2138 MS-15 N, Laurel
(601) 649-9566

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Kevin Kerchefski

Very quick in the drive thru, good foodFood: 5/5

sonja Breland

Burger was delicious, restaurant could use a good cleaning, manager was rude,loud,ghetto,store was very humid,floors greasyFood: 4/5


Waited 20+ minutes for food that tasted like it was cooked last week

Sora 2413

The current staff were friendly and helpful. Try the new Diablo Burger would recommend, plus the Diablo fires were just as good but a little to no spice.Food: 5/5

Chris Walters

Terrible service. Food was awful

Edwin Blue

Don't know why but on this trip it took about 30 mins to get my food. It was a Sunday about 10 to 15 people in the restaurant. When I got my food it was cold not happy about that. In the past I've gone through the drive thru never had this problem. I'll still give them another try because I love the stake house brisket.


Every so often I will pick up a few roast beef sandwiches for dinner. They are usually good and we enjoy them. This visit was terrible. I waited in the drive thru for a ridiculous amount of time. I ordered some fries as I was starving and wanted to snack on them on the way home. Also, they now have crinkle fries which I love. They were way over cooked and close to room temperature. Horrible and I couldn’t eat them. When I got home and fixed my sandwich with lots of sauce it was about like the fries. The meat was awful. It was kind of chewy and lukewarm. I only ate half my sandwich because I was so hungry. I can only figure my order was sitting there in the bag waiting while I waited in line. It will be a long time if ever before we get food from here again.

Paula Barrera

they are slow, food is burnt service been waiting for 20 minutes odered for 2 people but they charged me for 2 more things and didn’t realize until later

Tony R.

The fries were hot and fresh, the food tasted good, however I go to Arby's because they "have the meat" . So when we got home to see none of the meats were close to advertised serving weights it's disappointing. If the prices reflected what what actually giving then id give it 4 stars. I know they are supposed to be weighing the meat but I think they weighed the whole sandwich or didn't know how to read the scale. Id give another start if it were a bit faster and/or the drive thru speaker system worked better.

Wesley L. Rogers, Sr.

Why Arby's gets a bad wrap ?....see what I did there? I don't know. The chicken salad sandwich was ?! But other items on the menu are better than they are worse. So, stop by and give it a try!

Stephen Holston

Got the new burger they are selling, and it was really good. It was a bit overcooked, but still tasted great.

Denise Boykin

I love the place, they very seldom mess up my order

K Mutt (mutt)

I want to be clear, I use to eat here 2 to 3 times a week, but the service and quality of food has sunk to very low levels. I ordered the boneless wings today, 5/25/2022, since they can't make BLT right, and was very disappointed.

Sharon Strong

Arby's has great food but they need to do something about the drive through. When it's raining you will get soaked trying to place.

Carol Swanner

It was OK but let's just say:"It looks better on tv than it really is".

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