Medina Grill

5 Maryland Plaza, St. Louis
(314) 240-5301

Recent Reviews

Leah J.

Seriously delicious! I don't eat Mediterranean food very often but I will definitely be coming back here for more. I got the Medina rice bowl to go with beef and extra chili added. Delicious, bold, and refreshing flavors and perfectly seasoned. Great service too!

brian miller

This is the best food I ever had. The falafel was perfectly seasoned as well as the Shwarma.Abdul and Eric was very nice and had my food ready immediately hot and fresh

Marty Offutt

First time ordering. Was told rice would be ready in 30 minutes, but when I arrived for pick up the food was still not ready. 2 hours later I was told the falafel sides were out and the manager would go get more!! And the bowls still weren’t ready!! I cancelled the order. Very disappointing.

Suzy K.

I'm a big Mediterranean food fan & this is the BEST Mediterranean I've had in St. Louis. I got the classic with chicken shawarma and extra chili & it was AMAZING. So satisfying & didn't feel gross afterwards; in fact, I felt refreshed. Great service, too--staff is so friendly. I will be back very soon!!

Alice Jones

My first time ever trying this restaurant and i absolutely love the food!!!! I ordered the salad similar to a greek salad and summer in Dubai with chicken! Wow! Wow!

Yan C.

Can't believe I haven't reviewed Medina yet. It's my go-to Mediterranean places for something quick, delicious, and filling. I've been sticking to The Original Palestine (spicy). I typically like to sample different items, but this one is just so good that I don't want to stray from it. The combination of meat, veggies, and the special sauce... gives it so much textures and flavors. If you want an appetizer, don't hesitate about ordering a side of falafel. Again, the sauce that comes with it... is finger licking good! Ordering over the phone and curbside pickup have been seamless during the covid era. They even offer free deliveries within a certain radius. Staff is very appreciative. Thank YOU for all that you do!

Kerry Downes

The best hospitality the CWE with delicious sandwiches,wraps and salads. Thanks for a welcoming experience dining there.

Lime Cat

First time here. I really enjoyed my schwarma wrap. Tried their hummas and it was really good as well.

Alyssa Miller

Excellent customer service! Everyone had big smiles and seemed genuinely kind. The flaffel salad was pretty bangin too! Highly recommended

Gail B.

Excellent fast casual Mediterranean with incredible service. The service is literally some of the friendliest I've ever encountered. Lots of good vegetarian options. Great food for kids, and the team will happily offer off menu options as well. The Garden of Eden wrap is very flavorful and great as both a spicy version and regular. Highly recommend the Original Palestine, one of the house specialties - bold flavors with perfectly seasoned beef. Veggies on everything are fresh and crisp. It's fairly simple food done really well. Overall great experience.

Geoff P.

Great/quick service, nice staff, and really hit the spot when I was looking to eat some fresh Mediterranean food. I will be back!

Brittany Kenser

Just went for the first time food was amazing!! Got the summer in Dubai spicy would def recommend! Friendly customer service even told us thank u and have a good night as we were leaving! Such a good atmosphere felt like a family restaurant. Def impressed!

Emily D.

Great affordable spot for quick lunch or dinner. Their falafels are great, and they also have beef and chicken shwarma. Easy spot to go with all different dietary restrictions.

Mohammed Alhakami

‏A healthy, enjoyable and delicious restaurant that deserves to be tried again . ?

Michelle Harrison

I really like the Original Palestine, and order it spicy. Have brought others to Medina Grill, and all have been surprised how good the food is. Friendly staff too.

Chris S.

The Garden of Eden wrap was amazing! One of the employees made the meal vegan and provided more spice upon request. The meal really hit the spot! Thank you!

Mehran Abolghasemi

I liked the Shawarma but not the Falafel. But I recommend the place, the price is good.

Jamie A.

This place was AWESOME !!! Service was great I had the Juicy Jerusalem and my boyfriend had the Original Palestine both were meat and omg it was really great food. By the way, this was my first time eating shawarmas. Will return !!!!

Julia Owens

Good food. The service was friendly and observant. The bill was appropriate.

Tourney Thompson

The original Palestine, spicy, as a falafel combo absolutely warmed my heart. Fresh fast and delicious. 5 stars. Clean, open floor plan, appropriate music, friendly staff.

Matt Macaluso

Came to St. Louis from Chicago for a concert. Needed a quick bite before the show and Mediterranean sounded good. This was without a doubt probably the best Mediterranean food I've ever had. There's a reason this place is 5/5 based on reviews.

Ellen Czaplinski

Got the Original Palestine wrap with chicken and the garlic tahini sauce is to die for!! Please keep making it like that because that stuff is so amazing! Fast service, clean place, and good pita/hummus too.

Lori Garcia

I really like the Original Palestine, and order it spicy. Have brought others to Medina Grill, and all have been surprised how good the food is. Friendly staff too.

Eugene Woods

I really like the Original Palestine, and order it spicy. Have brought others to Medina Grill, and all have been surprised how good the food is. Friendly staff too.

Dylan Coleman

Really underrated, great food in a slightly hidden spot. Friendly service, very fast and fresh, even the salads a great. Some of the best casual Middle Eastern in St Louis. I just wish they were open later.

Jonathan C.

This is one of my go-to spots when I need a quick meal in the CWE. I'm a big fan of the "you-do-two" combo, where you can get a sandwich and half-salad for a deal. The half-salad is a good amount for me, and the "Original Palestine" never lets me down. The sauce is pretty delicious. The food is fast, balanced in nutrition, and tastes a whole lot better than fast food.


Delicious traditional shawarma. FlAvorful spices and fresh ingredients. Excellent customer service as well. Just a short walk from the convention center.

Jim S.

I really like the Original Palestine, and order it spicy. Have brought others to Medina Grill, and all have been surprised how good the food is. Friendly staff too.

Ilana L.

This place was great! Our food came very quickly and was relatively inexpensive. I got a Classic Falafel Wrap and my boyfriend got the Juicy Jerusalem. It wasn't the Best Falafel In Saint Louis, but it was good, and I'd go again for a quick and easy lunch!

Bojan Nedic

My favorite sandwiches in town. Their meat is so flavorful and well-seasoned. The bread is awesome and so are their sauces. A must-try if you live here, I am honestly surprised there isn't a line out the door. Especially considering the prices of these sandwiches.

Scott S.

First time here. I had the you do 2 and picked the signature shawarma The Palestine and got the Al-Andalus for the salad. Both were pretty good. I have to admit, I like the salad the best. Both were were good. Prices are reasonable. I'll be back.

Tedie Hill

Great staff. Right on top of everything.

Chie F.

STL food culture has got me stunned. This is another affordable, ridiculously good ethnic food here in downtown STL. I walked in and ordered the Original Palestine beef & chicken combo shawarma. The food was ready in two to three minutes, the guys working there gave me great service in the short interaction, and i devoured the food while strolling the streets in less than ten minutes! Amazing food, good location, good people, I can't see why I'm not becoming a regular customer here. Btw what I got-- Original Palestine beef & chicken shawarma on pita bread, pickles, onions, lettuce, garlic tahini sauce.

Simon Huang

Fresh tasting food, however next time I'd skip the "spicy" add on to the wraps and the felafel bites. Latter seemed overdone.

Tyler E.

This is one of my favorite Mediterranean spots. The food is delicious and the service is exceptional. Definitely a must try if you haven't already!

Miysa A.

Delicious!! I am picky when it comes to food and I loved their food and the staff was very friendly!

Jackie W.

This place is a Mediterranean quick stop that is Chipotle-styled with customized make-your-own bowls. I've been here a few times and the staff have always been very friendly and helpful. They will also let you sample pretty much anything if you ask! Great location and a great spot if you're looking for a to-go meal.

Arada Halder

My Mediterranean food loving family was hungry while in the area so we decided to try this place. We all enjoyed our orders, but for the price, we should have gotten more meat, especially in the rice bowls. Three of us ordered bowls; other 2 ordered shawarma wraps. My daughter thought the chicken in her bowl was a bit too dry, so she asked for a little cup of tzatziki -- they charged for that, which is really stingy in our opinion. We were paying for extra meat to take home in our bowl (that had just rice left) so we paid, but I wouldn't do it again.

Kiana B.

Love this place! The staff is friendly and will explain the menu to you if you need help deciding. Last time we were in St. Louis, we decided to try something new for lunch and found this place. We were definitely not disappointed and added it to our "must eat" list for our next trip. We fell in love with their falafel bites and their sandwiches and salads are amazing, too. Try this place!

Kamalendu Ghosh

I visited Medina Grill during my stay at Chase Park Plaza. Delicious food and friendly staff. I had the rice bowl and the Jerusalem salad on two separate visits. The price is great too. I wish they opened up a franchise at Urbana-Champaign