Sip 'n Dip Lounge (1962)

17 7th St S, Great Falls
(406) 454-2141

Recent Reviews

Nancy Steiner Wukovits

Awesome place!!! Unique and we had a blast!!!!

Mimi Godin

Tucked into a very unassuming location, this Tiki bar is a true hidden gem. Stopped for one night in Great Falls and thoughg we might as well take the chance. This place was absolutely worth the visit - the decor and energy in the bar was fantastic. The drinks were pretty syrupy sweet, but the presentation was adorable, so we gave it a pass. We were lucky enough to sit right at the bar and had a front row seat to the mermaid show, they were a ton of fun!


I like to think of myself as a tiki aficionado. The decor was fantastic and the mermaid was delightfully unique! Easily in my top 5 tiki bars for decoration. It really had the vibe of a tiki bar that has survived since the 60's which I love! 5/5The food was good. I wish it was more of a tiki theme for the food ie: indeterminate asian/south Pacific but, this is Montana I get it. It's not exactly coastal. I feel like an imaginative cook could think up some specials with local fish or other ingredients and take them for a trip to the south Pacific, culinarily speaking. 4.5/5The drinks... oh boy the drinks. I really wanted to love the drinks I got but they were only a little better than what I would mix up in college at 21. I ordered a Mai Tai first. I don't know what was given to me but it was like no Mai Tai I've ever had. My girlfriend asked if they could make her a Saturn, which is a fairly ubiquitous tiki drink and the bartender had no idea what she was talking about. Next we decided to get a fishbowl since that seemed to be their claim to fame here. It wasn't a finely crafted cocktail, but rather a wrecking ball crashing through my senses like Miley Cyrus. I liked it, though I'd have put some swedish fish in the bowl to double down on the fishbowl theme. 3/5Overall, a good experience at a unique place. If I'm ever in Great Falls again I'll definitely stop by.

Jeremie McCoy

Amazing food and an amazing atmosphere! Retro tiki bar with mermaids?!?!

Jerry Feitelson

It wouldn't surprise me if this place was unique. At 6: 00pm on a Thursday night, a mermaid appeared in the pool behind the bar separated by thick plate glass. She was pretty, talented and mesmerizing when flirting with patrons seated at the bar: playing paper-scissor-rock, blowing bubble kisses and vertical bubble rings. The place reminded me of the Tiki Room at Disneyland, but without the animatronics and with excellent drinks and food. Huge portions & superb service, but expect two different bills: one from the bar and another from the restaurant. Extremely memorable, worth a detour to see.

Pauline Simpson

The cocktail selection was retro and fun. The food was delicious. And why wouldn't you want to spend time in a tiki bar with mermaids swimming behind the glass?

Hannah M.

Usually love coming here but lately the bartenders have been grumpy and annoyed. Last few times I've been, I've brought family from out of town and our drinks were forgotten (even though we were sitting at the bar) cause they were too busy chatting someone else. Kept acting annoyed when asked a question. Why does that older lady even bartend? She is always miserable. 3-4 months was a complete 180

Amy June

So bummed the mermaids didn't swim as expected, but the character and charm were wonderful and made the 6 hour roundtrip drive totally worth it!

Brian K.

Average dive bar with neat theme. Loved the decor and vintage vibe. Ice cold beer but 4.50 a bottle little steep where I come from. Bartender was nice but cared more about the locals, not much of a talker. No menu or food offered, and Mermaids not till 6 on Sunday, so I'll repeat just a basic dive bar.

Natalie D.

Great drinks! Unfortunately it's very limited seating, and is very crowded very fast which ruins the ambiance. Excellent if you're able to go on a weekday!

Kim Stein

We ordered the fish bowl and had dinner, the waitress comes up from Clark and Lewies resturant. Fish and chips was good. No mermaids due to water quality. We will have to return before leacing.

Barbara S.

What an interesting place hidden away in the O'Haire Motor Inn. We didn't eat but the food going by looked amazing and there were several people eating. The menu was quite extensive. The whole bar area was decorated in full tiki theme but the main attraction was the "mermaid" swimming in a pool with a glass front behind the bar. Apparently, they do a 4 hour shift in that tail in the pool. She was graceful and friendly to all the patrons and for a tip, you can go to the glass and get a pic with her or up close of her. The service was friendly and attentive. The bathrooms were small but clean and retro. There's memorabilia and pics on the walls of when they first built the place in 1962. This bar is a must-see while in the area!

Sally Ragusa

Really nice to experience the tiki lounge vibe. The drinks are great ? the bartender was awesome.


This place is fantastic! The people who work here are great, the drinks taste so good too! (Highly recommend the Blue Hawaiian) and the mermaids make it such a unique and awesome experience. If you have the chance you should definitely go here!


Came back to the Sip-n-Dip on a recent trip to Great Falls. Bascailly exactly the same as before except the legendary Pat lounge singer is no longer there. They have a new person who is good (albeit a bit lound). He has a deep voice and sings every song in the style of an old school lounger singer. Think of Mel Torme singing a Quiet Riot song. Place looks exactly the same - a 1960s tiki bar. The mermiad in the swimming pool is neat. We were there on a Saturday night and the place gets really buy - stnding room onlly (it not that big of a bar). It is just fun.

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