Twisted Tree Steakhouse

10701 Watson Rd, St. Louis
(314) 394-3366

Recent Reviews

Brittany A.

GREAT. MEAL. After many failed attempts, I'm so thankful they finally put a good restaurant in this location!! This Syberg's and Pear Tree Kitchen & Bar collab is incredible. The atmosphere is comforting, the drink menu is well done and the food is remarkable. Service is outstanding, wait staff and management is very accommodating and attentive. Not to mention they bring your food out in service trays! Very neat experience and worth every penny.

Francisca A.

We had the most wonderful meal at Twisted Tree! The food was so good and fresh. We had the best crab Rangoons weve ever had, the drinks were fantastic and the salads so super yummy and fresh (had both salads!). Our server Emily R was so accommodating, polite and kind!!! She made our night really special. We will definitely be back!!!

Tiffany L.

We went here on a Friday night at 5:15. We had made reservations for 4 and got our seat right away. While the service wasn't bad, both the host and the waitress were straight forward and to the point, neither were very friendly. We were placed back by one of their doors and service stations, which was loud and made for a poor atmosphere. We started off by ordering their onion rings (which we had read good things about), and were very underwhelmed. They used a different type of batter, which none of us were a huge fan of. The dinner salads were decent, but there were a few things that left me disappointed. One, we got the exact same serving size of salad and bread that the table of 2 next to us got. Two, the bread was terrible. It was so hard that you couldn't rip it when you took a bite, and the crust was extremely sharp. Our meal itself was okay, but I can tell you it was not at all worth the price we paid for our steaks. My husband got lobster tail and the presentation of it was terrible. It came on a bed of fries, making it completely hard to cut without making a mess. The waitress didn't come back for quite awhile, so we couldn't ask for a side plate to cut it on. Then it came time for dessert. We ordered the wedding cake, because we had also read how amazing it was. Everyone at the table was very underwhelmed by it. The syrup they put around it was way too tart, and the cake itself was very mediocre. The cake came with a scoop of ice cream. What was more frustrating was that we didn't finish our $10 dessert, and so we asked for it to be packed up. After our 60 minute drive home, we realized the gentleman who packaged our dessert, put the ice cream in with it and it was completely melted all over the cake, which we then had to throw away. Honestly, if the place wasn't so overpriced, it would have received a bit of a higher rating from me. However, for the price you are paying, and the experience we left with, I can't give it more than a 1. We will not be returning. I have been to several other steakhouses, paid half the amount, and left feeling much more satisfied then I did here.

Jimmy R.

Ok. Fried lobster bites were good. Fillet was eh...ok. Nothing special. Bar was busy and cocktails were slow. Pretty pricey, dont mind paying for something special. This was anything but chef driven.

Carlos Arnavat

The service was good.

Pam Fenton

The Twisted Tree offers elegant dining, any time of day, and they serve the very best onion rings I have ever eaten, anywhere! Whether you order a burger or a steak, you are treated like royalty, with REAL silverware, and LINEN napkins! An outstanding menu, for every type of taste bud. Everything I have ever ordered was cooked to perfection. The croutons alone, taste like they are made of pure butter, that melt in your mouth. They are unbelievably delicious. So good, in fact, you could eat them without a salad. (* Note: I am not even a fan of croutons.) The atmosphere is casual but cozy and the service is exceptional! Make your meal out at the Twisted Tree!


At the referral of a family member, this was our first visit to Twisted Tree and will not be our last. We were celebrating our Anniversary and could not have chosen a better location. Service was SUPERB. From the time we were greeted, seated and served, each member of the staff made us feel special; attending to every need without being intrusive; they are very detail oriented and take pride in serving. For appetizer, we had the lobster bisque and batter dipped lobster bites; both were SO good. For the entree, hubby had the prime rib and eye lavished over the marinated salmon. Prepared to perfection! Overall this was a great anniversary dinner and we can't wait to visit again soon!


As someone with 9 years experience in the industry: this visit was perfect. The service from start to finish was clutch af. Our server Sammy (Samuel R) was 10/10. Meals were perfect, quick, great portions & temps were spot on. It couldn't have gone better thanks to the staff!

Stacey Schultz

Best steaks in town! Try the chipotle sweet potatoes as a side. Both salads are delicious and are served family-style. Try both! The service is phenomenal. They're known for their wedding cake dessert. As a chocoholic, nothing outside of chocolate tempts me...ever. This cake!! It's a must.

Whitney S.

Twisted Tree is my favorite restaurant in STL. The unpretentious feel is refreshing compared to most other steakhouses in the city. They have an incredible wine list with a staff that really knows a lot about their inventory. Food is consistently tasty and the service is always on point. My favorite items: Appetizers- Fried Lobster Bites, Twisted Shrimp, Crab Wontons, Onion Rings Be sure to save room for salad.. and mix both dressings!! Entrees - You can't go wrong with the steak.. DO NOT ORDER THE FISH!! If you did not get the fried lobster bites app - then add on a fried lobster tail. It's the one thing you never knew you needed to try. Dessert - you NEED the wedding cake with their homemade ice cream. Trust me, need is an under exaggeration!

Frank G.

We had a fantastic meal and fantastic service! Loved the family style salad! My wife had the strip and I had the prime rib and fried lobster tail. We had the turtle cheesecake for desert. So much food and so good! Our server was Mayson H... She was a delight! So pleasant and helpful and efficient. She made the entire experience better! Kudos Twisted Tree and Mayson for a great Valentine's Day. Came back this evening for another birthday celebration. Our waiter this evening was James and what an incredible server. He made the night so special in so many ways. Thank you Twisted Tree and james for another great meal with great service and nice atmosphere!

Janice Godefroid

The food and staff were amazing!! My Filet was flavorful, and tender There were 14 of us and our entrees were served at the same time and all were hot and perfectly cooked. We all agreed it was hard to choose which of the salads was the best! The lobster ravioli was delicious! The waitstaff was delightful and so attentive to each and everyone of us. Great experience!!! Try the Wedding Cake- it’s awesome!

Toylonda G.

Another great dinner at this awesome restaurant. I brought my husband and we were very happy with the level of service we received from Tim and Sam! The food was outstanding, again. They have been officially added to one of my favorite restaurants list.

Cynthia Nelson

Went to dinner for my grandsons birthday. Steak, lobster, ravioli, salad, prime rib, and, of course birthday cake (served with a candle and a smile). Everything was excellent. That was the best baked potatoe I have ever had! I dream of it....

Colleen F.

Good wine list that compliments their delicious menu. We have been here four times and each time we have had good service and wonderful food. Great atmosphere too!

Edward B

My wife and I enjoyed celebrating her birthday. We were treated to an excellent meal and a piece of birthday cake with a little sparkler.

Jess N.

There is a first and last time for all things. This trip was both for us. While the meal wasn't bad, it wasn't remarkable. I had heard about the hype behind this place it unfortunately it did live up to our expectations. The steak was average, the scalloped potatoes we took home to "fix" with seasoning, the risotto was good and that was the shinning star of our meal. If you are on the fence about the fried lobster...stay there it's about the same as calamari. We were seated an HOUR before we received our entrees. Our waiter seemed more interested in the ladies bar tending. We were only checked on one time from start to finish, never asked to refill my wine, and forgot about my husbands beer, and I didn't even get the chance to say it was my birthday dinner and it didn't matter. $200 well spent elsewhere, according to our waiter it was, "The best steak in St. Louis," we beg to is better seasoned.

Anna B.

I am not a big steak eater, but I have to say that from start to finish this meal did not disappoint. First, Twisted Tree has a fantastic atmosphere. Unlike a "classic steakhouse" the vibe feels more casual. Rather than white tablecloths (or red-checker ones) tables are exposed natural wood, and the floor is concrete. The ambiance is all-encompassing; you could easily come here for a date, a celebration, a night our, or a dinner with co-workers (the reason I was there). Given our large group, I was appreciative that "support servers" were around to help our main server, who seamlessly managed our large group. Appetizers were generously portioned (onion rings, toasted ravioli, and pesto hummus) and all were delicious. Salads are fun, family style and you have the option to add dressing of choice, croutons, and cheese, which is good for a large group with varying preferences. I appreciated the multitude of options, and that steaks come with one side each (not normal for a steak house!) Overall, great experience, and will recommend again for those looking for a steak on a night out.

Kristy S.

Never have been here before. Our waitress and her help staff was extremely knowledgeable on the food items and even told us about how every meat item is organic and from local Missouri farms, which I thought was very cool. Our waitress was diligent in our orders and at one point someone in our party said, "Oh, I'm done" and the waitress immediately took his plate away, because she was that keen on her tables. The food was absolutely delicious. I tried their mashed potatoes, chipotle sweet potatoes (I thought were spicy), potato au gratin, rib eye, and pork tenderloin. Absolutely EVERY ITEM was impeccable. I was very impressed. I would return especially to celebrate an occasion. They also bring out your food on a tray and plate it in front of you, which I thought was pretty neat and different. *Tip: they offer free valet services, so you don't have to search for parking*

Cathie Pearce Lundry Case

Great service with fabulous food. Friendly, knowledgeable staff

Jerry Dunivan

What a treat. Best place I've eaten in a long time. Service was great and food was excellent. I had an 8 ounce filet, mashed potatoes, and wedding cake.

Victoria M.

I can't ever say I've thoroughly enjoyed a steak dining experience until I came to the Twisted Tree! From the start our waiter was extremely attentive to our table and our needs. Everyone at the table got the steak so we got the salad that goes with it. They kind of have a build your own salad where you get the big bowl for your table and then mini sides to customize it! I had so much fun putting all the cheese and house made croutons to my hearts desire all over the salad! I could have eaten a whole bowl of the croutons to myself but I held off for the steak! The steak was absolutely amazing and tender! I also love that they COVERED it in house made au jus!!!!! I could not stop dipping my bread in it to soak up all the juices! We finished off with a double chocolate gooey butter cake and it was the absolute BEST dessert I have EVER had. I don't care how full I was from the steak I could NOT stop eating it!!!!!! I cant wait to make a trip back to Missouri where I will make sure I make a stop at the Twisted tree!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzanne Zoll Schriever

Right before Christmas, you bet the tables were filled. But they were on top of every thing. Plenty of waters and busters all dressed well, we're at your service. The stakes are the best you will ever have. The salad is great and how they are served is worth seeing. We were very pleased for our first visit. Out standing place to dine.

Audrey Toole

I eat a lot of places. This tops the list! Not only was the steak epic, but I think the saldad was just as good! The service and presentation were amazing. A fantastic dining experience.

Diana Goebel

I’ll start off with the good things first. Our server was excellent and very personable. Food was very good. It’s a good thing because the host and hostess were awful. They were very impersonal and rude. No eye contact and the hour that we waited for our table I never seen them smile once. I get that it’s a crazy time of year but it is a very lucrative time for restaurants and their employees. A first impression is very important in the restaurant business. Your Hosts and Hostess need lots of work!


Good service, interesting menu, good food and adequate ambience don't justify the High Prices. Salads served in a help-yourself bowl with tongs. (Awkward buffet across the table! Seriously?!) Comparably priced restaurants give a certain special feel worth the hefty dollars.

Natrob da God

Overall great dining experience. Service was good and server had knowledge of the menu without looking at it. Food was as described and was delicious. Good setup as well. I WOULD recommend. Great for date night.

Marjorie Moore

Steaks were delicious and ubertender! Service was great, two waiters helped us all night. I wasn’t in love with the fried lobster tail. Make a reservation since there’s not too much room to wait.

Desiree Matecki

Friendly staff and nice atmosphere. All the food was great, except for the steaks. Cooked properly just lacked flavor. We raise or own beef, so we’re tough customers.

Sarah Walker

My top scene for quality food. filled me up in no time. The staff was very sociable and kind. prices were reasonable. Highly recommend.

Matt Burkart

Absolutely sensational. Sorry no pics of the Oscar filet (it’s that good). The sides were good but to my great dismay, the Au gratin potatoes need some serious love.

Kelly P.

Twisted Tree is the place to go if you are craving a delicious steak or burger and nice atmosphere. When you enter, you are greeted by the friendly staff. To the left is the dining area and to the right is a large bar area and an additional dining area behind it. The bar area has a cozy feel with many at the bar chairs and a few tables as well. The bar has beer, wine and whiskey. The bar area is decorated with a variety of whiskey barrels which adds to the atmosphere. There is also a nice, private room off of the bar area. They have a large menu with many food options. I go for the burgers and steaks. The burger is the perfect bun to meat ratio! Juicy, fresh ground beef and a delicious, soft bun topped with two large onion rings. Yum! Probably one of my favorite places to get a burger! Their fries are also awesome with a tasty seasoning and cooked to the perfect level of crispiness. If you are looking for a nice night out Twisted Tree is a great place to go for a steak! Steak tastes juicy and fresh and cooked exactly as you order it! They have a variety of sides and fresh salads. Each time I have dined here whether it is in the bar or dining room, service has been prompt and friendly! Next time you are in the mood for a juicy burger or steak, check out Twisted Tree!

Aimee Stabenow

Im big on customer service. Tim was our waiter for a small baby shower that we had there. He was always a step ahead of our needs. They even helped us decorate our area. Another waiter, Bryan, was also ready to help in any way. We all enjoyed our time there.

Brian Gordon

Great steak in an unexpected location. I live nearby and passed this unassuming restaurant next to the Holiday Inn weekly. I was pleasantly surprised after going here for a work related dinner.

Sal F.

Without a doubt this is the very best steakhouse in town. Jimmy has done an absolute fabulous job in creating an atmosphere mixed with unbelievable food. The chef Tyler and general manager Will, take the overall experience and make it one of the very best places in all of St. Louis.

Karen S.

This place has a weird vibe; not sure what they are going for. Have eaten here four or five times since we live very close. The salad is gross. The steaks are good - but I think Fleming's are much better. It is probably because the overall dining experience at Flemings is better along with the sides. The sides at Twisted tree are very poorly executed.. asparagus hard, cold blah.. Brussel sprouts, hard and blah.. and the salad is clearly a way for them to not deal with making a real salad. The bread is also awful. So if you want to pay $50 for a steak only then it is okay.

Beverly Cook

The steak was outstanding. Highly recommend the 6oz filet medium rare. Servers were all kind and fun to talk to. Overall a great value for the money

Jordan G.

Every year my wife and I go to a different steakhouse. Twisted Tree is by far one of the best. The staff was amazing and the food was absolutely delicious. I would highly recommend coming here and this will be one place that we come back to.

Darrell S.

The filet was very tender, but it was not at the requested temperature. The bacon appetizer is not bacon. It is a serious piece of pork belly. While we did not send anything back the server was a bit rude. In spite of her attitude I was once a server and did short change her on the tip. Overall, it was a disappointment.

Roland Baer

Went for lunch. Excellent appetizers, burgers and sandwiches. Particularly good are the onion rings which are very lightly fried served with a nice red sauce. Very generous portions. Service was excellent . Would certainly go again.