Little Caesars Pizza

1405 S Adams St, Fulton
(662) 862-2250

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Beverly Cavness

This pizza was suppose to be fresh?. Luke warm! And where the cheese at? This pizza looks like someone brought it back and you resold it to me?. You need to do better. Customers know when food is not fresh, Liars! Pizza Hut no better either. ?Here I come Walmart

Gary Adams

Pizza is mediocre most of the time. Not because it wouldn't be good but because it's usually never fresh. Give up trying to call in an order. I called for over thirty minutes several times and it rang each time for 3 minutes a piece and never got anyone to answer.. it's workers are in high school and college and don't want to serve you anyway. Someone that actually cares needs to step in a take care of this or shut it down because it's a disgrace.

Lillie Susan

Box too flimsy. Large pizza slipped out bx. Did not get a bite. Paid over $16 for order. Not again. Here I come pizza hut

The Real Wayne of Mississippi

The only reason it's only a 3 star is that I've recently ordered a thin crust pepperoni pizza and asked them to please cut it in a pie slices and not in square slices. Well, I got home and you guessed it, it was cut in squares. I've had this done several times even after I have asked for it.The positive is the food is good and the price is good.

Journie Gyorgy

Went to get a pizza and when I picked up the pizza(it was the last one in the hot box) it was cold so I opened the box and the pieces were scattered not touching at all cheese was dried and I asked if I could have another pizza pointing out it was literally cold and did not look good at all she said we don’t take orders and it’s not past it expiration date yet then tells me we have more in the oven cooking right now so I asked if I could have one of those she said no and said do you just want a refund then I said no I’d like to have a warm pizza she said it’s this pizza or a refund I said okay then a refund. Horrible customer service when the food was absolutely atrocious looking

Heather James

I try to give this place a chance time after time because I do understand that places/people make mistakes & because of COVID , restaurants/fast food places has been very under staffed!! HOWEVER , the last 3 times I have tried to call ( 3 different days & times) I can NOT get anyone to answer my phone calls but yet I know they’re open !! It’s very frustrating for them to not answer the phone after I have called 10 times & let it ring 15-20 times each time I call !! I do not mind someone answering & me having to sit on hold or wait , that’s fine & I understand that because so many places are short staffed. But when the place doesn’t even try & wont pick up the phone at all ….. that’s just ridiculous to me !! No wonder places are getting shut down because Little Caesar’s could have had my $money 3 different times now but have lost out on the $money because their employees won’t just simple PICK UP THE PHONE & take an order ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️!!! Such laziness …. WOW & I wish I could give them .01 of the star because they don’t even deserve a full star ⭐️ !! Maybe one day they will pick up the phone & take my order & start making more $ money !!!!! Thanks

Robert Humphres

Will not answer the phone when called to place a order I have been ordering from here for a long time for a group that meets every Monday night but we can't get them to answer so we will be going somewhere else for the food we need now

Brian Perry

This place is going down hill. Employees are have no clue and customer service is nonexistent. No good place in Fulton for pizza anymore.

Robox Gaming 2019

one person was very rude to me today i forgot my phone at home we order pizza over app and she ack like somone else mint know that and she turn around and walk off told the othr 2 to deal with me

James Taylor

I just watched the staff bully and cuss out little girl working there until she had a panic attack and quit I promise I'll never eat there again and I want quit until those sorry folks are fired that is a promise


I have have been very sick/ ill and not been very well the past few days. So I couldn't find my wallet. And so I was late picking up my food. When I got there they sold me 2 dried out, over cooked, under topped pizzas. And my one dried out under sauced order of wings. When I emphasized 3 times on the phone that I needed them fresh and "fully Loaded", "Hot and ready"! I haven't had a meal since yesterday because of medications and illness. All that food was for me alone because I'm not well enough to cook today and probably won't be at lunch tomorrow. I'm also in a tight from pricey medication costs. I wasn't even offered a discount. When I was definitely a good hour+ late for pick up. I know. But anyway. Regardless, I enjoyed my meal from My Favorite Little Pizza Parlor. As always. I just wished they couldve cared for the second time when I said fresh and fully loaded. And have said I would pay extra for the extra toppings if there were any if needed. And was then told I could not the last time before I was shorted again today. Very disappointed. I don't know who is waiting or skimping people on the toppings. But if I get another skimpy topping Supreme like that again. I'm not coming back in a very very long time. Keep it fresh . Keep it quality. Speedy, Fast and Done and perfect is not always what we the customers may need or always want. I want my toppings I paid for. And for my food to be fresh. Even if I'm late from having to fight off ninja farm animals or just am not well and can't find my keys and wallet in only 9 minutes. Thank You. Little Caesars Rules! Is and will Always Be #1! The Best! Pizza Pizza! ....... .

Kathey James

I ordered from the app. This is so easy. No contact with anyone. Order is ready when you get there.

Amanda Contezac

Employee seemed rude, ordered 2 things of crazy bread with extra parm, and garlic butter. Bread was under cooked, I’m not a fan of biting into raw dough. Extremely hungry and I can’t eat my food.

Bob Jon

Ok so I am a employee at this place and I try to give good service

Teresa Melendez

Slow 30 for pizza.

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