Jet's Pizza

234 W Lockwood Ave, Webster Groves
(314) 695-5320

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Matthew Gaertner

The pizza here is fine but if you are going to offer extra cheese as a topping then I expect to get it when I pay for it, id say the last 5 times ordering from Webster location there was barely the usual amount much less extra.. just please don't offer it if you aren't going to give it, thats like $10-$15 i was basically taken for!Not cool!!!!

Cory Bemis

The service was a bit slow. I arrived at my designated pickup time and still had to wait nearly 20 minutes before my pizzas were ready. However the pizza was delicious!! Yum!Food: 5/5

Crystal Gillespie

Ordered from Grubhub. Tried calling after 40 minutes as instructed on App to Jett’s. Phone rings with an automated message. No one answers. Waited over an hour only to have order cancelled by Grubhub after they attempted calling. Never asked for the order to be cancelled. I then received a message from Doordash that they received my order. Order arrived cold and very little sauce on pizza. Disappointed. Never ordering through Grubhub with this location.

Amanda L. Weger LMT

After text ordering a delivery I had to call to add delivery instructions, and the girl answering the phone was really nice. I forgot jets somehow manages to hire people as good as the food. It really makes a difference.... She repeated the info back to me, and thanked me. Other places say "that all?ok. (click)" I try to make things easy for the delivery person, sadly most cashier's don't see the value. Anyway the little things make all the difference. thank you for such a nice exchange.

Ed Cathers

Being born and raised in stl i am partial to the local flavor and style of pizza, that said, two pizza places i can always turn to when im a bit burnt out on provel,... deweys and jets. Jets is way better at online and phone ordering then deweys. I will say, its too far of a drive from jeffco for it to be warm and fresh when you get home. They could really use a location in south county.

Marissa S.

I had high hopes but order never arrived. We ordered at 615pm and at 740pm we called to find out where it was, only to be told they hadn't even started on our order yet. We voided the order and won't be ordering from this location again.

Mike R.

I ordered for carry out and the wait was going to be 50 min. No big deal. I go to pick it up at the 50 minute mark and there is a line of people to be waited on. After waiting in that line of maybe 8 people for 30 MINUTES, I'm told they haven't started making it yet. Seriously mismanaged. Won't be ordering from there again.

Malek A.

Not the same as the other jets pizzas. Quality is lacking and likely bc the carelessness of the workers. They are so rude

Amy W.

The pizza is fairly solid for a chain pizza. The Detroit style is a decent pan pizza, bit the crust was a bit bland. Texting in our order was convenient and it was nice to save 20%. Remember to specify delivery if that's what you want.

jacquie mollison

My birthday girl wanted a simple family gathering, so she pick Jet's.Everything was on point. Everyone was pleased with their food and service.

matt m

I love their pies. Consistently terrific pie every time. A very close, photo finish, 2nd favorite in StL. Jet's does it right.

Scott A.

We usually get Amis or Farratos. This is sooooo much better and 2/3 the cost. Detroit style is so much better than Imos and other thin crust pizzas we are all supposed to love, and the salad was super fresh. I am life long STL, and so happy to have experienced what pizza can be. BOOM!!!!!

chelsea kiser

Most flavorless pizza I’ve ever had. You could get a Little Caesars pizza that would be better than the pizza I had tonight. Tried the Italian deli boat, whoa, it was a piece of bread with about 15 pieces of soggy lettuce and tomatoes inside and 5 quarter sized pieces of ham chopped up and I didn’t even see any salami.

Brad Beggs

Great pizza for a chain operation. We only order the Detroit-style, because it's the best.Good deal is the two slice and soda for $5. Their text club also has frequent offers, including 20% off of you sign up in store.

Kathleen York

I’ve always really liked this location of Jet’s Pizza, however, in the last couple of trips I have been disappointed. The dining room is FREEZING!! If they do not want customers eating in the lobby- just close it. It’s so cold, it makes the pizza cold, the TVs are really loud , where you can’t have your own conversation with someone else, and people are not overly friendly. Only one staff member cared and tried.I was willing to pay for the overpriced pizza but not anymore. You have lost a customer.

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