Haufbrau House

22 S 8th Ave, Bozeman
(406) 587-4931

Recent Reviews

Matthew Bunn

I like the open mic that they do. It's always a fun time and the staff is friendly.

Gina K

I remember coming to this bar with my mom for burgers as far back as when I was about 6yrs old. I did the same thing thru college. Now I'm 50, the place looks the same, cheap drinks, live music, cool little hole in the wall. Don't stop being the Hauf!

Brett Gillingham

Super fun bar! Stayed to watch the bar fight. 10/10 would recommend

Aaron Broughton

Decent dive bar, has some of old Montana vibes. College bar with decent bands that play there. 1 pool table, some food... Usually eat before but I think there's some deals people like.

Kelli McCain

I typically visit during the day. This is the kind of place where the bartender remembers you, your order and often your name. My husband and I love it here. You want a stiff drink and a smile, this is your place.

Casandra Cortinas

Damion was the best! He always checked on us and was such a vibe. I’ll be back just for him!

Harry G.

I'll say Dive just one more time for the sake of keeping up with the other comments. After many visits to Montana, I think we found our spot. Bozeman is filled with breweries, which is great and all, but they all feel like they're made for tourists. This place is far from that. I have heard and read that the staff are prickish, didn't get that at all, and also to me that's not a turn-off. Unless of course, I don't get a beer in a decent time frame, which again, I didn't experience. Just had two beers, a good quick conversation with the bartender, and walked away with a $7 bill. I tipped way over to help support places like this.


best dive bar in Montana, hands down. amazing burgers, colorful patrons, cheap drinks, good service and live music every night of the week. what more could you ask for.

Ian Thompson

live music is killer! mosh pits if you go on the right days!! wide range of music types with punk, hard rock, country, and sometimes just some old guys wanting to sing some songs on open mic night. perfect college bar! bartenders are great and set you up for the night.

Joseph Chybinski

I was supposed to play an open mic and a quarter inch broke on me before the open mic. I called beforehand to see if they had any extra I could use and whoever picked up pretty much offed me and hung up.

Solar Eclipse Baby DESIGNS

Amazing place. Delicious food. Wonderful staff. I remember when I was there for an open Mike. I read my story. Sure do miss you guys. But I'm glad I don'thave to make bracelets anymore. .

Freeman Baldwin

I highly recommend for a local cultural experience. Everyone is super friendly. It’s best to ignore the beer menu and simply tell the bartender what kind of beer you want. Many of the selections on the menu are frozen and don’t work. We were there on Thursday night which was open microphone for local rappers it was a very entertaining evening.

K Thomas Vaughn

Nostalgic. Lanny burger. Tattooed walls, tables, ceilings and bathrooms. The Haufbrau is a right of passage for those growing up in Bozeman.

Thomas Parry

Just a no nonsense bar with great live music and a kitchen that stays open late. A++

Jack Sortore

GREAT food always go on Saturday. Only complaint last weekend bartender stared at us for 20 minutes with out even asking if we needed anything, walked out. Hopefully he an older gentleman not the owner won't be there next time.

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