Grizzly Liquor

110 W Spruce St, Missoula
(406) 549-7723

Recent Reviews

Steven Ellison

Had one of the only if not the only grappa made in Montana. Need to give it a try hopefully it is a pleasant surprise.

Brandon Gange

Great prices an friendly staff. The pre made cocktails in a can for 5 bucks are a go to. Get about 3 of those in you an you are straight plastered!

Tammie Lund Smith

Best selection ever. Wish they would bring back the Wicked Pickle Whiskey though. It makes amazing Caesars!

Darcy Williams

This store has a wide selection of the liquor that you would like to purchase for yourself or as a gift.

Phil Stempin

Great selection and friendly staff.

Melinda Kearns

Because I am not an avid drinker it takes me forever to make a purchase of any specificity inside of a liquor store. I am unsure if he was a clerk or manager or owner but the man that helped me this afternoon guided me exactly to what I needed, as well as promoted a Montana product of the same nature.Most often I am willing to buy local-made products versus a national brand, But on this occasion I just needed a cheap version of the liquor. Thank you for your willingness to help a customer actually get to the product and not just point out where it can be found.

Chase Figueroa

All of the staff was very nice and helpful. It was the only place in Missoula that I know of that has Soju.

ryry J

Good selection and prices. Nicely organized. Helpful staff. Everything you would want.

Shane Sterner

I stopped in to get a bourbon that is become one of my favorites and discovered that it had been discontinued. Regently none of the staff or knowledgeable enough to offer a substitute that may suit my pallet.

eric thomson

Huge selection great people.

Luke O

Great place to find what your looking for, good local selection! Staff is always very helpful and friendly to find me what I need.

Scooter McHooter

Good selection of the standards, rarities, and fun premixed cocktails and mixers.

tiki trash

lowest prices in town and the staff are knowledgeable so ask them questions if you have them. Don't walk in drunk, they won't serve you. Ask me how I know.

Melissa Phillips

Great selection and really decent prices.

Mike Y.

Excellent selection and friendly staff! Nice to select products made in Montana. Will shop here often.

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