2800 E Battlefield Rd, Springfield
(417) 881-6262

Recent Reviews

Ibrahim Almutaa

Food is delicious, but staff is not friendly at all or maybe he hates his job.

Kevin Keller

There seems to be one guy running the whole place every time I go, he is doing an amazing job, I dont know his name but great guy he needs a promotion and some other employees.

Brandon Lauthern

The facility is clean, the workers are efficient, and the new menu hasn't disappointed yet.Subway is a good way to avoid the grease. It's too bad about their prices...

Shelby Blankenship

Tom is amazing and very kind! The place is nice and clean. My fav subway!

Matt Baumann

Prices on the menu are incorrect. Its $2-3 more per sandwich when you pay.

Shauna Keyes (Belladonna)

Might seem a little petty to leave a low review for this reason, but it's honest. I always get the same sandwich from Subway, the sweet onion chicken teriyaki. It's my fave, it's what I get. I will not be getting one from here again unfortunately as for some reason they have decided that instead of marinating the meat in teriyaki and adding the sweet onion sauce at the end like normal, both sauces get mixed up in the same bottle and just get squirted on plain chicken before toasting. It does NOT taste the same, it is NOT the same experience, and it is just not... good. Disappointing. This isn't the first place that's tried doing this, and I worry that I'm running out of options of places to get it done properly.

Jessica Rost

The staff is super friendly and of course I love their food

Stephen Gannon

I can’t ever remember having an issue at this location before. We passed another Subway on this night to come to this location because the wife said its always cleaner and the staff is always friendlier. I was willing to go to the closest location since it has been remodeled and we were mobile ordering. But the wife won out.We did an order ahead for 2 foot longs. We we sat in the car parked in front of the store while we ordered. No customers in or out for that 5 minutes while we ordered. The app stated our food would be ready in roughly 15 - 20 minutes. Little bit ridiculous it would take that long but no big deal. So, we go in to let him person know we had a mobile app order. Our sandwiches were both at the point to put cheese on our HOT sandwiches. Not 2 minutes later a customer comes in and the sandwich artist stops making our hot food to make the walk ins food. Little aggravating when you hear the walk-in order the same sandwich as you and he's going to get a hot fresh one while my sandwich sits there cooling down. While all this is happening, another customer comes in to place an order, so our food continues to wait. Luckily for us the sandwich artist was enough of an a$$ on this night that the girl walked out because he was being so difficult. That was good for us because we got our food right time like the app said.Like I said originally I dont recall ever having an issue at this location.

Emory Kempf

Sub was delicious! There was only one employee there, but he he was doing a good job ??

Mandy Garmon

One lady was working here this particular brunch. She was nice and got my order done quickly!! She was cool calm and collected being the only one there until 11.

ron scales

Thank you, cadance, for the best subway sandwich I’ve ever had. Good job!

Lee Nations

Experienced exactly what you would typically expect from Subway.

Yesenia Almendarez

There was FLY IN MY DAUGHTERS SUB. A fly. We paid nearly $50 and had to throw them away. The fly was still moving, stuck inside the mayo. You guys should be ASHAMED .

Alex Crites

This is the best Subway I have ever visited!! Not only is the staff super friendly and efficient at their job, but they offer baskets for dine-in sandwiches! I've never been to another Subway that does this!! They obviously care about their customers here.

Devon S.

Had my girlfriend order some subs online to get the bogo deal on foot-longs and supposedly this is the only subway in town that isn’t running that promotion. On top of that the employee was pretty rude and unprofessional. And as if that wasn’t enough, it was near impossible to eat our subs because they were so poorly made. Probably would have been better if it came in a bowl with a fork. If only I could upload a picture

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