AO&Co. Market

1641 Tower Grove Ave, St. Louis
(314) 899-0991

Recent Reviews

Laura Reed

There is a sweet little tea & coffee place attached to the market. It is only 3 tables with 2 chairs each. During October they had a special for the ?month of magic? for Harry Potter theme inspired Butterbeer Lattes. The barista was very polite and even made a sorting hat in the foam. Plus, the latte was delicious.

Brad Beggs

Nice place but sooo pricey. Can't afford anything.

Chie F.

I received a gift card from this place for my birthday so I came in and got forty-something dollars worth of items--like truffle cheddar cheese, soft provolone cheese, flax crackers, cute foodie cards, almond croissant, and sticky pecan bun. Additionally, on another occasion I came in for a latte and that was really good. I don't think I would come again to buy anything because the price point it too high and the items sold here appeal to a specific niche, rather than having a variety of items that are appealing to everyone. I love how they collaborate with Kaldis because that means top notch coffee. Kaldis has a dark, rich, chocolate-y coffee so some of my friends don't like it. But I personally love it. They also have Kaldis teas and chai tea in bulk if you wanted some for home. They have a huge cigar section and some alcohol selections which I didn't get to look at much. But I love the concept.

Millie Kwan

Nice little specialty store that is part coffee and tea store with an outdoor patio with seating and a small seating area indoors. This is one part of the store. Then you enter the cigar and wine room which is laid out nicely and had a nice wine selection. I can't really comment on the cigars since I don't smoke! The last part of the store has dinner cute home furnishings, and provisions such as salumi, cheese, and other beverages such as kombucha, etc. Parking is on street and they have some other great food neighbors so worth a visit!

caroline r.

Not sure why the barista had such an snobby attitude. It was off-putting and rude, and continued a conversation with her coworker as we walked in the shop and we had to wait for her to wrap it up. Shame because the other side of the shop is fun with cool wines, meats and cheeses. This is a new joint and I suggest making sure the customers are treated with kindness and consideration being top priority.

Zach H.

This place is really cool! They have a market type thing for their main room selling fresh things like olive oil and jams. They also have a cigar room with wine tastings every Wednesday and Saturday (amazing). Then they have the cafe section where they serve coffee and teas. The masala chai was amazing thank you!

Jesse Stuart

Beautiful space! Friendly staff, great spot to grab coffee or some specialty essentials!

timothy flynn

Hummus and pita here are amazing

Umar Lee

A magical shopping experience just blocks from Missouri Botanical Garden. The good on the shelves can turn your boring and dull kitchen into a treasured destination. From cigars to sweets to meats this store has it all.

Elizabeth C.

Cute little shop with a good selection of tea at the bar. A great spot to pick up gifts for foodies too.

Lauren S.

A cute and unique boutique store that offers food & drink imports as well as local gourmet treats to take home to enjoy or great ideas for gifting. I mostly enjoy the quick pick me up from the coffee they have with a kind and friendly barista that always makes my cortados perfect. I hope this store thrives. It fits perfectly to complete this lively 4 corner of botanical heights.

Liam John

It is tea mostly but they have good coffee nonetheless. Itâ??s Kaldi if you like that. They also have good, local pastries. The tea is very cleverly made. I get the maresque. It is magnificent and the floral, sweet notes are spot on.

RK Ricca

Come here for the best coffee and provisions.

Rebecca C.

I was headed to the Whitaker Music Festival this evening right after a gig, and I remembered reading a Yelp review saying AO&Co is a convenient place to stop and pick up some great picnic snacks. They were certainly correct! AO&Co is a lovely, well-designed shop at the corner of Tower Grove Ave. and McRee. It offers upscale snacks like cheese curds (yum!), sausages, crackers, fancy cheese, chocolates (including vegan chocolate bars) as well as dried goods like pasta, oils and sauces. It also has a cooler full of beers, wine, and specialty sodas which I was in need of before heading over to the Botanical Gardens. The cherry soda I bought tasted AMAZING! It tasted just like cherry pie filling with hints of vanilla and cinnamon! Worth the $2.75 a bottle. Their staff is really kind and caring as well. I was looking for a bottle opener to bring to the Gardens, and I only saw a $15 one. The cashier said hold on a minute because $15 is pretty steep for something to open your soda with, went in the back and returned with a $4 metal and wooden cork screw with bottle opener. So considerate! I can't wait to come back soon to try out what their cafe offers!

Aaron Z.

Great place to grab coffee in the morning and the sticky buns are to die for! The barista's have always been friendly and enjoy the vibe of the space.

Elle L.

Strolling around the neighborhood, my friend and I happened on this spot. It is soooooo inviting! I got an iced jasmine green tea infused with almond syrup and orange flower water,that is incredibly delicious and refreshing,and am enjoying the gorgeous day and my tea under the sun umbrellas out front.This is a wonderful spot to relax and meet friends for tea!

Max R.

Nice new market and cafe in Botanical Heights. It's a new Ben Poremba venture. On one side it's a specialty grocer and the other a cafe. The market has specialty olive oils, cheese, and dips from some of Ben's restaurants. Read: OLIO'S HUMMUS. There is a cigar shop in the back. I wouldn't know, but it seems like they carry some really nice ones. The cafe is partnering with Kaldis and is tea forward. On my visit today I had fresh squeezed orange juice, a croissant (from La Patisserie Crouquette), and a to die for chai latte. Alexa, the barista was super helpful and brought out my order on a very cute tray with awesome presentation. I believe they are going to start doing cocktails soon, too. That's going to be really fun especially with their outdoor lounge/ seating area. Don't wait, go!

Pat J.

Very quaint and lovely spot for a coffee. They have refreshing mixed mocktails and if you need to grab a snack or a nice cigar this is your place. It's located across from olio so would make a nice after dinner stop too.

Glo K.

Botanical Heights got a little more interesting. AO&Co recently opened in the area, near the beloved restaurants that sit off Tower Grove Ave and McRee. It's a whole a lot of things that I didn't expect it to be. It's a specialty store that sells a bunch of curated offerings from food gifts, cheese, cigars, and wine. The back area is the cafe side with a great tea selection and coffees on their menu. I'm excited and pleased to see something different come into this space. There are so many different reasons you might visit the space. I can totally see myself having a "WFH" day at their cafe side at their expansive patio area. AO&Co got you covered for the Whitaker Festival with their picnic-perfect offerings. Also, a nice place to grab a bottle of wine or spirits for a party gift. The space inside is beautiful with a nice antiquey feeling as if you've walked in a European bodega. I am interested to see how the community embraces this new space and hope to see it stay!

Haley S.

I stopped by the new AO&Co by Ben Poremba today and it was a really cute specialty store in the Botanical Heights neighborhood. It's nice to see more shopping other than the wonderful Union Studio to encourage people to stay in the area for more than just the great food. This store offers take home options of the wonderful dips and spreads seen at his other restaurants which I definitely took advance of. I also grabbed a hard cider jam, spicy Asian mayo, Volpi sausage to give you an idea of their other offerings. Scattered throughout the store are also some fun small handmade non-food items. They have another room for cigars and liquor. I love me some spirits but don't like smoking in any form so it wasn't appealing to shop in that room. I do understand smoking cigars and enjoying a cocktail go together so I know a lot of people will enjoy that shopping experience no hard feelings! They also have a coffee bar with some seating in the back room and a nice outdoor patio. They have a lot of stuff in the store with that being said it is a little difficult to navigate with only a handful of people in there when you're trying to be careful not to break anything! Definitely would not bring my child or stroller unless I was just going to sit outside. Overall this is a great new neighborhood addition!