AO&Co. Market

1641 Tower Grove Ave, St. Louis
(314) 899-0991

Recent Reviews

Bree C Bowen

Love having this amazing market in the neighborhood! So many fantastic wines, charcuterie items and the espressos are fantastic. Can’t wait for them to open again!

Kimberly B.

I absolutely love this place . It's like a mini Straubs . Great food selections perfect for a picnic or a dinner party or even as a hosted gift . Great service too .

Kaitlyn Skelton

Coffee is so goooood! Daisy is such a gem, always making us at the hair lab the best coffees! It’s the perfect neighborhood shop and a great excuse to shop local.

alonso saavedra

What a great place! Gracias, this Sotol is amazing! Salud!

Mark T

Nice little market with higher end goods and a selection of coffee, pasta, cigars, boubon etc.

Barry Goldstein

Cool little market. I did not experience the cafe..only purchased some items from the market. Prices are pretty expensive and our food was a little disappointing. Got the Hummus, Babaganoush, and Pita bread. Nothing was bad...but it did not taste nearly as good as in the restaurants. Maybe will come back for the cafe.

Katherine G.

This is such a cute coffee & tea/specialty market. I stopped in for the first time to use my stl passport coupon book and so glad I did! I will definitely be back. It was hard to choose because they have a ton of tea options. I ended up ordering the matcha latte with oat milk and it was so yummy and flavorful! The barista was super friendly and helped us with our drink choices as well as telling us a little about the market. The specialty market has tons of yummy items like olives, meats, cheeses, etc that would make a wonderful charcuterie board! They also have dips & items from some of the groups restaurants. This would be a great place for gifts as they have a variety of candles, locally made cutting boards, spices, wines, cigars, spirits etc. They have a decent sized parking lot that had a lot Of open spots. There is an outside patio, but limited seating inside. The place is clean and easy to navigate.

Heather F.

Great selection of groceries and trinkets. I enjoyed looking around while I sipped on my Missouri made kombucha and kettle chips.

Laura Reed

There is a sweet little tea & coffee place attached to the market. It is only 3 tables with 2 chairs each. During October they had a special for the “month of magic” for Harry Potter theme inspired Butterbeer Lattes. The barista was very polite and even made a sorting hat in the foam. Plus, the latte was delicious.

Brad Beggs

Nice place but sooo pricey. Can't afford anything.

Carrie L.

This place is unique and has the best London Fog Tea Latte I've ever had, but it's very cold and has extremely limited seating inside... 6 seats total. If you don't like the Kaldis brand chai or teas, you won't like the menu. This is yet another St. Louis coffee shop that sells the Kaldis brand. They only make a view things in house as far as the syrups are concerned and the price is relatively too high for a latte (close to $6). My recommendation: go once or stop in for a Tea Latte to go. Don't plan to stay and work.

Chie F.

I received a gift card from this place for my birthday so I came in and got forty-something dollars worth of items--like truffle cheddar cheese, soft provolone cheese, flax crackers, cute foodie cards, almond croissant, and sticky pecan bun. Additionally, on another occasion I came in for a latte and that was really good. I don't think I would come again to buy anything because the price point it too high and the items sold here appeal to a specific niche, rather than having a variety of items that are appealing to everyone. I love how they collaborate with Kaldis because that means top notch coffee. Kaldis has a dark, rich, chocolate-y coffee so some of my friends don't like it. But I personally love it. They also have Kaldis teas and chai tea in bulk if you wanted some for home. They have a huge cigar section and some alcohol selections which I didn't get to look at much. But I love the concept.

Millie Kwan

Nice little specialty store that is part coffee and tea store with an outdoor patio with seating and a small seating area indoors. This is one part of the store. Then you enter the cigar and wine room which is laid out nicely and had a nice wine selection. I can't really comment on the cigars since I don't smoke! The last part of the store has dinner cute home furnishings, and provisions such as salumi, cheese, and other beverages such as kombucha, etc. Parking is on street and they have some other great food neighbors so worth a visit!

caroline r.

Not sure why the barista had such an snobby attitude. It was off-putting and rude, and continued a conversation with her coworker as we walked in the shop and we had to wait for her to wrap it up. Shame because the other side of the shop is fun with cool wines, meats and cheeses. This is a new joint and I suggest making sure the customers are treated with kindness and consideration being top priority.

Zach H.

This place is really cool! They have a market type thing for their main room selling fresh things like olive oil and jams. They also have a cigar room with wine tastings every Wednesday and Saturday (amazing). Then they have the cafe section where they serve coffee and teas. The masala chai was amazing thank you!

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