Domino's Pizza

326 E Fifth St, Washington
(636) 239-1515

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Curtis Eisenbeis

I just tried to place an order for delivery near closing time a little more than 1 hour before closing time, they told me they could do it, but kept asking me if I am sure I want to have them deliver with a really lazy "I don't want to attitude" So I kept asking them very kindly and politely if it was ok for me to place an order for delivery, but they just kept say "yah... but we are going to close soon" another words they are actually saying you absolutely cannot order for delivery, and I am being rude for considering it. Recommendation on how they should have handled it was: 1. Don't stay open if your not open, or willing to provide open services. 2. If you don't want to deliver provide good service by acknowledging the customer should want to order since they are open, but say that unfortunately delivery is not available at this time, not rudely make the customer feel inconvenience for wanting to order food from an open business. 3. Train staff on customer service. 4. Understand that the customer is right (even when they are wrong). 5. Hire somebody with good customer service skills instead. 6. Treat the customer the way that you would want to be treated. 7. Record your delivery calls for quality assurance. Of course I did not order any pizza because I didn't want to inconvenience the employees. I was denied service fully and completely. I ordered really politely I did not deserve this at all. RUDE RUDE RUDE! That was really mean :( I wont bother them again, I wont order anymore. Sorry for being a totally normally polite and kind customer wanting to order some pizza.

Jake Stockwell

I have always had great service and wonderfully cooked food from here.

Chris Marquart

I ordered pizza not soup. Whoever's in charge of putting alfredo sauce on menu items needs to chill out. Otherwise it's great.

Marie Annette

Workers are great, nice and polite! The food there is delicious love the bread bowls!

Panda Pantz

Never had any issues with this Domino's. 5 stars across the board.

Bronze Bow

Currently carry out is very quick however delivery can take upwards of an hour and a half. It isn't the staff's fault, they just don't have enough employees to keep up during peak times. Food quality is good and I can't remember the last time my order got messed up.

Spencer Ficklin

They deliver when they are ready. Ordered pizza. 1 hr 20 min it arrived. They make your pizza let it sit a rack on hold till the driver is ready. Lost hope when pick up took 45 min. Pizza was terrible. Just say NO!!!!

Angela Parker

If I could of selected NO stars I would of but I had to selected one to post this..Domino's has had to replace our order twice and they still can't get it right.. our order last night was a mess. the pizzas was soggy, was not done. not cooked or cut correctly, the 8- piece stuffed bacon/jalapeno wasn't cut at all..order number was completely wrong, they tried to give us someone else's order- the online order finally completed one hour and a half after we already picked up the food and got home highly disappointed..staff very rude - unpleasant environment. Would not recommend going here.Save your money and time and go somewhere else.somewhere else.

Jon Basil

Seems like this place is going down hill. Food is not tasting great and they can’t seem to get the foods to the correct address or even all the food and condiments. Takes almost 2 hours to get your food.

jason maune

Good pizza don't like how they do the rewards now though. Used to get a point for every $10 spent now its a point for any order over $10

Justin Mccuistion

Always on time, only had a few times where items were forgotten but they were promptly replaced. Friendly customer service and you can tell these employees don't just stand around and play on their phones, possibly taking selfies with their perfect pies, not these people! They stay busy mastering their pizza art. Highly recommended pairing with a 6 or 12 pack of a wheat beer.

EGL Every Green Light

Trucks bringing in supplies are driving on "no truck routes" through town. Let's stay on 47 and 5th street, you wouldn't want a $500 fine for deviation from designated truck routes. Food is good here but they should instruct their driver from corporate what the ? sign with a truck means.(Memorial Day 2022)

Jon Hewes

Wow ordered food from them at 6pm and after an hour and half there telling me to wait another 45 minutes real bad attitude from the phone person like my order didn't matter

RD Missey

Washington Dominos. Delicious Pizza and friendly service. Always A Quality Pie!

Emily Brothers

Always great pizza with great service! Thanks for being open late, too! ❤

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