Red Lobster

2141 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield
(417) 883-2245

Recent Reviews

Lynda Uriarte Bachelor

Waited way too long for a seat, wait staff, drinks and food!

Trinity Tague

Great service and great food

Angel Shaffer

Red lobster for lunch was decent. The outside looks rough but it’s nice and clean inside. I had fish n chips for lunch. It was just too greasy but I get it, it’s fried food. Fries were really good and the service was pretty good too.

Donald Clark

The food was very good. And the service was excellent. I can't remember our servers name but very sweet and friendly and took good care of us. it was my birthday dinner from our son and daughter in law.

Cathy Zinter

I was not happy with the quality of the food at this location. The biscuits were not hot and were very dried out. No fresh fish was available. I usually get the Maui Maui. They did not have it. I got the salmon instead and they were out of the sauce that goes on it.Server wasn’t good either. Waiting on several tables and could not handle it.Not sure what has happened!! Did the COVID ruin this place or has it just gone downhill?? We will not be returning to this place. We will try the Red Lobster in Branson next time. And if it isn’t good, we are finished with Red Lobster.

Paul F Espinosa

Always Great Service and Even Better Food!

Roger Creasy

Very disappointing. Should have known how our meal was going to end up when we pulled through the South side of the building and there were about 10-12 people out smoking with the door wide open. One actually looked like the manager. Said something to the guy inside and did not even acknowledge the comment. Ordered through call in service for pickup in store. Purchased the Ultimate Seafood Feast as we have done in the past. Normally this place was awesome and two other times food was pretty good. BUT... This time we got the food home and 2 of the Lobster Tails was not cooked and was very slimy, half the butterfly shrimp was way overcooked hard and could not eat, and the crab legs were cold. The shrimp were the only picture that we could show to justify our failed meal since the Lobster and Crab Legs looked good in a picture but most of it could not be eaten. Keeping receipt just in case we end up in hospital later. Yes that bad. We wont be going back until this pandemic is over and can eat inside, and even then we are skeptical.I have tried several times to use the url in Red Lobsters reply to contact them and give more information but their website continues to say that there was an error in sending. Need to fix your webpage.

Davina Kawaihau

Service was quick and the food was absolutely delicious. Sydney was our server, she was pleasant, answer all of our questions and checked on our table throughout our meal.Overall our experience was wonderful and will be back again without a doubt.Will recommend this establishment to family, friends, and others about our dinner at Red Lobster in Springfield Missouri.

Lora Hendrick

Went for the all you can eat shrimp and it was excellent, perfectly cooked. We both had a frozen drink and it was so well blended it was almost like a smoothie. No big ice chunks and no need to chee my beverage! ?

Lisa Missouri

Not a huge seafood fan of Red Lobster but we ordered 2 of their Wagyu beef burgers. Most delicious hamburger I've eaten in years. Must try to believe!Good job!

Rose Farmer

My husband and I came in and were eventually shown to a booth, the waiter came out and asked my husband if he b wanted a cocktail or beer to which he ordered sweet tea and a water for me he said he would get that ... the waiter then walked to another table and started asking what people wanted to order insisting he'd start with the woman ( they finally convinced him they were not ready ... so he then went to another table and pulled the same technics on them ... we realized he was in no hurry to bring us our drinks so we got up and left. This sort of service is ridiculous.

Angela Smith Moody

The food was delicious and reasonably priced. The staff was very friendly.

Brian C.

I ate here a while back and dropped by twice. For my first visit, I ordered the crab legs with a bread bowl. The crab legs were pretty good, but the bread bowl filled with some kind of cream soup was only average at best. When you're hungry, you're hungry, so I ate it anyway. My second visit was much more depressing. I ordered the shrimp salad since I was on a diet, and because the crab legs are far too expensive. When the dish got to my table, I was in awe of how bad it was. The "salad" was a plate of shredded iceberg lettuce with no other greenery, and 5 pieces of small shrimp. The lettuce itself was wilted and some pieces had turned brown. For the high prices in the restaurant, this was unacceptable. Unfortunately, I never went back.

Charles Kirkland

Food was good. Service was kinda weird... don't know if it was covid restrictions or what but me and my wife got kiddie cups with straws and lids. Everyone else in the whole store got normal cups... was just a strange guy


Red Lobster was way better before covid! Now the only salad option is Caesar salad. It is not very good. The calamari used to come with broccoli and red pepper strips. It was one of my favorite things there. Now it comes with a little cup of banana peppers. VERY DISAPPOINTED!! Coconut shrimp was still the same.

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