Llywelyn's Pub

100 N Main St, St Charles
(636) 724-8520

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Rodney Groff

I ordered a Reuben sandwich. It was a true Corn beef sandwich with good sauerkraut. Was a little dry but that could have been remedied with more sauerkraut. As a side, I ordered "skinny fries," not a good choice. They were a bit over cooked, a little tough to eat so I didn't eat very many. The waiter was great, there were 4 of us and we all ordered different foods and drinks and he didn't write anything down, remembered everything. We all got what we ordered. As an appetiser, the table ordered spinach and artichoke dip with pita chips, very good. The atmosphere was great.

Ray Brundege

I would love to give Llywelyn's a higher rating but I can't. The ambiance is cool. The service is excellent. The prices are fair but it is the food everytime. There is always something with the food and it is never consistent. Sometimes it is greasy sometimes it is not. Times it looks great and other times it doesn't. The only consistent thing is everytime we have gone as a group, someone gets something that is cold in our group. Like actually cold or under cooked.

Glen Guenther

There were 8 of us social-distanced at 2 inside tables. The food & the service were both great. I'd give this experience 6 stars if I could. 3 of us came for the Shepherd's Pie & we all thought that this was even better than we remembered. Outside dining was pretty full but things were well-spaced inside & we were comfortable. We can't wait to go back!

Geri Messina

I don't live in this town or state. There was eight of us we're from Illinois and Iowa. the food was great the service was excellent we were there for their weekend Halloween Event. I had a nice time in June. and it brought me back for this event with my family we all had a good time and I would go back.

Stephen Graham

Food is decent. Wish the menu would change as it has been the same forever it seems. But as long as they serve Guinness on tap, who cares about food...

Rick Schupp

Had the shepherds pie. So good! Great service.

Delyth Wells

Great food except they did not give me my Sunday Funday $5 off.

Ken M.

Food was great, service was great, and definitely great brews! The adult grilled cheese and pub chips were outstanding! Dine-in during COVID-19 was fine. Tables were spread apart pretty far for distancing! Will most likely be back!

Karen F.

Great food........love the chips!! Service was good, clean restroom and lots of TVs to watch football on!

Jack E.

I was shopping on Main Street with my mistress and her very annoying mom... her mom is one of those awful women who carry their dog around in their purse and get mad when strangers don't mention that the dog is cute. Honestly though, the dog isn't cute. One of its eyes is bloodshot 24/7 and its tongue is purple and too long for its mouth but that's not the point. We were shopping at all of the most boring stores in the world when we finally decided that we were hungry. There are a lot of places to choose in the downtown St. Charles area but of course, we needed somewhere with a good patio since my mistress's mom's ugly dog had to tag along. God, I was hoping a mugger was going to run by and grab her purse and throw her ugly dog, Mittens, into oncoming traffic. Sure, it's not fair for me to say that but I think the dog would appreciate it. Hands down, the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best place to sit on a patio and eat on Main Street is Llewelyns, so we went there. Immediately walking into the establishment, I was annoyed. I hate walking into a restaurant and seeing the managers doing the bussing, food running, serving, bartending, hosting, etc. It goes to show you the value of these managers but says a lot about "corporate." If I was a corporate manager and saw how hard these managers worked on the front lines instead of having the time to do managerial work, I would be embarrassed. But that's just me thinking logically. We end up being sat outside, (yes, my mother in law corrected the host when they asked if it was just the 3 of us. She was like "umm, do you see my dog, Mittens?") It was embarrassing but we ended up getting a table for 4 and a high chair for the dog. Ugh, I'm starting to think my mistress isn't worth it anymore. Anyways, the menu options at Llewelyns sucks. Finding something good on the menu is like finding something good to watch on TV but the only channel you have is HGTV. Thank goodness for our server (his name started with a J). He knew my mistresses's mom's dog was ugly but he told her the dog was cute and it really made that old hag happy. After I told him everything on the menu sucks, he suggested something to try. So I got his suggestion and it was a Llewelyns 10, which was an Arby's 6. Everything was prepared and plated well, but I just feel like corporate cuts costs and buys food from Save-A-Lot. I mean, seriously, my mistresses's awful mom's dog wouldn't even eat the food and it licks its own butt! We finished our meal and GTFO because it was just stressful watching the Llewelyns employees work so hard. I already had enough stress that day. My mistress and I were texting during lunch scheming a plan to get her mom away from us. She's old, selfish, and probably dying within a few years, so we knew she would love to go to the casino. We dropped her off and "took her dog for a walk." Honestly though, we paid someone to walk the dog while my mistress and I "destressed" in the parking lot where the Golden Rod Showboat used to be. Final conclusion:Someone from Llewelyns corporate office needs to stop playing on Wayfair dot com all day and take a look at the menu. The food is about 2x or 3x the price it should be, which i would be ok with if the employees are being paid the 6 figures they are worth. If I worked that hard, I'd probably be the CEO of a giant corporation and probably have 2 other mistresses. Llewelyns is very annoying to try and spell but their patio is good and their service is good too.

Victoria Sottile

The Host needs an attitude adjustment. I’m about to pass out from the heat and unfortunately cannot make it anywhere else there is no where to sit either. I had to sit down before making a bigger scene and actually passing out. The Host, walks by, fast, and tells me that “I better find somewhere else to go because it’s to busy here”... you see a customer on the floor. Ask them if they are OKAY. Disappointed.

Steve Rahmberg

Food was great outdoor tables spaced apart, mask worn, glad I went

Doug Larker

Good food & nice selection of regional craft beer on tap. Traditional Irish pub. Will definitely be back.

Jess W

Good service. Waiter was attentive the entire time. Nice location and very large outdoor patio. Patio has umbrellas and fans to keep you cool in the afternoon. Indoor dining is also currently open. Masks mandatory to be worn inside and tables were nicely spread apart. Food was also hot & great!! Sweet potato fries are a must order! If you’re a plastic cup collector - these green ones are pretty fun!

Amanda Maggiore

Great food always! Everything ordered is good. Spicy Mac and Cheese bits are phenomenal!

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