China Wok

368 N 6th St, Poplar Bluff
(573) 686-8821

Recent Reviews

Mary Lovette

It's the place I prefer in Poplar Bluff. The food is kept fresh and warm. The service is good.Food: 5/5

Amy Croy

They have the best Chinese food in town, but a little on the expensive side for me

David Yount

China wok is by far the best Chinese food for sure in this area, I drive 50 minutes one way at least once a week to eat it, and Chinese food is my favorite and I’ve eaten it in many cities and states and this ranks right up there with the best I’ve ever had. The people are very friendly and your order is right every time you get it. The girl that usually takes your order is on point very good at her job. I always make a big order and it’s always right and always delicious. If you’re debating on eating here just do it you won’t be disappointed it’s great!!!

Virgil Ashley

I’d give no stars if I could. The young man that answers is absolutely ignorant to customers, he just seems like he’s angry with the world. Not a big deal, because their food is decent and their prices are reasonable. Tonight we made our normal order, we got it home; made our plates and my wife noticed a ROACH in the fried rice, there was no mistaking it. I could not believe my eyes. I called them and got the young man, his response- “okay, thanks” and hung up.

Steven Crosser

Horrible food, save your money.Cashew chicken nothing but fried chicken pieces and 7 slivers of cashews, no sauce or vegetables. The fried breading was soggy.Chicken fried rice, no vegetables or egg. Basically the same as the rice served with entree but with a small amount of chicken.This place is only drive through which makes sense based on the poor food quality. I asked when I picked up the food if there was two place settings. He said yes. There were two of the cheapest plastic forks, no knives and no napkins.Poor food and service.

Katie Bell

The younger girl with the glasses is really good at what she does but the younger boy that works there is very rude and I’ve asked for extra soy sauce multiple times n everytime he hands me the bag or takes my order it’s wrong or he has a attitude for no reason if it keeps happening imma jus go somewhere else which is lame because I really like y’all’s food I would just appreciate a lil bit better service please

Dominica L Birkenmeier

Its good but food was there for a mint

Logan Collins

Best take out chinese food in the bluff.

John Murray

Good food at a decent price

Stephanie Letassy

I usually get cashew chicken from China five star and it’s delicious. China wok‘s idea of cashew chicken is fried chicken nuggets with burnt cashews and brown sauce that has no flavor there’s no celery there’s no carrots it’s pretty disgusting. I asked for chopsticks I didn’t get any. The steamed dumplings I got were decent but they were cold as a stone, yuck. The hot and sour soup tasted so weird. It was sweet and it tasted like it had Worcestershire sauce in it it was disgusting the only thing that was hot and good was the white rice which everything at this place comes with fried rice so if you want rice white rice you Gotta ask for it. I’m taking the food back I already ate the dumplings. Had to eat those back up. I guess that if you don’t like vegetables or flavor and you love everything fried that’s probably the place for you to go. I will never go back again.

Jayne Cox

Love their food! Only Chinese food I'll eat!

Christopher Pigg

Just got hung up on because I was asking a questions. And they have under age children working there taking orders

Yourdreamgirl Whitney

I been going there quite a lot. I always get the small sesame chicken. Very good. I even sent people to eat. They were pleased. Only Chinese in p.b. that I'll eat at.

Heather Pawlik

Food is amazing, but don't pay attention to the prices online if your short on cash because the prices are higher than it shows online. My order total based off the online prices (before tax) was $41. I went to pick up my order and it was $59. I told them I was sorry because I didn't have that much cash on me and had to have them keep an item. Felt bad, but I only estimated $50 and that's all I brought, based off the online prices.

Jonni Houser

I had shrimp fried rice and it was great. My mom said the egg foo Yung was fantastic.

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