Brooklyn Pizzeria

105 Hardy Court Shopping Ctr, Gulfport
(228) 864-6555

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Nolan n Melissa flowers

The cauliflower pizza is good but still high in carbs for a keto eater

Marcus Spikol

Best pizza in ms in the 16 yrs I've been here it brought me back to being a 10 year old boy in Atlantic city nj I will definitely be back soon

Arianna Koval

Decent pizza, the staff were not very friendly but were not rude at all, just seemed more bored than anything. The food options are good, and everything except the by the slice orders are made to order. Not a bad experience.

Viktor Brazzle

You won't be dissatisfied. They do a great job and the food is always fresh. Get the MacDaddy if you're really telling hungry!


This was not bad and not great. It was ok pizza. The large are huge. We ordered 3 for the group of 5 adults and 2 kids. 2 would of been plenty.

James Sullivan

The staff made me feel at home. Great food and service. Wish I could get back over there. Disabled hard to get around. Wish y'all delivered I would definitely would be ordering. Thank y'all for a great food experience. Pizza and stromboli were amazing.

Kelsey B.

Great pizza, great prices! Hard to come across a pizza this style that's actually done the right way.

Daniel Gonzalez

I drove from Long Beach because I believe their pizza to taste authentic. This drive takes me over 25 minutes, which is not convenient. I paid for my two large pies with my credit card and to my surprise, I was charged a convenience fee with out the cashier informing me of the fee. When I asked what the fee was for she told me that it is a charge for using my credit card. I said to her that they should inform us before we run the card. (I would have paid in cash.)So, she proceeds to tell me that there is a sign on the counter that tells you that. Lol, there are literally four different signs on the counter and 20 more scattered throughout the store. What a joke and what terrible customer service. I will not be back. I hope they find this convenient.

Mary Y.

Coast staple. Best pizza point blank. Brooklyn style thin crust, so large you have to fold it pizza. Locally owned.

Jude Brunet

Best pizza around, meatballs are great, calzones are the best I ever had, my first ever pizza with a crust on top, unbelievable

Wendy F

Fantastic food!! Best pizza ever! Definitely get the garlic knots! Staff is awesome! Owners even came out to make sure everything was good. Will absolutely be back!!

Kennie Romero

This is one of my favorite lunch spots! Small town, down to earth, just all around wonderful. I went two days in a row this week, and they even commented about me coming back on the second day, in a good way - they remembered me. (: I recommend this place everywhere I go!

Rebecca Prewitt

Very friendly down to earth employees. Made me feel welcome. Fast to go service. Pizza was really good. Thanks y'all. I will be back. Best pizza around!

Jennifer Murray

The best pizza, Stromboli and calzone I have ever had!! Atmosphere isn't that great, employees are not friendly by any stretch of the imagination. Thank goodness their food is amazing otherwise I don't think they'd be in business. Restaurant is clean, bathrooms clean, etc.

Mitch Lewis

Not the most up to date place BUT... very very good pizza. Friendly staff and HUGE PIZZAS. Excellent prices.

Carmelo P.

Great food!!! That's all I can say. I hope this helps someone make their discussion. Thanks for listening, Mello,


Having lived on the coast for years...we have found Brooklyn Pizza is the best pizza we can get!!! We've tried the others but Brooklyn can't be beat.

Benjamin Ward

Giant pizza for a very reasonable amount of money. 3 of us couldn't finish this pie. Garlic knots were floating in an ocean of butter with minced garlic (this is a good thing). Lots of families here, and lots of familiarity between the workers and customers. Great pizza, great environment.

LittleMiss Sunshine

Today was my 3rd time here. The garlic knots are really good and the pizza is good if you order it there. However the pizza by the slice. SUPER greasy and the crust is hard as a rock! You can tell its old pizza thats not fresh at all. Plus, I dunno whats up with the big guy that works the register. Im guessing hes the owner or manager but he is not a very pleasant person at all. Try being friendly guy. A simple hi, hello would be nice or at least ANSWER when someone tries to ask you how you are doing. You should be grateful and thankful that people are buying your greasy old pizza by the slice. Try having some good customer service and at least fake being personable in front of your customers. We pay your bills after all.


Pizza is NY style and really good! Atmosphere and restrooms are dated and could use some deep cleaning. This is a hole in the wall restaurant, but the food is good. If you are a stickler for detailed store cleanliness, this may not be the place for you.

Brooklyn Pizzeria

105 Hardy Court Shopping Ctr, Gulfport, MS 39507