Pizza Hut

1801 US Hwy. 45, Columbus
(662) 327-8887

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kyetta richardson

I asked for extra sauce and boy did I get it! I also doubled the cheese on my meat lovers pizza and it really popped! The kids enjoyed it. The only reason I didn't give a 5 is because the crust was not well done, which is probably because of the extra stuff! We love Pizza Hut!

Arkansas Smith

4:45 ordered online.\\n\\nReceived a text 5:01 that my order was out for delivery\\n\\ndue by 5:45 per the original email.\\n\\n5:53 called and placed on hold by a guy. Answering the phone by asking to be placed on hold is not very professional btw.\\n\\n6:02 Answered. Different guy answers the phone. Sounded half asleep. Asks for my name and phone number. Tells me \\\"It\\\" says it is out for delivery. Cancelled the order.\\n\\n6:31 Guy that answered the phone calls me back to confirm my delivery address???? WTH\\n\\nSo from 4:45 PM - 6:31PM a grown adult could not make a pizza and deliver it 1.7 miles? And these are the people demanding $15.00 as a base wage........SMHL\\n\\nPlaced additional calls and an email to get points back. Not the first issue, but can assure of it being last. There's too many other options on this highway to continually put up with sub standard service.

Robbie Rost

Ordered a pizza off of there app tonight after waiting for 30 minutes after the app said it was out for delivery I called the store. I think they always answer please hold and stick you right in hold never let you talk. After the 3rd time calling I finally get to talk before being put on hold and asked where was the pizza I ordered an hour ago. She went to check and said it was no it made yet ???? Was told that they don't check the app so is it not the store that puts on the app when the pizza is being cooked and when it leaves?? Canceled the ordered and ordered dominoes.

Mr Bluitt

I never received my order or a call back. I called and was told that no one knew what happened to my order. Waited almost three hours for nothing

veronica evans

Got my food when I got there and when I made it home it was still hot and fresh

shanda B.

The pizza was great. They were hot when I got them and ready for me.

Dennis Jackson

I just called and it seemed the guy taking my order was very lost in the process of how to take a phone order for delivery. Didnt ask how to pay, time for delivery, and distracted by other employees and/or people in the background. Very displeased! Very unprofessional!!!! On top of that, he was uneducated in the menu and didn't offer anything. Pizza Hut, can you please step it up? I tried Dominoes and they didn't offer delivery which now I wish I would have driven to get my food instead of dealing with the service I was just provided. I am waiting for my good and curious to see how this unfolds. All I have is credit card, so we will see. Get your pizza together and give what the people want, simple customer service. Thats it. Then you get our money. Simple.

Greg Guess

Extremely hit and miss. Am not from here so have no clue if it's Pizza Hut's Culture or the help they hire. Am 1.2 miles from the pick up location. When I receive a delivery notification, it should not take another 20 minutes for a delivery. In theory, I could have ordered the dinner box, walked to the location, picked it up, and been home before they could drive. Out of courtesy, I called to cancel the order after 51 minutes. The only reply I could get was "They coming, they coming. It's out for delivery." Please give the people a script.

Karla A

The pizza was delicious, and the service was fast and friendly. Great job!

Pookie Gal

The pizzas are always good!!! I drive an hour to get them! The staff is always polite and show sincere gratitude!!

augustin “Hippie The Klown” sanchez

The pizza was yummy for the tummy and friendly staff as well two thumbs up ??

Gina Lester

Front register woman was very nice!! A delivery driver opened the door for me when I had 2 kids in tow. Very nice people!! The food was okay, mild flavors, only one dip for all the whole box.

Tenasha Harris

Pizza was delivered in a timely manner and delivery driver was very nice.


Last Night me and my sister ordered a pizza from here for A girls night and we ate our pizza! We always order here and never have any complaints. When My Niece was getting ready to eat another slice she opened the box and seen a roach crawling around our pizza comfortably! Never eating here again or any Pizza Hut for that matter! Terrible! Disgusting! Never Again! Shame on You Pizza Hut!


Got order delivered HOT and fast.

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