Bully's Soul Food Restaurant

3118 Livingston Rd, Jackson
(601) 362-0484

Recent Reviews

Ebony J.

Delicious soul food with many options. I love the turkey wings, ham hocks, collards, potato salad . It's a MUST

Yolanda S.

I have picked up meals from here numerous times. The food is absolutely delicious. It's very good.However, the last time I stopped I was thirsty. They don't offer a courtesy cup of water and during this time Jackson MS had that terrible water problem so It was probably for the better as the water was unsafe in much of the city. So I purchased a tiny little plastic bottle of water. It was a baby bottle. Not the regular sized water bottle. These folk charged over $1.00 for that tiny little bit of water. I purchased it anyway but thought the price was ridiculous. However they are friendly and again the food is good.

Constance J.

I've been coming to Bully's since I was a young girl. My mom and cousin use to be the head cooks here. The food has always and will continue to be amazing! Anything you get, you can't go wrong with!

Andy P.

Local shop that makes fantastic food. I was traveling visiting Jackson for vacation months back and I was recommended by the locals to try out this place.

Grant H.

I've eaten a fair amount of soul food in my day, and Bully's has got to be one of, if not the, best soul food I've had. Not fancy or pretentious, just delicious.

Solomon Johnson-Parker-Hill

Don't let the exterior turn you away. The food is incredible and the owners are great. It's not too greasy, it has strong flavor, not too salty, crispy and juicy. And they have plenty of vegetable options! I was stuffed and happy!Vegetarian options: Greens, okra, fried green tomatoes, etc.

Ice K.

Family oriented! Good fool for the soul. Would give five stars but need to upgrade building. Muah

Sharon S.

The truest definition of a hole-in-the-wall....but I happily frequent it every chance I get. Lately, I've been getting the veggie plate and cornbread. Y'all, let's start with the cornbread....it's literally my favorite! As a bread lover, I can ( and will) eat three muffins at a time! The tomato and okra stew has a hint of spice...now, sometimes that "hint" is a full blown drop kick and punch though but I just sweat through it because its truly delicious. The greens.....OH MY GOODNESS....I always get the "mixed" greens and they have never disappointed! Truthfully, all of the vegetables make me wanna sign up to be somebody's big momma and see if I can cook that well! The smothered chicken is also divine. I usually get two legs fried and they put their gravy over it. The fried fish is pretty good too! The seasonings are perfect, but if you're looking for real catfish, this isn't it...it's definitely Swai. My only complains are that the serving sizes have gotten smaller and smaller over the years and that one cornbread muffin is not included with the plate. BUT HEY...I'll continue to buy this kids meal container and pay $0.50 for cornbread.....because it's just THAT good!

Hailey Chaconas

The best soul food I’ve ever had in my life!! I can’t forget to mention how amazing the service and personality’s here are. I definitely will be returning. So amazing!!

jennifer p

The best food we ever had. Catfish, Mac and cheese, pigs feet, cornbread. They know what they’re doing. Do not miss this place, it’s the highlight of our trip and it’s deserving of its accolades.


Arrive as soon as you can once they're open. By two they had run out of their smothered hamburger (but their fried chicken was huge and good). Hubby liked their smothered pork chop (which was nearly boneless). I'd never had okra & tomato stew, but it was spicy and delicious. Just a 'hole in the wall' but friendly folks as staff and customers. Passing thru we saw the fire truck there, the men were ordering so we knew it had to be good. Read the newspaper articles on the wall while you wait.

Hunk Dlamini

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if you live here, you know. if not, don't miss it, great food, great people. super nice. sweet tea, best fried chicken, sausage red beans and rice for the tuesday special. best spicy greens, best mac and cheese and corn bread. my family tried other sides that they really enjoyed, too. only regret was no room for desert. hope we can return someday

Lorelei O.

Best food & service!!! Always!!!! The chicken & dressing is my favorite along with the baked chicken & fried corn

Edward Jinks

Heard about this place from the locals. Am Georgia born and raised, in Mississippi for business. Heard they are the best soul food in Jackson. Everything was good from the dressing, mac and cheese baked chicken, collard greens. I definitely will be checking them out if I visit Mississippi again.

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