Waffle House

1305 Platte Falls Rd, Platte City
(816) 858-0291

Recent Reviews

Trent Wales

Gillian and Karah were great. They were super busy when I walked in, but I still had my food in front of me before most drive thrus have a bag out the window. As always at this location great service, great food and a clean restaurant.Food: 5/5

Anna Catlin

Food was amazing and cheap, as always. Our waitress and cook were fast and even sat down and talked with us. We came around 11pm and they were so awesome. Always love a Waffle House late night meal after working a shift at the airport. Keep it up!Food: 5/5

William Johnson

Our waitress had an attitude before we arrived. She took our order then washed dishes for 10 minutes then gave the cook our order after washing the dishes. Our order was wrong because she said she couldn’t hear, really!!! Our food came in pieces over a 10 minute period.Food: 4/5

Mike N.

I'd never eaten at a Waffle House before. It was pretty much what I expected. It can sctatch that greasy spoon itch like no other. The food came out fast and was what you expected. Would eat at again.

Dolores Henrichsen

Our first time there and we enjoyed the whole experience. Food was very good, the service was also very good. The price was very reasonable.Thank you Waffle HouseFood: 5/5

Nae D.

There was hair in my food. Not to mention they have an older lady who clearly could use assistance hovering over spitting in peoples food and grabbing utensils bare handed on the mouth part. Then the waiter refused to give me plastic utensils (which they have) although asked kindly as always. I’m irritated.Food: 1/5

Gary Kuczynski

I wanted a simple breakfast and had one at Waffle House. The service was great. I just enjoyed the overall experienceFood: 5/5

Rae Wynn

Loved the music playing! The staff was friendly & efficient! Enjoyed the food. Place was very clean!Food: 5/5

Janet Martin

Had an omelet with hash Browns and toast. Omelets are not on their menu at this location, but I asked about an omelet and the server explained they still have them but did not know why they are not on the menus. Glad I asked because it was great!Food: 5/5

Steve Dorsey

This location has to take the top spot for all of the WH's i have been to. Food was great, and my server was very kind. Sometimes it seems like these places are not firing on all cylinders, but that's not the case for this one. The staff was very well coordinated and they looked like a team. I always get hash browns "all the way", and yes, Gravy and Chili. Top this with some over medium eggs and an order of bacon. Yum, and I'm surprised the prices don't seem to have gone up as bad as other places.


Tried a breakfast bowl for the first time and it was fantastic. It has been many years since visiting a Waffle House, but it was just as good as ever.

Erick P.

Simple, easy, and fast great breakfast food. I can't complain, this location fulfilled all my expectations and the staff was friendly. It had been a long time since my last visit to a Waffle House and the food hasn't changed a bit, which is a great thing.

cyrus s

Over all, this is a nice establishment. Only con was the hashbrowns where not fully cooked. We all thought it was noodles at first because that is how it looked and tasted like.Food: 3/5

Christopher Newsome

Dont know about this place people are nice for the most part. Food was not that good even for WH 5 people working and its a small WH 7 booth and a long time for some one to clean off a table people just walked out after 10 to 15 min do to this. Dont know if its a new crew working or they are just over worked to the point they dont care. I would say if you are hard up and all the other places are closed that is about the only way I would ever stop at this place.

Donnie Boyd Sr.

It was it or taco bell to eat at. Orde4ed take out food was hot and ready when I arrived. Staff was friendly and accommodating. Was there around 10 pm 3/7/23

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