Domino's Pizza

1107 Cowan Rd Ste A, Gulfport
(228) 868-6061

Recent Reviews

Big Country

I called up there cause I didn’t know if it had directions to my house and the girl I talked to was completely rude would like to speak to somebody about this

Ben louis

I order from here often. Very often.

Anthony Jordan

I'll just say this will be my last time ordering from there. I went through the drive-thru and the lady at the window was nice but when I got home and looked at my pizza i was highly disappointed. This is the second time my pizza has been been cut up in exactly 4 pieces and with bad dough that bubbled up so bad that three of my slices had nothing on them. They should check their pizzas before they hand them to the customer

Josh Morganthall

Really innovative Domino's. Only one I've encountered with a nice dine in experience for families.


They are always quick, the food is hot, and always tasty, whether I order it for pick up on the way home or if I get it delivered. The only bad side is I have had to wait when I was picking up due to customer at the window order was not ready. Wish there was a system that if your order was not ready and someone came behind you their order was ready you would have to move. Have had to wait as much as 15 minutes for customer in front of me to move, only time my order was not hot.

H Aucoin

They friendly, efficient, and I'm so happy that they're my Domino's

Whitney Doyle

First time I visited the 'New' Domino's on cowan and WOW! Beautiful store front, super energetic and nice staff! Will definitely be back!

Angela McInnis

Service was swift and pizza awesome ,staff had very pleasant arenas

Rachel Recore

Rosie was great! Staff very friendly and amazing! Eat here often and couldn't be happier! The red haired eye candy doesn't hurt either! ;)

Michael Preston

This location sucks.. don’t need a long detailed explanation for business that can’t get employees to make a simple order correctly. I’m not a picky person at all., but I’ve literally ordered from this location 4 times for the convenience because it literally half mile from my house. 3 out of 4 a simple order has been wrong badly. Yes there quick to remake it but after waiting hour for delivery you have to wait another hour for correct food. They suck

Tim McGowan

Great quality at a great price! You cannot beat their deals on carry out specials.

Gary Pitcovich

Excellent service every time. Keep up the good work!

Austin H.

The reviews seem to be bad with this place but I enjoyed it. Nothing special but taste pretty good for a commercial pizza place


Very friendly staff! Better than most places I've been to. You still have to check your order cause they do forget things...

robin raiteri

We order from domino's regularly. Usually we have the same delivery person...our order is always correct and the driver is so sweet!!

Jyree Thomas

Amazing dominos in general has step up the game they have come a long way in 5 years

Doug Stapleton

I was ready on time for me to pick up hot and made right

Von M

This Domino's location is pretty neat. My boys like that they can watch them make the pizzas. I like the chalkboard wall area. This location is closer to me than the last one.

Alison Commercial And Residential Contractor's, LLC

Great and fast service. Always looks delicious. Very convenient pizza tracker. Love love love the Pizza reward points. We have 4 children so an extra pizza every now and then helps. Thanks Domino's. Keep up the good work.

Alice Session

Ordered well done honey barbecue wings there were barely any barbecue sauce on the wings and the wings were not Done. I live a great distance from the place so I asked the guy as he was giving the wings to me are they well done? He said yes!

Monica Donohue

Pizza Redemption. This company is a great example of how to turn around a failing business. The pizza is tasty. It isn’t a New York slice or a Chicago pie, but for the rest of us it will do.

Autumn Breeden

Picking up a pizza from this particular Dominos location was the most frustrating experience. I arrived at the store when the online tracker said my pizza was ready. I was the second car in the drive through pick up line. I waited 15 or more minutes, which caused approximately 8 other cars to be in line behind me. Eventually I had to leave the drive through line, park and go inside because the employees of this location were not savvy enough to ask the first car in the drive through (who's pizza was not even close to being ready) to pull into a parking space to allow every one else to pick up their pizzas. Advice to the rest of you, save yourself 20 minutes and go inside so you aren't stuck with cold pizza due to the incompetence of the employees of this location.

Mary Reed

Always on time. Not one mess up. And the drivers are always nice and decent looking.

Beth S.

ordered from this place and they didn't deliver to the hotel but didnt tell me when i asked if they did and just cancelled the order without calling...

lorana roe

I was just refused service from this location. I will be calling corporate tomorrow. This place is ridiculous. I've never seen worse customer service in my life.

Barry G.

We placed an order a half hour before close. After allowing the order to go the the entire process via tracker and waiting an hour we received no notification that our order had been cancelled through their system in which a phone number and email was provided upon contacting them was told our order was cancelled and then after informing Rosie the person we contacted that we would be contacting corporate that we can go ahead and call that corporate would side with her well dominos can keep their food there's plenty other vendors available this is a disgusting show of how lousy this company is with customer service never again

Linda Scbloegel

Order done correctly. Nice, sweet lady was vey busy, working alone at that moment. Always pleased with Domino's.

Shawn Wales

Prompt delivery, pasta cooked allright, sandwich nicely toasted and the made to order. Delivery of personnel polite and prompt.

Christina Guidry

It is rude to talk to customers about a tip when they order via carryout. Before my debit card transaction, the cashiers always tell me, "The machine will give you the option to tip before you swipe the card." This makes things awkward. Take this feature off of your debit machine.

Rachel Ward

I've been ordering from this store for a while now. Not often but when I do they are always friendly pizza always good and if there is ever an issue they fix it. . . .I even once ordered shortly before close and they still were awesome.

Ashlee S.

I love Domino's but this location is horrible! EVERY TIME I go there I order the same two pizzas and they mess up both pizzas and give me a credit. Which is fine but it's frustrating when I use that credit and the pizza gets messed up again. I ordered from them tonight and they gave me sass on the phone about all my free pizzas so I consulted with my husband and we decided to cancel. When I canceled, the MANAGER hung up on me. What a joke this location is! I've worked for the pizza industry before, it's not hard to get a pizza right.

Anselmo G.

I've ordered from this location at least 20 times, and they've messed my order up every single time. Not exaggerating. I order the same thing each time too and they always forget a topping or leave on a topping. I don't want to sit for 15-20 mins for them to remake my pizza so they comp me a free pizza. They've done this about 20 times now seriously, well today I go-to order my free pizza and the guy hints that I suspiciously get free pizzas a lot. I tell him that it's not me, it's them they can't get my order right. He then tells me that it's my fault my order gets messed up, that everyone orders the garlic crust and that probably me only 5 others don't order it and that's why they keep putting it on my pizza. I then asked well what about the buffalo sauce that you guys never put on my pizza, he then says oh, well they forget I guess. This employee literally told me the customer that their mistakes are my fault. It's one thing to make excuses to your boss, but you never do it to a customer. And to insinuate in a tone that I'm somehow swindling them for pizzas, which they give me for messing my order up is entirely uncalled for. So I placed my order, but after thinking about how the guy was I called back and canceled my order. The female manager hung up on me when I asked to cancel the order, she was upset that they already started making it I guess. All in all, it takes a certain level of stupidity to mess up a 3 topping pizza over and over again, the employees suck, the manager sucks, and the food wrecks my stomach 9/10 times I eat there. Go-to another dominos or try a Papa John's or Pizza Hut. This pass rd. location is bad.

Krystal S.

Tonight was absolutely ridiculous. Not only did I watch the delivery driver drive past my house, he called 10 minutes later asking for directions. I live 6 minutes from this location. It took 30 minutes for this pizza to arrive from the time I was notified that it left. Once I got it, it was completely broken up and tossed around on the inside. The manager refunded the purchase as soon as I walked in with my messed up pizza. He did let me know that this wasn't this first complaint like this with this particular driver named Charleston. Just take yourself to Pizza Hut on Courthouse or Papa Johns on Pass. Don't bother with this place.


Not much to brag about, just another pizza place. I placed my order online, drove over to pick it up. My order was ready shortly after I arrived. The cashier was nice. I don't order pizza often, but I will return here in the future.

Rob J.

It's a Domino's! Nothing above and beyond, but they do what a chain is supposed to: make consistent food.

Jason W.

I'd give this place a lower rating, if it weren't for the fact that I do like some of the food (all Dominos locations have been stepping it up lately), and their delivery drivers are usually super friendly. After tonight, however, I won't be buying from them again. I had a fundraiser card with a bunch of stickers on the back, and the front of the card said "One free pizza & one free sandwich," which would make one think that the card itself was a coupon as well. The other side included 10 stickers that were buy one large, get one 50% off. I tried to use it tonight, and I was told by the guy and his manager, and according to the manager, her district manager, that the card had 8 stickers for the 50% off, and one for a free pizza, and one for a free sandwich, and the card itself wasn't good for any offers. I showed them a printout, from the website, that says: *1 FREE Medium 1-topping pizza & 1 FREE Sandwich of your choice *10 Other GREAT offers Logically, one would believe that the card was good for the free pizza and sandwich, as it says on the card, and that the "10 Other GREAT offers" were the 10 stickers on the back. Makes perfect sense. Well, to a customer, anyway. I don't like to make assumptions, but I'm going to chalk this up to either miscommunication, bad management, or simply a greedy owner. The fact that I've used 8 of the buy one, get one half off coupons (that's 16 pizzas!) in the past month and a half shows how often my friends and I actually order from here. That's over $100 - and that's only counting the times when we had the coupons. We usually don't, and the previously mentioned orders are barely half of what we've all ordered in the recent past. So, I'll let Dominos save money on their skimpy, 1-topping medium pizza and sandwich, and for the rest of our parties, video game nights, poker nights, and bar orders, we'll stick with Pizza Hut or Little Caesar's. I'll also encourage any Yelpers to avoid this location on principle alone. There's a Little Caesars just a couple of blocks to the east, and their $8 Deep Deep Dish pizza is actually pretty amazing (especially with a little marinara). Plus, they always have the $5 larges that are ready to go - just throw a little ranch, tabasco, or parmesan on there and you're good to go.

Diana D.

I have delivery about once a month or so. The food always arrives hot and delicious. I only have one problem they always seem to forget the added dip cups.

Josh R.

This is what you would expect from Dominos. Nothing to write home about, but not horrible either, just an inexpensive place to grab a bite.