Sweet Peaks Ice Cream - West

628 W Main St, Bozeman
(406) 219-3017

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Kristin Armer

Meh. Been here twice now and still can’t figure out why many folks like it so much. My hot fudge sundae was $9 (after tip) and the ice cream was crystallized like it had been in the freezer too long…

Chelsee W

I tried the Honey Bunny sundae with the cinnamon honey ice cream, and holy smokes was it delicious. I am so glad I made a stop there during our visit to Bozeman, and I plan to order a few items from their online shop when I get home.

Aileen O'Kelly

Delicious ice cream, a variety of flavors and the staff was kind and engaging with all patrons

Hallie Kronebusch

Delicious ice cream in a really cool location and atmosphere! The local products are great gifts too.

Leticia Di Blasio Crumbley

This was a great treat. Delicious.. will definitely come back for more when in Bozeman

Marie Murphy

The ice cream is absolutely delicious. Staff is very friendly! They even have ice cream for our four legged friends! Did not have my fourc legged companions with me so I don't know if it is good. But the ice cream for human consumption is yummy!


Great shakes and service. Try the cherry chocolate ice cream. My daughter got that one in her shake. I got the huckleberry and it was very good, but hers was fabulous.

Alexander P.

Place is so good! Highly recommend. They have some unique flavors and the texture is awesome. Definitely worth coming by If you're in Bozeman!

Anna Chosak

Some of the best ice cream I’ve had in my life. I ordered a double scoop—salty caramel and the Wüstner honey cinnamon—but the homemade waffle cone took it over the top.

Dalton Groff

Flavors are good… if you can actually get ahold of them. I’ve been in multiple times and they are ALWAYS sold out of at least 3 flavors. You are an ice cream shop, that’s what you do! So make enough ice cream that you don’t run out, it’s always better to have more than not enough. Came in today on a Sunday and they had 7 of the 16 flavors they offer, that’s less than half.

Michael Parker

Delicious ice cream with unique and local themed flavors. Who doesn't love a local ice cream parlor? There was a decent line of maybe 10 or 12 people ahead of us but the 2 staff members behind the counter knocked orders out so efficiently that we were up before I even had a chance to finish reading the menu!

Calee P.

The ice cream is good; it melted quickly and it wasn't even that hot outside but very toasty inside. No AC possibly? Wish waffle cone was a bit sturdier. Glad I tried the place but won't be itchin to come back.

Matt E.

Omg! The best milk shake I've ever had! Even my dog had an ice cream! If Prairie is there ask for her by name!! She was so efficient and always had a smile on her face!

Ryan S.

Went for the Huckleberry and they were sold out of that flavor as well as 3 or 4 other flavors. I had Bear Scat and Campfire S'mores. I like the S'mores better. The hours on the door also did not match the hours online so I do recommend calling later in the evening to confirm they are open.

Wenqi Z.

I'm a self-proclaimed picky ice cream eater lol and this place exceeded my standard! I got a split scoop of the rocky road(I think that's the name? I don't remember lol) and honey cinnamon. Both were perfectly tasty and smooth. The addition of cornbread to one of the flavor made it more interesting and added on to the great taste. In addition to the ice cream being amazing, the staff was also very nice and welcoming! Would love to add one more star for the service but unfortunately Yelp only allows 5 stars : ( Will recommend to anyone visiting Bozeman!

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Sweet Peaks Ice Cream - West

628 W Main St, Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 219-3017