Sawmill Bar

119 N Main St, Darby
(208) 709-1137

Recent Reviews

Tim Holcomb

The best bar I've been in for a while. Good people, good drinks, good people, good town, beautiful country... you go you drink you like it all...

Jim Schofield

Great food great atmosphere

louise holden

This place is fabulous the music is great I hear the chef on Friday and Saturday night is great, from some of the locals, Syd, is a bartender there she is fabulous! But stay away from the skinny little curly redhead with blue eyes, she is nasty and mean all of the time. Even when you leave her a big tip. She is a reason I will not go back there if I have to have her as a server. I do not base This on one visit, but EVERY time!

Paula Kimbark

Nice place to kick back & enjoy friends.

Bryant Rabideaux

Best food and bar in town


We ate here and the sister location, Sawtooth Saloon. Service was great as was the atmosphere. Would highly recommend for a restaurant in Darby or south Hamilton.


We were traveling through and ordered 2 large pizzas for lunch. Wow! They were huge! But 6 of us managed to eat them both. Very tasty! Highly recommended.

Dian Holland Gulick

Great food and friendly staff. We had a hotel recommended by the bartender and it is an awesome place too. Mountain Spirit Inn.


Went for lunch, ordered ceasar salad and BLT with fries. The caesar salad was good, the parmesan cheese looked like it came from a shaker bottle. I asked for crackers but none could be found. Hubby's BLT was good, only 2 pieces of bacon though. They had cloth napkins which we liked very much.

Pat H.

Avoid this place. The hours are off and the staff is extremely rude. Save yourself the trouble and go to a bar where people enjoy workibg

Lance Rohrer

Great people, food and drink. Worthwhile!

Jennifer Z.

We love Sawmill!!! Spent most nights there during our two week trip to Darby since the food was so amazing!! Seriously hidden gem of a chef as everything we had was fantastic!!! Also a great atmosphere! We loved interacting with the locals as well as visitors!! Some nights you will get live music. Some nights you can control the juke box. Some nights the bartender will control the music. Mike and Lucas were great and they always welcomed us with asking if we wanted our normal drink. Again you can not beat the food and atmosphere here. Amazing and can't wait to come back!!!!

Claire Collins

Food was excellent all 3 nights we went! Bartender is outstanding and everyone was very friendly.

Garret Hunt

Good food, good atmosphere, and a fantastic man behind the bar!

Manette Grant

We love The Sawmill! It’s a classic small town bar. Great drinks. Fantastic food from The Blue Joint. You can listen to same great bands, shoot some darts or play pool. In the winter you can warm up by the wood stove. And the bartenders are some of the best around!

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