White Castle

806 S Broadway, St. Louis
(314) 241-8795

Recent Reviews

Jacob Peterson

Food is fine sometimes. The late night drive through is ROUGH, very slow and I had to repeat and correct orders every time.

Fitzgerald Harlen

Very good food and fast servoce

Aundrea Lucas

Even for a White Castle the service was horrible we were in that line for almost an hour for food that was fresh but not even made properly. The customer service of our people is so poor. If you have an attitude about the job you picked to work at then you need to re-evaluate your life. I hate it here

April Britt

I love breakfast time here. Can I get a #11 (ALL)sausage well done, WITH AN O.J. please???

Joshua R.

I have never been to a White Castle and after watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle as a kid I've always wanted to try one I finally got chance when I came to St. Louis and I have to say this was the worst place I've eaten the burgers were soggy and had no taste DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

sheila jones

The food was so hot and fresh. I would definitely recommend this WC

Mr. &Mrs. Hawkins

Great place to eat.. Except for the belly boomers afterwards

Laverne Simmons

Too slow order is never right cheese is always cold

S. Michael

Fast service. Friendly workers..

Just Me

One of the few places u can get a impossible burger... they 100% keep the beef and impossible separate at all times

Corey Waters

By far the worst drive thru experience I've ever had.. i am understanding when things get busy and you can get backed up.but I literally sat for 30 minutes in the same spot. There is literally no reason why it should take that long to even move up one space closer. Just avoid this place if possible.

Samantha H.

Of course you can't go in right now. But the drive thru is definitely open. These little bites of pure heaven are crave worthy. Yesssss! I love mine with cheese. Mhm the burgers & fries. Everytime I get my bag I do a evil master mind giggle. Score I m cheating on my diet. It taste so good to be bad.

Shawn Williams

Best burger sliders around.

Jason Neel

Even though this place is known for its letters the breakfast is just as good. I would still strong is suggest a combo with the bacon egg and cheese sliders. This particular location is definitely the closest to downtown and next to the arch.

Reggie R

This is by far the worst White Castles I have ever been to. The first time I went they were shorthanded. So they get a pass. It was daylight savings and maybe someone didn't set their clocks forward. The second time around, the staff were rude, easily frustrated, and unhelpful. They couldn't get our order correct even though I repeated everything several times. This location was the closest to the Westin but we will go to another one. The food was just ok because they didn't prepare the buns correctly. It was obvious that they didn't grill the buns.

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