Nephew's Grille

742 S 4th St, St. Louis
(314) 241-5960

Recent Reviews

Alisa Yareli

My sister and I branched out and tried this resturant for the first time. The food was hot and fresh. I recommend the Hulk Potatoes! The meal did not disappoint!

Donna Jennings

I drive a carriage downtown and work late hours. I go home hungry most nights because of covid nothing is open. I talked to the employees daily as I drive by their establishment. They let me know the other day they are opened very late and have made their biz covid safe by serving people outside or to go. So I stopped the other night. My sirloin burger and ribs were amazing. They are very friendly. I highly recommend???

Amirah's Play time!

My sister and I branched out and tried this resturant for the first time. The food was hot and fresh. I recommend the Hulk Potatoes! The meal did not disappoint!

Carlos Bryson Jr

They have good food and great service and you can call in I luv it

Cheryl Reid

The food is AWESOME! Catfish & fCheese good! Thank you Nephew!

Johnisha Price

Nephew's Grille you guys are really disappointing me. Keep hanging up while I’m trying to place my order. It’s fine I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

Michelle Smith

The customer service was excellent AND the food was GREAT. We had 4 different flavors of wings & each one was delicious. I had the salad with grilled shrimp & bbbaaabbbyyy, it was delish & filling. My normal from the Berkeley location is the shrimp poboy, which is devine.

Norma St James

Nice cashier, I'm a first timer, not what I thought, we tried to order chicken wings and pork chop sandwich they didn't have it, so we ordered tripe and double hamburger with everything. The tripe was hard to chew and the burger was there was tomato on it smelled spoiled. We will not be returning!!

Steven Walter

Good was great bbq on point, the staff very fast and respectful

francis E

This is not about the food but rather about the service. PLEASE TRY AND ANSWER YOUR PHONE. GET A WORKING LINE. HIRE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WORK. GROW YOUR BUSINESS. YOUR FOOD IS GREAT BUT THE SERVICE IS TERRIBLE. Please try and fix this id hate to see this place crumble

Sonia Killian

Food was nice and hot - I recommend for you to call in your order. Wait time isn’t that bad like people making it seem. It’s fire. Can’t wait to try the next thing. So many options.


I drive from KC (3hrs+) at least twice a month just for some Sweet n Spicy wings and cheese fries. I love this place! Can't wait you there's one I'm KCMO. Staff friendly great prices wonderful selection and everything cooked to perfection. Wish I could give more stars

Kevin Evans

Food is fabulous and it tastes great thumps up all the way

Quiana P.

If I could give this place zero stars I would! First, it took 2 hours for a pizza and chicken wing order that I NEVER received. The GrubHub driver went to the location when the order should've been ready and was told that it wasn't. He waited another hour and it still was not ready. The company contacted the restaurant and they claimed that the pizza takes the longest. A pepperoni pizza takes an hour to cook, I don't think so. They tell the drive to wait and he does and 2 hours later no pizza, no chicken, a driver out of other orders and the restaurant could care less! If you want to wait for air for two hours, then this is the place to go (insert sarcasm)

Josh J.

One of the best places to get a quick bite downtown by the cardinals stadium. The wings are my go to and live up to the hype every time. I call it nephews because it feels like I'm family and ain't been home in forever and they cooking a homecoming meal.

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