El Comedor Mexican Restaurant

1120 25th St S, Great Falls
(406) 761-5500

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David Langkiet

I'm really on the fence. I thought the food was just average, my kid loved it. I didn't understand the salsa situation. They bring you chips and salsa but there is an additional salsa on the table you can mix to make a spicier salsa. The food is very cumin forward, so expect that flavor. They are known for their puffy tacos so maybe next time I'll try that. The service was a 10 and our food came out extremely fast. The atmosphere was open and friendly.

Rosaellen Roth

The service was good till we wanted to leave, then we had to hunt down our waitress. The way they have it set up is odd and a bit crowded. You find a place to sit and you may be asked to move so the table can be wiped down. Their food menu is limited compared to their drink menu. The food isn't the greatest, their ground beef dishes and mexican rice had an odd taste and the beans were served super thick in a slightly dried out mound. I'd rather not come back


El Comedor has been around since 1970and is still breathing to this day. Mad respect for a restaurant that has the endurance to stay open for as long as it has. Especially during the COVID_19 pandemic.The atmosphere is pretty nice. The food is really good. It’s not as authentic as a Mexican restaurant should be but in my opinion it’s delicious. The fluffy taco is hands down my fav. I had nachos deluxe, a fluffy beef taco with a cheese enchilada and I took home a taco salad. The spicy pale green sauce is amazing but be careful it can be a lil runny.I’ve noticed some really bad reviews for this place. I’ve had bad experiences with places before and some put me over the edge however I’m not about to bad mouth them if they forgot a side of sauce. Now let’s address the negatives.The red sauce had a refrigerator chill to it. Every time I order Nachos Deluxe it comes out super fast. Like whoa! Did you guys like read my mind?? It seems a bit lukewarm but it’s still damn good. I just hope El Comedor cooked it first lol. Now I believe the blonde elderly lady that was employed is no longer working there. Not sure but I haven’t seen her recently. I use to have her all the time as a waitress. She worked there for a long time but she really gave the place a bad name. Let’s leave it at that.Overall it’s a good place to meet up with family/friends for some Mexican food and enjoy some drinks. Yes they do serve beer, wine, margaritas and a nice selection of tequila.There are negatives about the place but I think the positives outweigh the negatives. Your experience may be different from mine. My folks have been coming here ever since their high school days in the 70’s. They love the place. I absolutely love this place and their food. I really hope El Comedor will continue to be apart of the community.

Elaine Christensen

The food is ok. But the guy at cash register treats customers very poorly. I will never go back. Diane, you might want to do some training about how to treat customers in order to keep them. He has zero knowledge about how credit cards work. And sure doesn't know the words "I apologize ". The next restaurant I went to had no problem figuring out how to use two different gift cards and couldn't understand why El Comedor had so much trouble.Plus the floor was filthy. Crushed food all over that never got cleaned up the two hours we spent there. And Diane, every bad review does not mean you have to respond with "our locals love it"....what???

Jeremiah Utley

Hands down probably my favorite place to eat. Love the food! We never need a menu when we are there. Fluffy tacos are amazing! But bring back the fried ice cream....

Montana Huepers

2 stars because the service was fantastic, however, the food tastes like they don't own any seasonings aside from salt and pepper. The "chili con queso" should be called queso sin chili. It tasted like melted government cheese(velveeta). Calling this Mexican food is an insult to Mexicans everywhere. Taco Bell is a more authentic mexican experience. Please, quit insulting an entire culture and making white people look bad. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Lupe Martinez

I wish I could give it zero stars.. I came here with my family after I got out of the hospital with my last baby. I was so excited because I had heard it was the best Mexican food in great falls. As a proud Mexican I can assure you this is not Mexican food, cafe rio is more authentic, and that’s saying something. I’m gluten free, not by choice. But at Mexican places it’s always fine because we Mexicans usually use corn based food. No not here. It’s all flour. So I asked for the Chile relleno which at ALL the Mexican restaurants you go to is in a egg batter no flour. The waitress told me it’s deep fried here. I tried and tried to find something I could eat. I’m also allergic to tomatoes, which usually again, isn’t a problem. I get tomatillo sauces or no sauce. But this place didn’t have green salsa, and put tomato into everything. Even their tamales. The prices were also outrageous. Finally we left and went to cafe Rio instead. It may not be authentic there either, but they sure as hell are much closer to the real thing then el comedor.

Travis Greer

Starting off, the service was excellent and friendly. Unfortunately, the praise ends there. The food was overpriced and tasted very cheap. Many options tasted burnt or unseasoned. Would not recommend.

Two chez

Nice staff, comy atmosphere, beans & sour cream good, we fought over them. *Got combo fajitas, very pricey. Note: this is not fajita meat! We really liked the meat, chicken & beef, just different. Couldn't even finish the yucky- tasting onions & multi-colored peppers!? Some peppers I tried, tasted bad, others just not cooked right for fajitas, like out of a frozen boil bag?! They are usually my favorite part, sad.... Let's see some CHAR....& Hear some sizzle. Gave us a mound of lettuce? Covered 1/2 the plate, maybe some salad dressing, for the wastefulness mess. Guac not so good, out of a package, had that strange tang. Maybe mash a few fresh avocados, even if u have to serve less. Add a little mayo, tiny onions & tomato, w/tiny pinch of garlic powder/salt & lime, or get a recipe off internet. No pico given. Small cereal bowl of chips out of a bag, were ok, & decent salsa out of a jar?-was okay too. Their homemade green salsa is ok, it's green chile w/added spices, I didn't like it, but, another person mixed it w/salsa & it was ok. They should buy a can of Hatch green chile sauce, (like they probably did, or 1 similar, & add: cumin, red chile powder, a pinch of garlic salt/powder, & a lil paprika. Then heat it, that would be better. You are so close with it. Rootbeer rocked. Yes, your rice IS out of a box, & not great, but, the best boxed Spanish rice, I ever ate. Try getting a recipe off internet, just saying. Good tortillas. Look, I'd go back to try chile relleno & eat the meat again, but, don't expect real Mexican or Tex-Mex, know that your getting fake Yankee, white people food, mostly store bought. Im white, by the way, but, from TX, married to a part Mexican, I KNOW MY FAJITAS! I could never take my spouse here, he'd walk out in shock.

Morgan Prevost

Good food. Fast service.

Brandy Thierry

Honestly hands down the WORST place I've ever been to food wise!!! Omg we prayed before we ate. Everything was disgusting I felt so bad. I was embarrassed and embarrassed for them. We told the lady we weren't going to eat the food. It was our 4 year anniversary too. The "chili relleno" literally looked like a corn dog and his was black with a huge hole in the bottom where it connected to the stick ?? I feel bad for the ppl there. Even our waitress before we ordered said I wouldn't recommend like 3 different things on the menu. They need a new owner! They had open containers of " Homemade" secret salsa ? family recipe on every table which grossed me out. I'm willing to bet they dump it BK in a container and re put them on all tables the next day. I feel bad but I needed to be honest. The waitress said they have some regulars. But that this happens often ??? God bless all that work and or eat there!!! ⚰️ Ohh if I could give no ⭐ I would.

Joann Magee

This was the worst thing I ever ate. I was starving and my group was raving about these puffy tacos. Members of my group were locals so I went with their recommendations. 1st... friends lie! tasteless atrocities or crimes against taste buds. I never take time to write about bad places but this was just ridiculous. The puffy part of the taco was the best part. The meat was seasoned but what I can only imagine was a 60 something year old guy reading how to make recipes on DIY websites. The cheese crisp was a Corn tortilla with melted cheese on it. The rice tasted like a box of some converted brand rice I will not mention because that company isn't advertising authenticity. The refried beans were cold and the seasoning was not blended. I am both impressed and astonished at the audacity of this place to charge for this. Locals seem to love it. My only guess is they are eating a memory of when things were good. A time before covid. The staff was very friendly and up beat. The restaurant was clean but for me the food wasn't good.

peggy jeffrey

Love tbe chili renoes last time i had rice and beans with tortillas

Denaya Clyde

El comedor is a local gem.In my opinion its the best Mexican restaurant in town. The fluffy tacos are a classic, and the chili relleno (stuffed with cheese) is so good! They have good drinks and fried ice cream as well :)

Bonnie Jorgensen

Always fast friendly service. Best fluffy taco!

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