Pizza Ranch

1327 Main St Ste. 6, Billings
(406) 839-2366

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Warren Weigel

The food was great. Surprisingly I really enjoyed the fried chicken. The kids really enjoyed the selection of different foods. The games are was a hit also. It was a very busy day, but the staff did a great day off taking care of our large group.

Adam Kelsey

Delicious food and friendly staff. It was surprisingly comfortable inside for how busy they were. The fun zone was great. They have all new games with a large selection of prizes. Connect 4 basketball was the for sure favorite.


1st time at Pizza Ranch. The Chicken was so moist and hot. And there quite a big selection of pizza. Also desert pizzas were great .

Cole Frey

Great customer service always friendly. But disappointed in the arcade. There's no tickets to hold not counting tickets its all on a card.

Scott Brester

Friendly staff, was really busy. They kept the buffet stocked with pizza constantly, which was great! Kids had a good time at the arcade. Arcade can be pretty expensive if you have a lot of kids with you. Haha!!

Nathan Carsten

Good spot! Be hungry there is a lot of food to try and games to play. Everything was clean and the staff were all friendly and helpful. I'm not a real buffet fan but I will be going back the kids had a good time and won a pile of tickets. Props to the folks behind the ticket counter they are extremely patient and friendly.

Peter Sorensen

Super busy due to a large birthday party. Once the rush was over and they were able to catch up, it was perfect. The arcade is a blast and the chicken is the best in town.

Matthew Wickham

They had fried chicken and you could take your cup up to the soda machine and fill it as many times as you liked!

Dianne Eckman

Great food and awesome service. Family dining and fun for the kids.

Jody Wood

I just want to say thank you to the staff here. We had my sons 5th birthday party earlier today and the whole staff was so accommodating and were always asking what they could do for us. Everything went so smoothly and every time we have ever been has been amazing. Keep up the good work! Also, we had a couple surprise visitors stop by today and play a quick game

Sylvia Stanley

Nice friendly staff and clean restaurant.

Gordon Morning

A great place for family fun. Almost reminds me Chuck E Cheese but this is better by far. Everybody loves chicken, pizza, and the desserts are awesome. The kids really love the game room. Perfect for birthday parties. Highly recommended!!!

April Veach

We had an awesome time! Fed a family of 6 for $55, great buffet!

Pizza Ranch

1327 Main St Ste. 6, Billings, MT 59105