UMI Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

1603 Grand Ave #105, Billings
(406) 702-7600

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Mary Horvath

Great service, great atmosphere and fantastic food!

Tom W.

Didn't see one japanese/asian person eating there or serving or cooking ! After sitting there an hour.....we were about to leave (yes! we had reservations.) when the food and the chef came out. Appeared to be a cook they may have called in, he was not too enthused to be there. The food..... a ton of rice, a little egg thrown in for color and a ton of sauce on top. My wife and sons order as well as my own nearly cooked and served . My wife and son up most of the Christmas eve/Christmas morning in pain or on the toilet. My dinner is still in the refrigerator, dont think I'll be eating it. Well thats all, hope everyone's Christmas is merrier than ours! Too expensive for the lesson learned ?

Robin Wimmler

Had so much fun. Was amazing. Food was delicious

Marny Barovich

Bad food. Slow service, totally disinterested waiter. My salmon bento box was just so so, but the other meals were basically prepackaged mediocrity. Overpriced for cafeteria quality food.Would complain to the manager but know it would be fruitless since I would never return even if compensated with a free meal. Horrible thought!


Terrible!I live locally but have never been to Umi before this.Table for 3 for dinner, with drinks, ?appetizer? entrees, sushi.The environment is open, plain and not interesting and the temperature was very cold and not comfortable.We waited at the bar under cold air blowing down on us, until a table was finally ready in the understaffed restaurant that was seated to about 30% capacity. When finally seated at a table, we ordered sake appetizer at the same time. 15 minutes later the server came to take dinner orders.Apparently the kitchen does not know about food timing..... We were served in this order.- Soup (timely)- Salad (timely)- Entrees (asked if the appetizer order was coming, which should have been served before soup or salad as it seemed the appetizer order was forgotten)The server was making excuses for how "busy" it was and said one sushi roll was ready but the second was not. We requested to be served the sushi order that was ready and to cancel the appetizer. We asked to speak the manager. The manager did not have much time or concern of the reason for being requested, and said we would not be charged for the appetizer.- Finally, both sushi orders came together.- Followed shortly by the appetizer.I have been involved in this industry for 3+ decades and I know how a little bit about how restaurants should be operating.The food is mediocre at best and not prepared nor presented to justify the prices.I have no tolerance for a server that blames the kitchen or how busy it is (when not) for the long delay of food and orders not served; or that it is not served in an appropriate time and not in appropriate order (I expect a server to be a professional in their profession)I do not appreciate a manager/supervisor that should be overseeing quality and customer satisfaction, to have no interest or time for a customer concern.The waiter did not get a tip because it is not apparent they care about their performance or accountability.The manager/supervisor lost us (and anyone we talk to) customers and gained no loyalty nor appreciation.The kitchen should work in fast food where quality, timing and presentation don't matter because they can just wrap it in paper, put it in a box, bag it and push it out.This was my first, last and only visit to Umi (unless I am there for a funeral and for the respect of the family that would choose this place for a reception to respect their loss).I will not recommend nor return to this place. There are many better places nearby to dine.?

D'z Shop LLC

One of our families favorite places to go for dinner. Love the habachi!

Mary F.

This is the "China Buffet" of Japanese food. The coconut shrimp was pre-packaged, frozen & out of the box; the "crispy" beef was tough, leathery and appeared to have swum through a trough of sweetened teriyaki paste; the curiosity, though, was the fried rice - mostly because it wasn't "fried" - just plain white rice ladled with soy sauce. If you're looking for good Japanese food, even passable Japanese food, keep looking. You won't find anything resembling it here.

Josef Josef


Papo Salsa

Great place good food and the bartender is one of the best around in Billings

Jessie Perius

We went for a family birthday hibachi dinner. Chefs were fantastic and involved the kids. It's becoming a family tradition.

Sara Parrish

We lived in Japan, this place is FANTASTIC, GREAT FUN

Velia Val Halbert

The service was good and the food was excellent the waiting for the food was a little longer, but in the end it was all worth it, will be making several stops at Umi Japanese Steakhouse.

Zackery D.

Hello everyone,, so I was doing intermittent fasting and decided to eat here for dinner last night as my one meal a day rule for my diet and I contracted salmonella either from the Philadelphia or bomb roll that I ordered. I have been on the toilet all night since 2 am with liquid gushing diarrhea. Went to the ER and they told me it's salmonella poisoning. I will be contacting the establishment when they open


I went there for Hibachi on my birthday and was very disappointed. The chef that was cooking did not try to engage with us at all and seemed like he was in a big hurry to get out of there. Usually they joke around and have fun with you but he did one time and other than that he never spoke to us. He completely over cook my Lobster so that it was inedible, otherwise the rest of the food was great. I've been here several times in the past and always had a great time. Not sure if this guy was just having a bad day or didn't want to be there or what but it completely ruin the mood.

Clark Johnson

Everything was bland. So I asked for wasabi sauce to give some flavor or spice to the meal. I was given some creamy wasabi stuff that came out of a jar.Did I mention slow service? OK, slow service.Remember the old saying? The food is not good, but there's a lot of it. That was first spoken here.Yeah, it's pretty inside. But next time, I'll go to Asian Sea Food Grill.

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UMI Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

1603 Grand Ave #105, Billings, MT 59102
(406) 702-7600