavor combos to choose from! And their little details like music playing and color changing spoons make it fun. Top notch customer service.

Eric Ford

KC’s best snowcones. #limericky

Brooke Turner

Friendly staff and tasty treats!

Sandy B.

Great flavors. Very clean area. Love it. I have been eating shaved ice since 1972 in Hawaii. What all places don't get right is, the ice needs to be packed into the cone. Shouldn't fall apart!!

Usman L.

Solid shaved ice, Hawaiian style. Better than the local competitors, and the various cream toppings like the banana cream, are really good. Be careful with the sour spray as it's pretty strong. The 1 or 2 strength is plenty. Lots of flavors and set recipes as well. A bit slow service, but that's how it goes with one guy in a tiny kiosk.

Elizabeth Reed

I love tropical snow! Their snowcones are always so fluffy (the ice is shaved really well) and they have so many flavor options! The guys that worked the last time we went were so much fun and new how to be entertaining with the customers without being intrusive. They had us all laughing. It was a great time and great product! Also, the spoons that change color with temperature are really fun for the kids. My only complaint is that they don't have more locations! 😁


Best sno-cone/shaved ice I’ve had. Live 40 minutes away and it’s still worth the drive to just come here.

Rachel H.

I used to go here in high school and wanted to bring my daughters. Of course the shaved ice was great, but I was pleasantly surprised by how kid-friendly and clean everything was! They have spill proof cup holders, straws that change color when they go between hot and cold, and holes in the tables specifically sized for the cups. It was almost impossible for my little kids to spill! The kid working there was super nice and came out during a lull in the action to wipe down the tables. We will definitely be back!

mallory morehead

The staff is so friendly and funny!! This level of service is hard to find! The flavors are awesome! Be sure to check out the Hawaiian ice cream option!

Tropical Sno Kansas City (Martin City)

200 E 135th St, Kansas City, MO 64145