Concetta's Italian Restaurant

600 S 5th St, St Charles
(636) 946-2468

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Taylor fac

They are amazing! 10/10 would recommend

Joshua Franklin

Great food, great service, very cozy atmosphere. The food is very tasteful and unique. Reasonably priced, yet one of the best Italian spots in St Louis. I would highly recommend.

Thomas C.

We just dined at Concetta's this evening. It will be our LAST visit to this restaurant. I have never been treated so rudely by the wait staff and a manager in all my life. Let me begin by saying today is New Years Eve. We had a reservation for 5:00 PM. We arrived promptly at 5:00 and were seated right away. Our order was taken and served in a timely manner. That was the end of a pleasant meal. Within 15 minutes our server began badgering us every 3 -5 minutes wanting to know if we were finished. At 6:05 she informed us that a table of 12 had a reservation in 4 minutes and they needed our table. We weren't finished with our meal and I had just ordered a drink. Her visits to our table increased to about every minute. Then a woman came to the table and asked us if we had just gotten our meal. We said no and she proceeded to inform us that they only allow an hour and fifteen minutes for a "2 top" and that they had a "12 top" waiting for our table. The server brought us to go boxes and our check. I asked to speak to the Owner and the woman who had just left our table returned and said she was the manager. Not a very good representative for this dining establishment. At this point we got up to leave and another employee was trying to clear the table before we could even put our coats on. We visit this restaurant multiple times a year but will not return again. I can spend my money at many other restaurants where they treat us with respect and appreciate our business.

Emily A.

I wanted to like this place. It seemed very cute from outside. My roommates and I got stuck in a back room where the temperature was 63F. Then it took over an hour for our food to come, and my friend's steak was undercooked for his preference. The waiter practically ignored us and almost never came around to check on us. Another table just a few away came in 15 minutes after us, and they were done eating by the time we got our food. I'm sad. The tortellini was some of the best I've had, but the food isn't enough to get me back there.

Toni L.

My first experience was great with Caitlyn everything was great and in point, the second one ordering the same resulted in Maiya trolling me cause I should not have an opinion. My teeny tiny beef arcobasso steak that was not even appetizer worthy was served by Maiya and she disappeared and we had no service resulting in us asking the manager for service. My husband ordered a 14 ounce prime rib with fat resulted in a 11in huge steak 2 in thick. Ordered rare charbroiled came blackened did not cut it but I'm sure by looks was not rare. My beef arcobasso 6 ounce with no fat resulted in a half dollar size 1.5 inch steak not even appetizer worthy and $27. This was the cooks fault but Maiya should have known better and not served the gray steak when asked for medium. Cut my t and rare bleeding Gross. Believe the reviews. Try somewhere else this is not the place to go. Will NEVER BE BACK. High prices for barely anything. Waitress was SUPER.RUDE! Maiya gave me the worst high priced experience of my life. Management should review their staff.

Adelfa Slaid

Simple and quiet ambiance! Great food!

Missy Williams-johnson

the chicken Daniel and salad with house dressing was amazing... pleasant staff..

Joyce Powell

This restaurant is very elegant and welcoming spot. They offer generous portions and for fair rates. The waiters were very attentive and explanatory. Highly recommend

Luke Walker

Great food, great service, very cozy atmosphere. The food is very tasteful and unique. Reasonably priced, yet one of the best Italian spots in St Louis. I would highly recommend.

George Kehm

Rear entry stairs. Started with a dinner salad that was fresh with a creamy Italian house made dressing which was very good. They bring fresh made bread and butter to enjoy. Ordered the Beef Arcobasso. An 8 ounce tenderloin in a garlic butter and white wine sauce covered in provolone cheese. Very tender and great flavor. Had a baked potato for my side. Several other choices available. A plus for me was they serve Coke products. Sure my family will be back.

Terry Lewis

The good:

Amber Bastin

Great food friendly service!

M Gbertsis

The service there was EXCEPTIONAL! I loved our waitress. She was so kind and attentive. Can’t ask for more than that. The portions are very large. We had the artichoke appetizer which was okay. It was a little heavy on the breading. Our table had 3 different pasta dishes and the steak. It was good. The decor is a little dated. Kind of like going to grandmas house with all the figurines...

Dada Williams

Attended a wedding last night that was catered by Concetta's. They served mustacholli, pasta con broccoli, cheese garlic bread, and salad. Not only was the food delicious the staff was amazing and went above and beyond even helping with things not part of their duties. I have never been to the restaurant but will make sure I do in the near future. Highly recommend.

Jackie H

Great portions and good food. The staff can be a bit slow, but the food is worth it. The only reason they aren’t 5 stars is because they aren’t handicap accessible, which is a real bummer.

Kathy M.

Went to Concetta's for a family dinner on a Saturday evening and it turned out to be a nightmare. My son tried to order a beer, however, the waitress didn't know what kind they had. My son Asked "Do you have any IPA's?" She again didn't know. "Do you have any Schafley?" She said probably, but I don't know what kind, never offering to go check. She took the order, brought the salad, then never brought bread until dinner came. Once dinner came, she literally never came back to check on our table. We never got refills on our water the entire time. I asked for a refill on my Sprite, however, never got a refund on my Sprite. We all sat with empty drink glasses throughout the entire dinner. Also waited over 10 minutes just for the bill. Several other things occurred throughout our dinner experience, but you get the idea here, horrible experience. Will not be going back here!!!

Rachel G.

WONT EVER COME BACK! Worst service. Horrible food. Staff was ignorant! Waste of money. Their website and physical door says they close at 10pm. And at 9:20 the waitress started slamming down dishes on the table and acted like we dare imposed on their time , when clearly the website and doors say they close at 10. All that for gross food ? Should've tipped less !

Barbara Kline

I recently attended a wedding reception that was catered by Concetta's Restaurant. The food was exceptional, and I made it a point to seek out this gem in old town St. Charles. It is situated in an old (probably historic) house, and it did not disappoint. The salad iceberg lettuce was crisp and the veggies semi-crunchy. Their creamy Italian house dressing was among the best I've had, and the cheese garlic bread is to die for. Lasagna is like homemade and everything served was top notch. I will be going again and again.

Steve Salamon

We had Concetta's cater our daughter's wedding and it was excellent! Salad was fresh and amazing! Pastas and toasted ravioli was piping hot and delicious! Servers were courteous and organized! Our guests were very impressed! Thank you! We will recommend you to all!

Rose Jansen

Terrible and definitely NOT authentic Italian. My first time writing a restaurant review, but this “Italian” eatery demands attention be paid. The clams in the linguine dish I ordered were spoiled. Pungent and just so very smelly—they reeked strongly of ammonia and something rotten. Concerning and a little horrifying is that neither the chef, kitchen, nor wait staff had noticed. Because my best uneducated guess was that a forkful would have meant a food poisoning date w/the bathroom, for the first time ever—I sent a dish back. No doubt the spaghetti and meatballs I ordered to replace the poison clam dish were from 1970 and pulled from the dank recesses of a school cafeteria freezer w/sauce from an industrial-sized can of government issued tomatoes. The meatballs were practically petrified. Just not good. Run away.

Deanna DeLunas

Man I hate to give bad reviews but sheesh this one is really bad. For starters, it's carpeted. Flat, black, matted, smelly carpet all over the dining room and entry way. From the smell I would say it's been there about 20yrs. I went ahead and ate..what was I thinking. I had tortellini in cream sauce, but it was a provel cheese cream sauce. It was thick and gummy worse than any box shells and cheese I've ever been unfortunate enough to have to eat. Hard pass guys. Just say no.

Brittany N.

Went here to have a night out with a few friends and the guy seating us had terrible customer service. He automatically looked at his watch and hesitated to get our menus. He then made sure to let us know they close in an hour and was very rude about it. Also google said they didn't close until 11pm when was an hour an a half from when we got there so they should probably change there google information. And working in customer service for many years you should never turn away a customer. Overall I'm very upset with this experience.

Lauren Youngblood

I cannot say thank you enough to Concetta's!! We recently hired Concetta's for our Monday night wedding. They handled: food, serving, cleaning tables, booster seats, setting tables, beer and wine bar service, napkins, plates, silverware, cups, etc. We had a very small budget, and they worked within our limits to give us affordable options and accommodate all of our needs. Gary and his team are fantastic, and they worked very hard to make our wedding run smoothly. The food was AMAZING, and we heard nothing but positive compliments about everything that they did for us. I am so so grateful we hired them.

Melanie ODay

I really enjoyed coming here. The atmosphere is very intimate and hospitality of the servers is through the roof. The portions are nice and big. The house dressing for the salad was so good that I found myself dipping the bread in it. I had the chicken parmesan which was amazing. The sauce was super flavorful and the chicken was very juicy. My boyfriend got the chicken marsala and was very pleased as well. Literally everything about my experience here was top notch. Most definitely coming back.

Greg Murray

Slow roast 14oz prime rib was awesome. Look at this thick cut! Great atmosphere, great food.


The house salad dressing/salad, the cheese bread, the cannelloni, and the fried mushrooms are all amazing. I get that same meal every time and it is the best!! My number one Italian crave!!

Brandon L.

Might give it another try, probably not though. The star rating isn't an accurate representation of the restuarant as a whole. Walked in around 10:10 on a Friday night after the little hills festival. All listings say they close at 11:00pm so my wife and I decided to give it a shot. The wait staff was cleaning up so we asked if they were ok serving us, didn't have a problem leaving knowing it was pretty close to closing time. Very rudely we were told they were closing in 15min. After pointing out that the sign says 11 the hostess I believe said the kitchen closes at 10:30. I understand different closing times for the dining room verses the kitchen but the delivery could have been more tactful.

Samantha Goldberg

got seated and sat at my table for 20 minutes. Requested a waitress multiple times and no one would come over. I couldn’t even get a glass of water.

Mark Zeman

A good, solid Italian eatery. They carry all the standard Italian dishes (boiled pastas, baked pastas, beef, chicken and fish dishes). They offer off-menu specials courtesy of the chef's imagination which are well worth exploring. Very pleasant ambiance and good service.

Evelyn B.

We ate at Concetta's for dinner. I read many positive reviews online, regarding their food. It was in the 90's outside, and the 80's inside. While the air was on, it was so hot we were dizzy inside. The service was fast, but we didn't get much more. I ordered Shrimp Scampi and it was a bowl full of oil, with noodles and shrimp. Literally the worse scampi I ever had. Frozen scampi is 100xs better. If you love to eat oil however, go for it. I do not recommend you eat here. Ever.

Hannah Wright

Concetta's provided the bar for our wedding and did an incredible job. The staff was kind, fun, and friendly. They made sure we were happy and made sure our champagne toast was beautiful. Thank you!

Steven Schuch

Food tastes old and not even the veggies tasted fresh. The grilled chicken was refrigerated then heated in a microwave. Even the people next to me complained to themselves.


We’re in town for softball tournament and wanted some pasta we found this Italian restaurant and it was fabulous! The salad, the house dressing, the pasta and a Italian sausage were amazing !!! Great staff and owner is very friendly!

Edlund Lynne

The BEST food ever! We had then cater my daughters wedding! Fabulous!

Clea Mcelwee

Great atmosphere, delicious food!


We used Concetta's for the catering of our wedding reception and the food was absolutely perfect. Everyone complimented the food. It was delish. The service was wonderful and the staff was exceptional. They even helped setup with placement of other items we were serving. Thank you

Rodger Hickerson

The atmosphere was amazing I just loved it ! The restaurant was in an old house and very romantic the food was good and the price was good to

Beatrice Wade Loynes

Had lunch today at Concetta’s Italian in St Charles. It the most disgusting place to walk into. Dirty carpet. No lighting on steps. Ordered a Caesar salad. For noon time the salad should of not been wilted lettuce and I believe the poured the whole bottle of parmesan on it. The place should be shut down and cleaned and remodeled. I would never recommend this place.

Susan H.

Tried this place for the first time. Excellent!! Our waitress was fantastic, the young busboys were very friendly as well. Had the prime rib special, charbroiled, best I've ever had! Their House creamy Italian is a must! Only negative is there is no disabled parking or entrance. But the nice young man busboy helped my 90-something yr old mother down the steps!

W Sel

Nice quiet place to eat. Helpful waitress.

Concetta's Italian Restaurant

600 S 5th St, St Charles, MO 63301
(636) 946-2468