Panda Express

1551 Grand Ave, Billings
(406) 256-8899

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Danielle S.

The girl taking the orders tonight was real rude. I've never gotten as small of portions as I did here, it was kind of ridiculous. They forgot my sauce on the side too.

Isaac Harris

Good food decent amount of options prices really good.

Jay Leigh G.

We ordered to go and got two of exactly the same thing. When we got to our hotel we opened the boxes and one was almost full and the other had maybe one scoop in it. Maybe. I'm guessing they ran out and didn't wanna wait even though my order was done on the shelf waiting when I got there. I called and the girl either lied about watching or lied about everything and said she watched them plate it and that it was correct. You look at the pictures and tell me if that's equal? I love panda express and I don't have it where I'm from. Some of that was suppose to be to take home so it really irritated me how un necessarily rude she was and lying. I have eyes. I'm not stupid.

Candi Buck

Food was good but every time we go there they are out of their passion ice tea

Kellie Stone

I went to this location at 6:30pm it was extremely busy. After waiting in the car line for almost 20min when I finally arrived at the kiosk to order no one answered to take my order after waiting at least 4min I proceeded to pull forward thinking maybe it was not working only to be told by an employee and the manager Baylee that they now could no longer take my order because I didn’t wait back at the kiosk. “Their system would not allow it” I’m out of luck unless I could park and come in and wait in another obnoxiously long line. My family and I will no longer support this fast food chain. What ever happened to customer service. Try gaveling a starving 4 and 6 year old and telling them we now have to go elsewhere after almost a half hour.

Chelsea Feaver

Consistently doesn’t provide teriyaki sauce when ordering through door dash. Often have to ask for it in drive thru. Raised this to managers on multiple occasions with no consistent progress on getting this right. Understand labor is tough right now, but simple process can eliminate this pain point.

Heidi Solland

I went through the drive through 35 minutes before close and I ordered an entree of orange chicken. They told me it was gonna be 5-10 minutes I said okay she then proceeded to tell me at the window that it was gonna be 15-20 minutes and she had an attitude I said whatever and paid. I have now been sitting out here for 25 minutes and nothing has come out I have worked in a restaurant before and most times you don’t start doing the kitchen cleaning in 15-10 minutes before you close because if people come in I’m disappointed and will not be coming back.

Anne S L.

I rarely complain, especially now where staff and product are always short. However, this has to be the worst fast food I've ever paid $15! First off, like many others the portions are tiny. I got the medium ala carte broccoli beef. I'm certain there were 4 pieces of need I say...maybe "beef." Followed by about 8 undercooked broccoli, that tasted like pesticides. Needless to say, most of it went in the trash! I don't know how people like this place. Gross!


Been here a few times and each time was the same. All they try to do is rip you off. They get low on product so they short you on what you order. Every single time. So I asked to put more in my to-go box and they said they have to save some for everyone else. Haha…no. Give me what I ordered/ am paying for and make some more you idiot. Also plan ahead. I guess this is what you get when you have 15 year olds working. Not only that but I walk in and half of them are playing around when its the busiest time of the night and there are 15 cars in the drive thru. This place needs some new management/ workers.

Hui Lin

I order the food online and pickup in the store. My favorite is the Kong Pao Chicken and Walnut Shrimp, and NEVER EVER order super green.

Tonya Haugen

Portion sizes are pretty pathetic anymore. They used to FILL the takeout boxes and they used to put the 3rd entree of a Bigger Plate in a separate box.Today, they put all three entrees and the side in the takeout box, and it's still not even full.

Teala Rodriguez

If I could do 0 stars, I would.This was supposed to be a bigger plate which consists of 3 entrees 2 sides. I asked for 2 entrees of peppered steak and 1 entree of orange chicken. I noticed the screen added a charge of extra $$ for the chicken but still was charging me the price of a bigger plate and as well as charging me for a FOURTH entree. When I tried to ask the guy taking my order and he cut me off, not once, but twice so at that point I just let it go because it was busy. . If I wouldn’t have had screaming hungry kids in the back seat at that point, I would have just drove off and went elsewhere but I had already waited 15 minutes in the drive thru.I paid almost $14 for this alone and if I’m correct a bigger plate costs no more than $10 and a LITTLE extra depending on the entree.I work in customer service, I understand.Tried calling a few times, no answer. So I’m posting my frustration here.I know places are short staffed and things are hard but c’mon. If there wasn’t enough, tell me. I would have ordered something else. Especially if I’m getting charged for THREE entrees and a mysterious fourth entree, when in reality all I got was 1.5 entrees and 1 side.Times are hard for EVERYONE and I fully understand that. Do better.

Erica Green

Ordered food through Ubereats, the food it self was half cold.. every other bite was cold. Not cool, cold. My Spring rolls were barely luke warm on the outside and cold on the inside. Half my shrimp were warm the other half were lukewarm or cold..

Nicole Vasquez

The food is so tasty. Prices are very reasonable and the egg rolls are extra crunchy. The staff is very friendly and outgoing. Try the broccoli ? beef or orange ? chicken. You won't be disappointed!

D. Tail

Not sure why this gets a 3,when I've had Chinese food in China Town before. Good 3 stars for fresh food from a bag. Nothing like Tu Tung Seattle!

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