The Cup

28 Maryland Plaza Rear, St. Louis
(314) 367-6111

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Nicole L.

I've had many cupcakes in my day but these have got to be some of the best. I've tried multiple flavors and all are moist and delicious

Maggie Kane

I used the Cup to cater desserts for my wedding, and all around had a great experience from start to finish. The tasting to decide on flavors was a lot of fun, and their event manager was very friendly and helpful along the way. Overall, these are the best cupcakes I have ever had, and would recommend using them for personal use or events to anyone I know. You can't go wrong with any of the flavors, especially the strawberry!

Roger H.

The Cup, When my wife and I lived near St Louis, this was THE cupcake place, and now that I live 1400 plus miles away, it STILL IS.  When I am driving through, or anywhere near through, St Louis,  I go out of my way to bring cupcakes back  home.  Recently I was there 1.5 hours before the CUP opened, waiting to drive the 1400 plus  mile trek back. Having turned in my order the night before to drive back to Arizona. When I saw an employee going in,  I politely asked, if the order was ready for pickup, could I go ahead and get it to save me 1.5 hours of my journey. (if they said no, I would still love me some of the best cupcakes in THE WORLD and would have waited)  5 minutes later, I was turning west on 40, Tuxedos, Confettis and a dozen cookies in hand.  1400 miles later, my wife and I enjoyed and remembered fondly, "The Cup" St Louis' scratch that, the world's best Cupcake place.  

chuck allen

Cake was perfectly moist and flavorful. The icing possibly the fluffiest butter cream I have ever eaten.


These used to be the best around. They have made too many changes. My favorite Italian dream, what happened to the nuts, the cream filling, the coconut flavor? Its a completely different cupcake now. Very disappointing

Tracy K.

Cupcakes are decent (icing tasted slightly weird) but the condescending attitude and the fact that the snotty staff member thinks 34 cupcakes = 3 dozen means that we will not be back anytime soon.  Spend your "overpriced treat" $$ somewhere else.

Laina Marie

Great customer-service! They'll even let you customize a cupcake by selecting a cake and the choosing a frosting. This is important for cream cheese frosting aficionados, since their only flavors with CC frosting is Red Velvet (and their seasonal Carrot Cake).

Zach Moskow

Cupcakes are amazing. My favorites are red velvet and the speciality s’mores. Great price for the size and such an amazing locally owned business.

Lauren S.

When I found out this was owned by the baker owner of The Cakery I was ecstatic! So happy to be able to enjoy the decadent cake of the Cakery in a smaller serving size like a cupcake. Love that is has to go options daily and you don't have to Pre order when you want to be spontaneous for a treat. Favorite is the strawberry cupcake and the cookie buttercream sandwiches!

Randy Black

The customer service was great including a recommendation for another business for dinner. The food was just amazing, loved the cannoli's were just ah! Great place to visit.

Jazmine A

If you want delicious colorful treat, this is a place to go for yummy cupcakes. I found this little place while visiting the area ! I definitely enjoy this cute little place. The size of the cupcakes are amazing with affordable prices. I love it ! I definitely will be ordering from them for my special occasions. Must visit !

Penny Elder Kennedy

Excellent cupcakes, friendly staff and I love the variety of offerings.

Kennedi S.

I enjoyed the Cardinals cupcake but the customer service is just rude and makes the experience uncomfortable. I've experienced this type of service before but downplayed it. Today, we came in around 8:15 and we're instantly greeted with a woman looking at her watch before even saying hello. THEN she goes to her coworker and whispers something before finally speaking to us. It was obvious she was talking about us and I understand there is an earlier closing time but you can at least address customers when they walk-in instead of turning your back on us. Unfortunately, she disturbed our moods and could tell she bothered us so she quickly tried to seem nice. NEVER GOING HERE AGAIN! Refuse to let 3rd time be the charm.

Glo BeRight

Amazing and knowledgeable staff! Extremely clean an updated. I can't put into words how delicious the cupcakes are. OMGosh yummy!!!

kyle miller

That place is delicious. If you are wondering about going, go!

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