Boardwalk Cafe

600 E Lockwood Ave, St. Louis
(314) 963-0013

Recent Reviews

John L

Good food, but very cramped inside. Would recommend sitting outside if you go.

Alexis Adams

I live in Affton and this is by far best breakfast without a doubt. Denver skillet is what I always get. Sad I can’t order door dash or delivery though!

Robert Barnacle

This is your basic American breakfast diner (cafe). All seating is basically booths and pretty simple menu. All your classics. I got the French toast. Little too eggy for me, as you may see in the photo. Great service and low prices

Adam Monroy

Celebrated my birthday there last night. Superb food from the kitchen and exceptional service. We've been frequenting Boardwalk Cafe for 7 years and have never been disappointed.

Rita Z

Have eaten here several times! The food is very good and you get lots of it for small price! They have delicious biscuits and gravy. Lunch is also served but have never been there for lunch,

Angela Henry Brown

We came here today for the first time and absolutely loved it! Super friendly staff and amazing food! Will definitely be a regular for us!

Peter Duisen

The food is good, the service is great, and the prices are very reasonable. I go early get in and out with no problems what so ever.It's the place to get breakfast or lunch

Jessica Pashos

This establishment is 5+ stars in terms of food and environment. I’ve been coming here for years, my first review of this place was from 2+ years ago!!!! I’m here today to warn all; they recently hired a new server. It would only seem reasonable to assume that this girl is such a miserable person because of the amount of time she has to spend putting on her RBF. If she spent less time putting on the obnoxious eye liner every morning and instead spent a few moments to self reflect she probably, maybe, wouldn’t be so rude to guests.. The past trips here, I have noticed that she was new and was always extremely thankful when I was served by one of our regular girls, cuz they are literally the best and the new girl always walks around looking just so unhappy.. never see her with a smile on her face. What a shame.. and I warned y’all .

Traveler Joe

Great place for breakfast. Tables a tad small, but food is good. Try the pancakes, bet you can only eat 1!

Kevin Forney

Great local cafe/diner. Staff are friendly and fast. Food is tasty. Perfect spot for a good breakfast or lunch.

Kelly Rouse

Staff is amazing, food is amazing. The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Adem Oviç

This cafe is the best place in the town. Great foods and friendly workers.

Sarah Carnes

Yummy!!! Service was really good too. Definitely going back!

James Patterson

Always delicious. Great portion sizes!!

Tammy Heinzel-Albrecht

Love it

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