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watch em grow /legal medical grow

The worst McDonald's around. Good luck getting your order correct the first time. It seems every time we visit which isn't very often they forget something or give us the wrong stuff?‍♂️?‍♂️Parking: Seems to have ample parking


I've gone in with my family multiple times when it's been busy and it seems like most employees avoid eye contact or helping customers. I needed assistance and after waiting in the order line for 15 minutes I had to approach someone and ask if they could find someone to help me. It felt like if it wasn't their problem they won't help or try to help at all. Once I did get help (paying at register from Kiosk order) the employee said she needed a manager to do it and then helped the back again (it was a very busy weekend morning). However, I never received follow up. I stopped 1 more employee in their tracks asking for help after 20 more minutes so I could pay and start my order and she helped me. After 45 minutes of waiting from placing order to receiving order, or food was incorrect.

Alberto Esquivel

Ordered 4 egg and sausage biscuits and they gave me the biscuits with nothing in it!! Went back so they could fix it and they only gave me 3 back so I had to go inside againFood: 1/5

Jonathan Mueller

It took 26 minutes to get our food. No food was coming out of the kitchen to the customers inside. Drive through was moving without an issue. When food was brought out order was messed up and took and additional 15 minutes for the correct food. Horrible. Very unreliable on quality of food and speed of service.

Sarah McFall

Drive thru line was long when we got there, but this location gets customers through pretty quickly. We got what we ordered. Staff is always friendlyFood: 3/5

Gordon Macleay

I order the same breakfast every weekend. #2 sausage,egg, and cheese muffin meal and 2 sides of bacon. The order served was a Sausage mcmuffin, 2 packs of butter, 1 pack of syrup and no hash brown. I brought this up to the person that took the order. He went and talked to a supervisor. Seems the breakfast meal does not come with a hash brown now. So, why call it a meal? Please explain why the butter and syrup. Also paid $4.58 for 4 slices of bacon, sure does not look like 4...

Gregory Krone

I haven't eaten at McDonald's in sometime ,, just did today & will not be back ! The food was just horrible fries were cold , dry , stale like they had been sitting for a day. Big Mac ...same big crap cold cheese wasn't even melted .fish sandwiches ,,,, same cold dry The food was terrible ! i did not want to complain......poor working stiffs deal with enough crap just working there, So will never eat at McDonalds again !! Just crap food at high $$ At least taco bell, hardees ,sonic serve fresh hot food !

Jatanna Wells

The sweet tea here is never fresh or good. Out of all the times I've gone I've only had good tea once. The rest were so gross I had to throw them away. The fries are stale even during lunch rush.Only good thing is the employees have great personalities and are always polite.

Madison Busch

Best service I've had in a long time. I came in the lobby and the girl taking my order Elizabeth was very professional. When I came up to take my order she greeted me with a smile. She asked me if I had the McDonald's app and I completely forgot about it. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been able to save money on my order. Also before she placed the order she made sure to review my order to make sure everything was correct. McDonald's if you see this Elizabeth deserves a raise!

Kyle Olson

Waited in the drive through for 20. Finally got to the window at 10:36 am and they would not take my breakfast order. Never going to this location again. That's terrible customer service.

Andy Vitale

Terrible! I dont eat this fake nasty food, but someone I know does. It was well over a 40min wait when she went inside to order. The drive thru must have went thru at least 3 times, I know cause I was outside in my car waiting. Terrible service for a place that says they are "fast food"

Ramona Amets

I just went through the drive through for breakfast. The girl taking the money was very kind and did not mind changing my coffee from regular to decaf. Breakfast is always good and staff is nice. Thanks!

Dylan Adams

There are a few reasons as to why I'm giving this McDonald's 2 stars. The very first being the ridiculous prices on everything. There have been 3 separate increases on pricing for everything in the last 5-6 months. I understand keeping up with increasing employees wages, but this is just a ripoff combined with the service they give.On 3 separate occasions that I had ordered recently, every single time, the fries were not fresh. Not only that, but the box was barely half full. That is because the management and owners train employees to short customers on fries by not fully opening the box and FILLING it, despite them asking about $4-$5 for a large fry. Not only was it not full, but fries were soggy and not hot. Lukewarm, bottom of the fry station, 3 batches old at best. This was after asking for COOK TO ORDER.When going inside, expect to not be helped quickly. Hygiene is prioritized at most restaurants, but this is not one of them. Over half of the employees LOOK dirty, like they rolled out of bed after not showering for a couple days. Most of them are being very unprofessional, saying inappropriate things to one another, throwing sauce packets at each other, and overall setting a poor standard for any children that come into the establishment. Also, management is very poor at this location. I've seen one decent shift manager, who is a very nice guy, but this one individual can hardly make up for the disrespectful, dishonest, or disturbingly dirty employees. There are a few good employees who look clean, and seem like they work great, but Jesus do they deserve better owners and bosses. Worst McDonald's I've ever been to. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE!I would recommend Taco Bell, or if you really want a burger, head to Big Boys off of Jefferson Street or Steak and Shake if you want a fresh burger and fries. ?

Kathleen Gilbert

Rude order taker.I pulled up to the speaker and asked for a # 7 with no pickles. On the order board it just read one single cheeseburger.I told the order taker that I wanted a # 7. She replied I input # 7.When I finished my order she rang it up and obviously the price was wrong and I said "ma'am I ordered a #7 and what you gave me was just a single cheeseburger..."She then rudely replied a # 7 is a cheeseburger you need to say the word MEAL if you want a #7 MEAL.I don't know who trained this person but a #7 IS A MEAL!!!If I wanted a single cheeseburger I would have ordered a single cheeseburger.I then replied to appease the order taker "maam may I please have a #7 MEAL"She literally signed thru her mic and told me I needed to wait while she fixed her order screen.I hope a manager reads this and brings it to all of their order taker's attention!!


Got our dine in food within ten minutes during a busy drive thru rush, hot and properly preparedGood show!

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