Brooklyn Pizzeria

Hardy Court Shopping Center, Gulfport
(228) 864-6555

Recent Reviews

Barbaralee S.

we were craving an eggplant parm sub... we came here around noon time on a saturday.... we ordered a sub to share in this very casual restauant...quite busy but not unbearably so... sub was fabulous!!! we have had their slices in the past...also great...prices reasonable and service friendly and fast.

Daryl Seay

Great pizza, easily accessable, very friendly staff! Most importantly... BEST HOT WINGS YOU CAN FIND! Pairs well with some Jack! ?

Greg Myers

Loved it! The wings were fatty but everything else was amazing! Service was great and the place was clean.

Nathaniel Phillips

Best Pizza on the entire Gulf Coast! Great prices, always fresh and friendly.

Marlon Vega

Each delicious slice of pizza is of nice size and the garlic knots were spot on.

emily gabardi

i have always been a big fan of this spot! the mushroom pizza, garlic knots, and side salad are my favorites. it's always nice to support local too, and these boys are the nicest!

Raymond D.

Not up to my standards. I would rather eat Del Giorno frozen pizza. The sauce is bitter and over - cooked. The cheese has no taste or smell. The crust is okay. They aren't too friendly either. If they think this makes it more authentic, they are venturing into erroneous stereotypes. It's not even up to snuff by Mississippi standards, let alone NYC! And, it's overpriced for the quality. Forget about it.

Joe Cumberland

When I travel, I want to try the best ribs and best pizza a place has to offer. I'm a chef, so my standards are high. While visiting my brother for Christmas, I tried this place. BEST pizza I've had in Mississippi. can't wait to go back next time I'm down that way!!

Donna Hill

This pizza is the best New York pizza that both my husband and myself have ever had down south. We have had Pizza in New York many times and Brooklyn Pizzeria is among the best we’ve had. The calzones are delicious also.

Greg Cummings

Food is amazing and restaurant has a true pizzeria feel to it

Jess Guzman

Just happened upon this Pizzeria. So glad we did. The pizza was fabulous. We got the New York style special. The staff was friendly and joyful.

Allison Butler

Best thin crust pizza you'll find on the Gulf Coast!

Brandon N.

This is a great pizza place with an authentic New York atmosphere. I usually order the 18" Half Cheese and Half Pepperoni pizza. The pizza is cooked and made right in front of you. This is probably one of the best pizza places in Mississippi. Definitely should give it a try!

Kevin McGrath

Simply the very best new york style pizza on the coast! comparable to what you get in NYC. great prices and speedy service too!

William Broadus

Best pizza on the coast. The X large supreme is great and will probably feed two average families

Brett Riddle

Food is typically great! Called in order for pickup last night, young girl answered and apparently didn't agree with pineapple on my Hawaiian so it wasn't on there... after waiting 30 minutes for pizza and then driving 20 minutes home to be disappointed. While I was paying the manager, the young girl even griped about taking people's orders over the phone to the manager. I think I'll stick to popping in for a slice occasionally but if I ever pick up again then I'm definitely checking before I leave.

Cameron S

The food was pretty good, but the atmosphere was heavily lacking. A cheap intercom system would help call out orders too 'cause you've gotta listen hard fror your name to be called. I got wings, garlic knots, a pizza, and two beers for under $30 so it's worth it anyway.

Sara-Doug Anderson

Just old school pizza that is yummalicious. Crunchy and chewy. Good sauce good prices

Krystal Wilson

I really love Brooklyn's Pizzeria... Great ingredients n what ever time they say b there just b there on time.... My family's FAVORITE pizza place ❤

Leonora Sanders

It tastes like home I'm from New Jersey and spent 11 years in Delaware that pizza was refreshing remind me of home Don't miss the cold weather back there but I do miss the pizzas

Roberta Ladner

This pizza was good, the slices were perfect but it was to greasy and not enough cheese. The sauce was wonderful! The tables and the place itself was nasty dirty.

Michael Sweetapple

Portions are more than fair. Prices are appropriate. Staff is friendly. Food came out with minimal wait.

Julie Breeland

Fabulous pizza, been eating there since they opened. Better then any other!!!! You have to try it, they have other great stuff too, salads, stroboli, lasagna, poboys, wings, spaghetti on n on yum!

Arleen Polster

Great pizza. Didn't have to wait too long considering they were busy

Perry Schmidt

Service is terrible. Came for a birthday. Spent allot of money there. Placed an order. Waited about 30 minutes and went to check on it. This is actually the second time this happened to me here. They hadn't even put the order in. Everyone else at the party had eaten except my family. They did nothing to rectify their mistake. Not even apologize for their mistake. The pizza is good if they actually cook your order but bad service and dine in is not very clean.

Daniel Wilson

This is a jewel. Best pizza on the MS Coast! Decent prices and the food is unbelievable.

Lois W.

Tried the rest? Now have the best! Tucked away in hardy court, this family owned pizzeria bakes up the best thin crust pizza I have ever eaten. They don't skimp on. toppings!! A small is enough for two with regular appetites Can't speak on their other specials....I can't get past the pizza.

Erin M.

Anytime someone comes to town I recommend they go here. The prices & food are amazing.

Angela Sewell

Good food! Big pizza! Fast service! Try it out for yourself! And I think that the pizza tastes better than it does in Brooklyn (at least the places I've been when I went) 😁!

Daow W.

We were in Biloxi for vacation and stuck in our hotel room due to a stormy night. We decided to order a pizza from a local place and so glad we decided on this place. We ordered a regular size three topping and a house salad. The pizza was ready when we went to pick it up and it was HOT! The place is in a strip mall and there's a hole in the wall charm to it. The staff was friendly and they were really busy! The pizza is New York style and is very good. The salad was also very good except they forgot to give us any dressing. They never asked what dressing we wanted so we assumed it would come with some house dressing... It did not. Luckily there were enough olives and banana peppers in the salad to give it a tang. Perfect meal for a stormy night while watching movies in bed at the hotel. Local or not... Give it a try! We were impress. Just ask for salad dressing if you order a salad

Bruce H

This is an old school pizzeria - nothing fancy just great food. Thin crust pizza with a large selection of toppings but to be honest just a good old cheese pizza is all I ever need and their is the best!

Nolan n Melissa flowers

The cauliflower pizza is good but still high in carbs for a keto eater

Marcus Spikol

Best pizza in ms in the 16 yrs I've been here it brought me back to being a 10 year old boy in Atlantic city nj I will definitely be back soon

Arianna Koval

Decent pizza, the staff were not very friendly but were not rude at all, just seemed more bored than anything. The food options are good, and everything except the by the slice orders are made to order. Not a bad experience.

Viktor Brazzle

You won't be dissatisfied. They do a great job and the food is always fresh. Get the MacDaddy if you're really telling hungry!

Sarah B.

Great pizza! Only place in area to grab a slice. This is a whole plate size thin crust cheesy goodness slice that I sprinkle with pepper flakes and devour. Years and years they have never failed to be fast, delicious, and friendly


This was not bad and not great. It was ok pizza. The large are huge. We ordered 3 for the group of 5 adults and 2 kids. 2 would of been plenty.

Geauxtreatyoself 1.

Tastes just like the pizza from New York. It's my favorite pizza and no where seems to top it for me. I recommend getting the pizza well done if you like some burnt pieces like me. I also recommend getting the pizza to go since the restaurant is a bit of a hole in the wall. It's a no fuss kind of place with really good pizza.

James Sullivan

The staff made me feel at home. Great food and service. Wish I could get back over there. Disabled hard to get around. Wish y'all delivered I would definitely would be ordering. Thank y'all for a great food experience. Pizza and stromboli were amazing.

Kelsey B.

Great pizza, great prices! Hard to come across a pizza this style that's actually done the right way.