The Scoop @ Martin City

200 E 135th St, Kansas City
(816) 808-7940

Recent Reviews

Dylan Smith

Amazing ice cream and people! Definitely one of the best ice cream places I have been to. My only issue is my lack of self-control!

William Birmingham

I have the cookies and cream and it very goo. The best I've cream I have ever eaten.

Tuan T.

Finally open! I was so excited to try this place not only because I wanted some quality ice cream but I wanted some good flavors. They had both for sure! I got the cold brew and my wife got the candies pecan, and while hers was great, mine was out of this world good! I'm sad I only got one scoop! I could probably eat a whole gallon of cold brew if my wife let me! I want to try other flavors but will find it hard to get away from that flavor. Please don't take it away or replace the cold brew! Oh, also the staff was super friendly! They even let us suggest a new flavor for them to make! Maybe we will see cherry chocolate chip on their menu soon! Can't wait to come back!


I went here during the summer with friends quite a bit and loved it, so I thought I would give it a review. We were sad at first that tropical sno was no longer there, but quickly got over it because the ice cream is simply scrumptious. 10/10 would recommend!!

Melanie Luttig

Sorry Betty Rae's, I've been cheating on you and I don't think I'll be stopping! This ice cream is delish. Love the rotating flavors. Perfect way to top off a date night, or prep for a trip to suburban, or just to treat yourself! Pro tip: get 1 scoop with 2 flavors :) Sign up on their website for the text program for coupons!

Sheila Cagley Ahearn Gessler

Delicious, rich hand made ice cream. We had caramel pecan and the thin mint. Both were amazing. Get there before the close For the winter

EpicMiner945 ..

This little ice cream booth is amazing! They have so many unique flavors and it tastes really fresh. I got the red velvet Oreo ice cream and it was very good. The spoons are wooden so they look good. On top of that, they gave free samples.

Rebecca L.

Amazing homemade ice cream!!!! Fun flavors! Jeremy was a doll! They are only open thru October and then back in March.

Jeni Alsman

The strawberry cheesecake was amazing and my girls loved the Smores and of course the cold brew coffee was so good. highly recommended !!

Derek Brewster

Everybody, here’s the thing. There’s a great value in supporting local, small businesses. Pass up the chains and get your ice cream fix at The Scoop. Great flavors. Fresh ingredients. Incredibly friendly and helpful staff. A complete A+ experience!!

Teresa Maulding

Delicious but a bit expensive. I personally would rather save a little cash and not have all the frilly little extras like the color change spoon and the wierd cup that is supposed to minimize the mess I suppose cool for kids I guess

Emily Libeer

Addicting! So delicious. Gets a bit busy in the summer evenings, but it's worth the wait. They recently moved to a better location.

Kitty Kat

Such a fun thing to do on a hot summer day! The staff is always so nice :)

natasha goldman

The most refreshing place ever 😍😍

Josh Phipps

Very friendly people and great snow cones.

Matt B.

Great spot

Freddy Varez

Great flavors, nice atmosphere, good price. Sit and chill a while or pick it up if your nearby.

Eric Ford

The best snow cones, EVER. Awesome staff, too.

Mike Johnson

Great place to cool down.

Tiffany Verstraete

Friendly, funny, and yummy!

C Jay


Pamela Sherrell

Delicious!!! So many flavor combos to choose from! And their little details like music playing and color changing spoons make it fun. Top notch customer service.

Eric Ford

KC’s best snowcones. #limericky

Brooke Turner

Friendly staff and tasty treats!

Sandy B.

Great flavors. Very clean area. Love it. I have been eating shaved ice since 1972 in Hawaii. What all places don't get right is, the ice needs to be packed into the cone. Shouldn't fall apart!!

Usman L.

Solid shaved ice, Hawaiian style. Better than the local competitors, and the various cream toppings like the banana cream, are really good. Be careful with the sour spray as it's pretty strong. The 1 or 2 strength is plenty. Lots of flavors and set recipes as well. A bit slow service, but that's how it goes with one guy in a tiny kiosk.

Elizabeth Reed

I love tropical snow! Their snowcones are always so fluffy (the ice is shaved really well) and they have so many flavor options! The guys that worked the last time we went were so much fun and new how to be entertaining with the customers without being intrusive. They had us all laughing. It was a great time and great product! Also, the spoons that change color with temperature are really fun for the kids. My only complaint is that they don't have more locations! 😁


Best sno-cone/shaved ice I’ve had. Live 40 minutes away and it’s still worth the drive to just come here.

Rachel H.

I used to go here in high school and wanted to bring my daughters. Of course the shaved ice was great, but I was pleasantly surprised by how kid-friendly and clean everything was! They have spill proof cup holders, straws that change color when they go between hot and cold, and holes in the tables specifically sized for the cups. It was almost impossible for my little kids to spill! The kid working there was super nice and came out during a lull in the action to wipe down the tables. We will definitely be back!

mallory morehead

The staff is so friendly and funny!! This level of service is hard to find! The flavors are awesome! Be sure to check out the Hawaiian ice cream option!

Robbie Kyle

Great attitudes and a really funny staff. They made our kids laugh multiple times and even replaced a snow cone that my youngest spilled about 5 minutes after starting it. No charge, and we didn't even ask - they just saw/heard her do it and immediately made her a new one just to be nice.

Angelique Meyer

Cute hangout place with delicious snow cones. I don’t even like snow cones but I love this place! Very unique and a cute outdoor environment for teens to come and hangout during the summer months.


This Tropical Sno has moved recently but is still close to the old location. Their new address is 200 E. 135th St. It was good as usual. I had Tiger's Blood and my family had a mixture of flavors - always great!


This is Hawaiian shaved ice. It is really good no matter what flavor you get. My favorite is called Tiger's Blood. It's a combination of strawberry and coconut.

Charley B.

There really isn't much to say about Tropical Sno other than it really hits the spot. Summer in Kansas City can almost suck the life out of you and nothing is better than cold snack. Here, they give you an option. You can have a styrofoam cup full of flavored ice or... you can have a styrofoam cup full of ice cream and flavored ice. Yes please. Now that we've got those options figured out, the shack offers about 40 flavors for you to mix and match. During my visit I chose the styrofam cup full of ice cream and ice then decided to pour cherry flavor and black cherry flavor over the ice for what is called a Cherry Blaster. Yes, it's a lot of cherry, but it made a 105 degree Kansas City evening with 500% humidity feel a lot better. If you like what you're reading the shack has a list of about 25 concoctions, including this one, that you can browse through. Don't blink! No, seriously, don't blink. The shack is literally a small shack set up on the edge of a couple of parking lots with some picnic tables out front. If you blink you might actually drive right past it. Just keep an eye out for the line and then go from there.

Michael R

Very nice people, good frozen treats and for a small building (8x10) it packs a quality punch. I get something different every time.

Margaret R.

I went to Kansas City this past weekend to see my brother, and his fiancée, a KC native, insisted on taking my sisters and myself here. By no means did she overhype what Tropical Sno would be like. It is the softest shaved ice I've ever had, and Hawaiian shaved ice can be so hard to find. It was so amazing and I was so upset to not have been able to make another trip there while I was in town. Next time I come to KC, the reason for it might be because I just want this shaved ice again.


When I saw this location while on vacation, I almost screamed in delight! Growing up, this was a treat, so I had to take the family. The prices were reasonable for what you received. The portions were big. A small was $3.50 and was perfect. The young men working the booth were friendly. If I lived closer, if be a daily customer.

Pamela Yvonne Denson

Good, good, good, Very good, damn good, hella good. Love their flavors. Omgoodness good!

Gerald P.

Real authentic Hawaiian style shave ice. Nice and fluffy. Melts in your mouth. The owner is super friendly and knowledgeable.