Bar Italia

13 Maryland Plaza, St. Louis
(314) 361-7010

Recent Reviews

Mark Doherty

Ther have the best staff. Their food is awesome as well.

Dookie B.

They hosted my Wedding Engagement Party as well as my Brother, Peter Dwyer's Funeral Service. I grew up with Mengesha when he was serving me free samples of Gelato on Hot August Nights. I live in San Francisco, CA. which is the food mecca of the world. Bar Italia Ristorante has incredible eats and incredible staff and service. You are a silly goose to pass this place by or better yet hold a private event with your friends and family. Call me if you have questions.

Reviews Plus

Had a wonderful dinner here during my stay - so happy I stopped by! Highly recommend!! Five stars!!

Joseph Wokurka

Great food. Service was a little slower than usual but we enjoyed the long dinner.

William M.

Pasta House is superior to Bar Italia... and half the price. My partner and I came here for Valentine's Day. The service was good (I feel bad for the servers on Valentine's Day), but the food was grossly below average. The most flavor I got from my lobster ravioli was a rotten fishiness shouldn't be there, otherwise swimming in a sea of warm milk (it was supposed to be a cream-based sauce). My caprese salad left a bit to be desired. My partner's ragu was unseasoned and flavorless. I don't recommend it unless you're already too drunk to have a discriminating palate. The bruschetta was okay.

Gillian Gibson Noero

So happy to be here. Brilliant, forward-facing, relaxed well-executed food. Great service.

Thom S.

My wife and I just had dinner at Bar Italia and it was fantastic! Everything was excellent, the food, the service, the atmosphere and the wine. So about the wine, we were treated to a great conversation and several complimentary tastes of wine and grappa ( look it up if you are uninitiated) with Mengesha Yohannes the owner. Mengesha is worldly, outgoing and a fine conversationalist; I hope you get the opportunity to talk with him. He routinely greets and chats with his customers, a great experience IMHO. I know you mainly want to know about the food: Angus tenderloin was (rare) tender and perfect flavor-wise, the fish special was reported(by my wife) to be excellent as well. All in all a wonderful experience, go there, eat food, talk, relax, it rocks! BTW, we couldn't figure out how to get the valet for parking (CWE parking sux) you might ask about that when you make your reservation - assuming that you call for one of course.

Raven Wynn

James was our waiter for dinner and his service style was attentive and friendly. He was able to give good recommendations based on our questions and made us feel as if we made the right choice to spend our money and enjoy our dining experience at this restaurant.

Becky Troster

Great service! Great food. Raspberry sorbet was perfect. Not overly sweet.

Frank Maguire

I never write restaurant reviews but I feel the need to warn diners here to not order the veal scallopini. My husband and I both ordered it, there were several pieces on each plate and the first bites were tough but edible and the flavor was really good. We mentioned it to the waitress but thought we could make do. By the time we got to the other pieces on the plate, they were worse, not chewable and not possible to swallow. Had that been the first bite, we would have sent it back. Veal should be especially tender and this was not edible. The rest of our order was fine--appetizers, wine, dessert--and our dining companion liked everything she ordered. The waitress did bring a complimentary dessert for us to share. We had tough veal scallopini at another St. Louis restaurant about 6 months ago, so perhaps it's not this restaurant. Maybe their purveyors are not providing anything good to the local restaurants. Overall we like this place and will come back, just not for the veal.

Ulviyya Gasimova

Cozy place to spend some quality time and have a great food

Robert Miller

Bar Italia always on point best experiences ever service on Sat night Outstanding Bartender makes you wanna come back

Barbara Koons

Awesome as always. Fabulous service great food. Great lunch date with whomever you choose$

Tom Cee

Party support is great. Not a huge place, but friendly staff and great food. Appetizers to die for.

Kevin Stanley

Good selection of Italian cuisine. The Tortellini was exceptionally good.

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