Garden & Grill

1210 Bonita Lakes Dr, Meridian
(601) 693-3966

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Pamela Jensen

Good amount of food for the price, enough to feed two people easily. Mango and bourbon chicken were both really tasty. The Lomein was on the bland side. Egg roll was good but would have been better with some duck sauce (wasn’t available). All in all good especially for mall Chinese food. Employees were fine, no one was rude like so many other reviews mention ??‍♀️

I Dk

ever since the lady died the food and workers have sucked. its awful lol. the cashier acted as if weighing my food instead of using the set price was such a burden. so she commented on how its only a couple of cents cheaper. i threw my credit card in her hand just to feel better lmao

Joani Suggs

People behind the counter were so rude and nasty and unprofessional, my daughter wanted a little of everything and the women acted like that made her mad. Started fixing my plate and the other girl was a little nicer, told the cashier lady I had 3 plates , 3 drinks a egg roll all she was worried about is if I wanted soy sauce. Service has gotten terrible over the last couple months. Just about don’t ever wanna go back, only rated one star cause that’s all I could.

jacob whitling

BEWARE the employees here are extremely rude. And will get mad and talk to you how ever they please. So be prepared..

Randall Gradle

Good food for a mall grill.

Derrick Norman

The weather was awful a couple of days ago... So was the food. The food is normally decent.

Bigboned Queen

The food was alright.. the young lady/cashier was very friendly and sweet!!!! The sweet tea was not good though ?

Tara Reed

The owner is rude, rude rude. The drinks were watery. The food was ok.

Charita F.

Most rude, disrespectful, racist and finally violent place I have ever been to in my entire life. Women please be aware of a young server, very tall, maybe 19-20 that is extremely rude, violent, and disrespectful. I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed I am I'm the owner, his son, and mall security. Apparently this terrible human being had been exchanging words with customers all day and erupted on me for no reason. I walk up to the counter say a kind hello and great the server behind the counter. He returns a blank stare, doesn't respond, slams my food into the plate and ignores every request I make before I front of a line of people calling me the N word, a B?$$$!, and threatening to fight me. I walk away stunned. I return and ask the owners son to speak to his father and guess what - the son lord to his father saying I was on my phone being rude. Guess what people were watching and that was a lie. I never raised my voice. Uttered a disparaging or became disrespectful many way. Then the owners son changed his story and said the server was out of line, acknowledged that I disrespected the server in no way, and changed up. What is so incredibly vile is the way this young man erupted unprovoked by me in front of women, children, and other patrons staring on stunned. And the owners son condoned it. I can have lunch be led to believe that it's because that how the owners family truly feels. That all black people, all black women are the same. Not worthy of dignity, honor, or customer service. Just because someone came through that line earlier and was rude is not a reason to have a blanket disposition toward all women that look like me. I didn't deserve. I didn't provoke it. And I will not allow anyone else to be treated this way. Unacceptable. Shameful.

Alicia H.

My friend went here to get a plate and the black server was so rude. He was slamming her food in the plate and when she addressed it, he proceeded to call her a b**** and a ni***. Totally uncalled for. Also, the son of the business, condoned the whole situation, lied about the situation to his Father, then said she was continuing it by addressing how she was wronged. The server tried to fight her as well. Came out the back of the restaurant and threatened to put his hands on her. Never will eat here again.

Nita Plussize

The food was alright.. the young lady/cashier was very friendly and sweet!!!! The sweet tea was not good though ?

Alisa Gillen

If you're looking to be put in a blissful food-coma, this soul food spot is where you need to go.

Shirley Carter

My husband ate at Garden and Grill today which is Nov. 30th, 2020. He purchased a salad and we assume the cook dropped their gum in the salad. That’s disgusting! Drop gum out of your mouth into food that’s being prepared. I’m not done with this you best believe.

Greg Kendall

Really great food, fast and friendly staff.


Buffet style. This was the first time I’ve ever tried by mango chicken.The mango chicken is right on. The bourbon chicken is good too. They give you large portions at a reasonable price. You can get two meets and one side for around eight dollars or less.

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