708 W Main St Unit 3, Bozeman
(406) 585-1727

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Dana Baboulis-Gyscek

Sad this is the only bagel place in town. There service is Awful and staff is rude. We went in to get a bacon egg and cheese and they said “no hot meats today”. Ummm really? Sad they own the market here bc no one has tried to open a bagel shop which is so needed. what a disgrace to NY/NJ bagels or east coast bagels in general. Only other place that is comparable to there gross bagels are the bagel shops like Noah’s in SoCal, eww. So gross that the only bagel place in town is exactly like CA bagel shops that suck

Brian Page

I love Bagel Works! When I moved to Montana thirty years ago, decent bagels were one of the few things I missed from back home in NY. Since they opened, I haven't had that problem anymore.

Quinn Brown

Decent food. Good & fast sevice. A little sad that there were no pizza bagels but I suspect they may come back one day... hopefully.

Dru Bolender

Fantastic service, aesthetic restaurant, and delicious bagels! 10/10 recommend for a casual date or hang out spot. The staff are very friendly and the whole place feels very relaxing. I can't wait to bring my friends to this place!

Christopher Marquart

I eat here honestly too often. At the very least, weekly. Their bagels are great! I just wish they’d fix their flattop grill so we could get the Bobcat back. It’s been awhile guys. None the less, still a 5 star establishment that I love!

Ginny Lones

Best bagels I have ever had! Got one as a sandwich in the morning and it was outstanding. Service is excellent, too!

Kenzie R.

Best bagels in Montana! Call ahead or wait patiently. They're so worth it!!! Best bagels in Montana! Call ahead or wait patiently. They're so worth it!!!

Sergio O.

Dirty place, hair in my food. Came in at 6:50ish, left at 7:30ish. Yeah, that long. For two bagels. Slow, incompetent, clueless employees. Cold, small, mediocre bagels and ingredients. Sadly echoing prior expressed sentiments. Was hoping to prove this trend wrong, but instead get to add to it. Skip this joint, it'll leave you underwhelmed, annoyed, and a little grossed out.

Llane Rost

Fantastic, wish they had more sandwiches and open later. Bozeman seems to be missing a bagel sandwich shop that serves all types of food. Think Einstein Bros. Bagels in Rapid City, SD.

Abby Q.

It was a good bagel and after reading the reviews surprised that it didn't take very long either. Personally I am an emotional person but I have never cried while waiting for my food because I've never had such a bad experience while ordering. If I wasn't with my mom I would have left mid order. Thankfully the rest of the employees we interacted with were nice but I will not be returning due to the employee taking our order snapping at us and making us feel bad for being unfamiliar with the menu. It only takes one person to ruin an experience. As someone who has worked in the service industry myself I would have handled it very differently if I was her even if I was under a lot of stress which she probably was. I understand we don't know what is going on personally with others but neither do they. So I'll take my severe anxiety somewhere else

Natalie B.

First the good: they are the only bagels in town and are actually not bad. Much better than I expected. You can even get them fresh and hot sometimes. The bad is that they too are plagued by staffing issues and as result seem to mostly employ slow, incompetent people. I went the other day and there was no line - yay! Ordered a dozen bagels and cc, and then one egg and cheese bagel for them to make. For reasons they elude me, it took 20 minutes to make the sandwich. No one was in front of me ordering, and there were only a couple people who'd already ordered and were waiting. The place was close to empty. Then the icing on the cake - got home with my 20 minute sandwich, and it turned out that the guy who made it was so lazy that he didn't even wipe off utensils between sandwiches, cos there were bits of cream cheese and chives mixed in with the egg and cheese. Unfortunately, there's no place else you can go! So it is what it is. But I'd happily pay more, in order for you to pay employees more, and then hopefully hire more/better ones.


They haven’t had hot meat in WEEKS. What’s the point of a bagel shop if I can’t get a sausage egg and cheddar.

Oddzilla James

Super nice local daily made bagels. Strong daily clientele who stop in every morning on their way to chores, duties, and obligations. Cheery chatty folks get your morning started right. Very reasonable prices beat McD's hands down. Sorry no pictures, my bagel was gone before I came back to reality. I had the plain bagel with cream cheese and a large orange juice for $5.50 total out the door. They offer in store eating and out side benches.

Gracey Carter

Bagels are a 10/10 and it’s my favorite bagel place in town. However I’m honestly fed up with their communication. I can’t call because it goes directly to a message saying they’re closed, but it gives the date from a month ago. So I can’t call to see if their open, let alone to place an order. I went in today and there was nothing online or on their voicemail that said they would be closed (other than the message from a month ago) and I walk up just to see a sign on the door that they’re closed for oven repair. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, in fact most of my trips here recently have ended like this.I love their bagels, however I’m tired of spending all this time and gas money driving to the shop, just for them to be closed over and over again. They seriously need to figure out how to let their customers know if they’re open or not, before they get to the door.

Michael R

The last few times I've called to order, they have no hot meat available. The clerk literally yells that to you on the phone. Service in the restaurant is inept most of the time and staff shows no feeling to the customer at all. Typical of the new workforce. Restaurant is dirty most of the time, or at least appears to be. I can only imagine back of the house is the same. Used to be a wonderful, clean, friendly place with the best bagels ever. Now, not so much. Won't ever be going back.

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