Cheeseheads Pizzeria

6354 MS-25, Fulton
(662) 862-7013

Recent Reviews

Mike Kimes

Simply amazing. Best pizza around. Fresh ingredients and good price. I'll definitely be back again. Thank you.

Larry Lachance

Was out in the middle of nowhere but worth the drive. Really enjoyed the pizza!!!

Larry LaChance

great pizza, and friendly service.

Jeremiah Ellison

Sweet pizza spot to get that northern pizza. Owners were very nice and friendly ????

Lynn Ellison

Great Chicago style pizza

Bobbie Johnson

Their sandwiches are great & their pizza is delicious!!!!

Steven Ashley

Being from Chicago i had to see if it was close to the Chicago taste and had to try some italian beef to see if it compares, i ordered a Chicago style pepperoni, I tried the Italian beef, I have to say its pretty close and the Italian beef is just as good if not better, I definitely will be back to order more food

Pat Brownson

Pizza was very good. Italian beef was not the style I was expecting but thoroughly enjoyed it!A+ for the foodF for the decor... go Bears!

Renee Buckley

There was a lot of cats outside and there was a foul odor from them.

Robin Andres

It's decent for a quick pizza, but with a name like Cheeseheads I expect some cheese! Packer decor is cute. Buy 1 pizza, get one half off is the daily special.

Nana Frazier

Nice guy! Good pizza! Drove 3 hours for the Chicago style...worth the drive!

Coltprime '

You wanted a Chicago pie, they give you a chicago pie. Good people. ?

Tiffany Stone

Tried Cheeseheads for the first time today. The pizza was awesome! Will definitely be back.

William Mcclain

came here under the impression that it was good pizza.spent 76 bucks and ate one piece and was severely dissatisfied.

Jessica Starr McClain

Went here for the first time and will never go back. We spent $76 and me and my hubby didn't even finish one piece... very disappointing.

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