Sidetrack Casino

3653 9th Ave N, Great Falls
(406) 727-9110

Recent Reviews

Robert M

Great thin crist pizza! Nice Staff! Will be visiting again!

Good Day's!

This place is terrible!The owners are alcoholics that have horrible fights in front of customers!The service is truly a joke. Racial comments everywhere from the clientele.Save your money and stay away.It's really that bad!

Nicol Jackson (Nikki)

My experiences at this place used to be so much better. But that was before Covid and before people forgot what customer service looked like. Gone are the days of Shawna and Candy and here are the days of the 'I'm not going to wait on you or even acknowledge you. But you will tip 555% of that $2 ticket.So so sad

Joe Murray

I like being there all the people and staff are fantastic

Lisa S.

Between the tacky political statement on their reader board, mid-grade food, and their inability to figure out how to offer their customers the ability to pay with a debit card, this place is not worth the trip.

ash dash

Draining of all assets. bad decisions and bad payouts for my luck at this establishment. I'm sure for others many may disagree that's good cool for you this just ain't my spot, nice as it is.

Debi Knuth

Fun, friendly and fantastic!

tina cox

Very sweet bartender. She makes one helluva drink as ❤️‍ well!!!

Steve Kessler

Loved it

Birdie FWags (Birddogg)

Cozy little place to go. Great jukebox.

Maria Snow

Always get great pizza! Thank you!

crazy world

Would love it if the floorwalker would stop throwing the bottles in the trash right behind and next to the players. She was more concerned with the males then tending to the women except for her friends. She seemed to not care unless you were winning then people who needed drinks or change.

Gene Babcock

They make a great pizza for the price.

Deanna Fleming

Holly looks right at you but does not bring you a drink not worth going in gambling

Daniel Sloss

Friendly local bar. I came for a Sunday afternoon to watch football and enjoyed my visit. Decent food and cold beer.

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