Matt's Place

2339 Placer St, Butte
(406) 782-8049

Recent Reviews


Absolutely fantastic burger and shake. To find out they won a James Beard award was icing on the cake.

Tuck Williams

Ate there in 2005 I still have desire for one of those great burgers and best milkshake anywhere.

Mark Laufmann

Best milkshakes ever. Great burgers. A definite must if you are in the area.

Jay G

Grabbed cheeseburger platter.It is open inside with full service.The mask rule is enforced with guidelines posted.Staff sanitizes every part of diner.

Mike Borduin

Classic Butte. Amazing shakes that are enough for 2 people. Nutburger (sounds weird but is all I ever end up getting), fish & chips, and onion rings are all solid choices.

Leif Benson

Great food, just as advertised. Fast and friendly service!

Elichai F

Matt’s Place is historic and has been around since the 1930’s! The food is amazing and it is a classic American Drive up. The building is kinda old of course, but the experience is amazing and the food is great! They even make their own ice cream!!!

Brigid Daly

I got fries and astrawberry milkshake. It was all really yummy and I love the small town diner vibes. The waitresses were so nice overall I'll definitely go back. (Oh and they give you a lot of milkshake)

Belinda Best

Stopped here on a road trip because the reviews were good. From the window into the kitchen on the side of the building, we could see that not a single person in the kitchen was wearing a mask or gloves. This place ought to be shut down by the health department. I have half a mind to call the CDC and report them

Lesley Bagley

Great service, friendly responsive staff, wonderful food and fries. It tastes like homemade but someone else makes it for you! Really good, it's cute, truly and unapologetically an old diner. I would go by again if I were in the area.

Alex Boaknin

Fantastic burgers and fries set in a vintage diner. This spot is the real deal.


The burgers and fries are great. DO NOT ask for a double chocolate milk shake. The elderly lady that is one of the owners will be horribly rude and gripe about it and tell you, "NO! She will also gripe about paying for ketchup packets for her to go orders and the cost of sanitation standards for COVID.

tina l.

Yummy, glad we stopped by for a bite and a milk shake. Super sweet staff. Glad to have tried it. I'm still confused about the James Beard award but whatever.

Steven S

This place is a time warp to an old American Diner. Just awesome. Food is good and inexpensive. Great shakes. And this has been my go to for pork chop sandwiches for 20+ years.

Casey McCorkle

One of the best burgers I've ever had.

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