Captain D's

2134 MS-15 N, Laurel
(601) 425-5014

Recent Reviews

Thomas Hosey

Haven't been in years, but it was way better than I remember. Everything was hot and crispy

Hope Cooley

Great for dinning in or out.i love the batter dip fish. Itelts in your mouth

JeTuan Stephens

Coleslaw had a spoiled taste and smell. I called but reached a number that wouldn’t even allow me to leave a message. I guess they really don’t care about customer concerns. Wait in the drive through was 20 minutes from the order. Seemed to be one busy car being the hold up but to wait that long and have a part of your meal spoiled is super disappointing

Loretha Logan

Now that’s good eating , spicy fish is best

Sharon Strong

I ordered a fish dinner that included 3 pieces of breaded fish, green beans & Cole slaw. The cold slaw was spoiled! Can't understand why it was spoiled because it was 10:30 in the morning. The food should have been fresh. The fish and green beans was to salty. Don't know what happened with the food today. I am a Captain D's lover but not today. I want get coleslaw again.

Life of Tae and Naya

I was in line for 30 minutes waiting on a sandwich and then another car came and jumped in front of me to return something and they got my order wrong twice and on top of that there is a thumb hole in my sandwich


I have been eating here for a long time probably since it opened. It’s always been good. I can think of only one time that I had a problem and that was several years ago and it wasn’t about the food itself. My husband and I went for lunch one day this week as I was wanting some of their fish. I love it with lots of the vinegar sauce. Upon entering the restaurant, it was noticeably very clean. Of course that is always nice to see. The employees were extremely nice. They looked very kept and hair was pulled back. The food was delicious and did not disappoint. It was just what I wanted. Of course we will be back as always. It’s really good for a quick, inexpensive meal.

Justice Lindsey

I always order lobster rolls BUT today My lobster rolls had two brown bug eggs in it !!!! I went back for an explanation and was told it was SEEDS from the rolls but the rolls don’t have any seeds !!! Just nasty !!!! I won’t be back !!!!

Nick Bustin

Drive thur equipment is messed up. I couldn't hear them repeat my order. The lady at the window didn't repeat my order or tell me my total. This caused them to miss half my order. Being as I had to wait about 15 minutes for them to bring me my food, it was too late for me to order anything else.

Julie Koshak

Staff were very friendly. Very clean and stylish inside. The food was freshly cooked and served with a smile.

Lisa Melton

I love their fish and always get great baked potatoes.

Laquita Moody

My son loves the Southern Style Fish meals

Teresa Smedberg

Real tasty but order took 25 minutes

Angela King

I order fish plate and two sweet tea, one of them wasn't sweet. So I went inside and told the waitress it wasn't sweet. She put some in a cup and said it tast like its sweet. So I told her you think I am lying just give my money back and that is what the manager did. She didn't try to give me another cup of sweet tea. Dont want to give one star.

Alice Tucker

Food is good n fresh but they never put condiments in bag even when order online and request em.

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