Rockies Cafe

International Airport, Great Falls
(406) 453-0565

Recent Reviews

Jessy L

I paid $15 for a really sad grilled cheese. Not often when you wish you sprung for the airline food instead.

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 1

Service: 4

Recommended dishes: Bottled Water

David Burton

Way overpriced and haven’t liked anything in the 4-5 times I’ve had to eat here. Sadly it’s the only option

Google user

Waited 30 minutes for the worst grilled cheese sandwich I have ever seen

Adesh Oswal

Waited 30 minutes for the worst grilled cheese sandwich I have ever

Food: 1

Service: 2

Haley Richards

Horrible prices. $100 for two people and we SHARED a meal and got a couple drinks. We were the only ones there for over an hour & now I know why. Won't go back. Do not recommend.

Walter N.

Delicious chili cheese dog and a good price. Thank you !! ??

Daniel Sloss

Good spot in the airport to grab a bite or drink before your flight. Breakfast wrap and coffee with espresso is my go to.

James Spillane

Pretty pricey but got. Had the Nashville hot chicken. It was not hot at all.

Caleb S.

Food is decent but price is a little steep. It’s also your only option, so it definitely could be worse.

Kaylene Caldwell-Kershner

Just terrible, food mostly gone by 730, shells hard as rocks, worst meal ever. Won’t go back!

Trisha L Heck

Your Mother’s Day Buffett was fantastic! This will be something we do again. So good! Lots of different food, beautiful views, relaxing music. Great service.

Austin Troya

Good selection of premade items and a few grilled items. Mostly sandwiches.

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