1595 Grand Ave #260, Billings
(406) 534-2353

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Reah Tobola

I don't know if there is another poke place here in Billings but they do pretty good. It's not like the authentic poke I've had in Hawaii but it's still really good. My 4 stars is just because of the quantity of fish vs rice and the price for this. So because we're a large family we can only go here very seldom. Honestly with what we paid last time my family would probably be better off just getting sushi due to cost. But one can expect to spend between 15-20$ for themself easily (my bowl is typically $18 w/o extra meat).

Ryan Santos

So I'm from Hawaii and the poke is alright but the issue I had was that I couldn't get a pound of spicy ahi like I can in hawaii. The employees said they can't mix in the Sriracha mayo but they mixed the Mauna Kea sauce into it. I don't understand. If the owner reads this than please change that.

Danielle Blankenship

Amazing food! First time I went in I had no clue what to get. So I asked them for their chooses. I was given a fresh bright taste bowl! Sense then I have changed it up but I have never been disappointed! Always greeted with smiles and they are amazing with little kids! Definitely one of my new favorite places to grab lunch/dinner!

Jenessa Parker

Ok so I absolutely love going here the food is amazing. However this might seem a little extreme but… I always order avocado and as you know it is 1.00 extra or even 1.25 extra almost anywhere. Well when I looked at my bowl when I arrived home. I was very disappointed to see 3 small slices of avocado on my big poke bowl. I thought it could have been a mix up or something but i had one of my good friends pick me up one while she was on her lunch about a week later. Yet again I see these tiny 3 thin slices of avocado. I absolutely love avocado it ties together the whole meal. But if I am paying a whole dollar extra for it, you better put at least HALF of it or the whole thing in my bowl. It just seemed very ridiculous and a waste of money one dollar for 3 small slices. I try to be as frugal with money as I can! But i would like the amount I pay for! I will give one extra star because customer service has gotten better, like a couple months ago if you would walk in there you would always be greeted by 2 sassy young girls that acted like you were a huge inconvenience to them as soon as you walked through the door but, now I am greeted with smiles.

Nick Coffman

The food is delicious, very customizable to personal taste with surprisingly high quality, fresh ingredients and friendly service. Work friends and I eat here nearly every week. Never once have I regretted saying 'yes' to Ohana Poke!

Gwen Dalbey

I cannot have gluten or dairy due to an autoimmune disease. I don’t eat out often because of this and am out of practice with ordering food. After I accidentally ordered the house sauce with gluten in it, they remade my bowl and got me some fresh fish from the back without marinade on it. It can be hard nowadays with all of the trendy diets- people tend to not take you seriously. Eating out is always a risk for me and I really appreciate how the team here handled my requests. Thank you!

Jr Fox

absolutely delicious!! one of the best meals I have ever had.

An American Wind

Never disappointed, always a great experience. The food is delicious, fresh, very tasty. You can completely personalized your bowl. The ambience of the restaurant is warm and cozy, the service is always nice and friendly. We come here and/or order from this place several times a week and we are NEVER disappointed.


It's pretty good food, nothing special stood out to me


Outstanding choice of ingredients, super fresh fish and sassy sauces combine to create a flavor bomb at the downtown location. We were traveling back from Glacier NP to Denver and were in need of something healthy after the dearth of decent restaurants in St. Mary and east side of Glacier. This was a welcome break and fast friendly service. I hope this poke restaurant thrives in this area!


Love Ohana!! Such a fresh taste of Hawaii.

Heather Wagner

The food is fantastic, but these guys need to learn to prioritize and make some pick-ups between in person orders. They focus exclusively on the people in line. Would have been quicker to come in than to order online and wait for all these people.

Chris VanBockel

Great Poke bowls in a nice area. I had the Ahi and took the suggestio of the staff for sauce and toppings and was delighted. Very delicious some of the best Poke I have had.

Gary Carson

The best place to grab a fresh, healthy meal. Even when there is a line it’s still quicker than a lot of other restaurants, and big lines usually mean fresh food right?I love going here, and usually get the recommended house sauce and spicy mayo, but today Ashley asked a few questions and found out that I there was a different spicy sauce I hadn’t tried yet and gave me a sample.Long story short it’s my new favorite! You guys knock it out of the park every time, plus they have Leilo Kava beverages so you can relax with lunch! Thanks!

Papa Jensen

First time I have ate here and it's was great. Will definitely be going back to try the other dishes. Tuna was very fresh

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